An inspirational story for every women entrepreneur: Swati Bhargava, CashKaro Co-founder

Inspirational story of Swati Bhargava - Co-founder of CashKaro
Inspirational story of Swati Bhargava - Co-founder of CashKaro Image Source: Social Media

This inspirational story of women entrepreneur, Swati Bhargava, CashKaro Co-founder will inspire you.

We are sharing with you the inspirational story of Indian women Entrepreneur, Swati Bhargav, who built India’s top cashback site – CashKaro.

We hope you find the motivational story of Swati Bhargav useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

Swati Bhargav was born in Ambala, a small town in Haryana. She was a study buff from the very beginning and she loved playing with numbers and good at mathematics.

Swati had a great interest in extracurricular activities including debates and dramatics. Swati had a dream of serving in the Indian Foreign Services.

She secured high marks in her 12th standard. Her father saying, you should apply for Singapore Airlines scholarship.

At that time, Singapore Airline is selecting 22 students from India who have obtained 85+ per cent in their 12th grade.

The 16 years girl was excited and nervous at the same time because in Ambala nobody had ever gone abroad to study. After selected by the Singapore Airlines for the programme, Swati landed up Singapore.

For her family, it was a tough decision to send their tender daughter abroad alone at young age.
Swati learnt about Oxford University and was to study at the prestigious Oxford University. Finally, she decided to study in Oxford University.

She however declined because she found that the London school of Economics offered better scholarship than Oxford University.

Her love for Oxford University made her pursue Honors in Economics and Mathematics from London School of Economics.

She graduated from London school of Economics – LSE with an Honour in Economics and Mathematics in 2005.

Leaving golden job of an investment banker

In 2009, Swati started summer internship at Goldman Sachs, an American multinational investment bank and financial services company.

She was completed every milestone at Goldman Sachs and subsequently, she was offered a full-time job by the Goldman Sachs.

Bhargava worked in the sales team and credit structuring within the investment banking division for 4 years. Later, she managed client relationships and engagements.

Swati worked with the top management of the multinational investment bank, Goldman Sachs, which helped her gain immense, enhanced her communication skills, and boosted her confidence.

In 2010, after working closely with senior management she left Goldman Sachs to start something of her own.

The journey from an employee to an entrepreneur

Swati Bhargava met her husband and co-founder Rohan Bhargav in London. Rohan has worked with organizations such as Aladdin Capital and Washington Square. In London, the dynamic duo used the Quidco website for cashback and they loved the concept.

In 2009, the sweet couple booked a flight to Maldives via a Quidco, UK based cashback portal. After getting ₹25,000 as cashback, duo realised the potential of the concept.

In July 2011, the strength of the idea drove them to this business and the couple started a B2B Cashback business in the UK named Pouring Pounds.

Today Pouring Pounds is one of the leading voucher and Cashback websites in UK and works with more than 2,800 popular brands like M&S, Tesco, Argos, Debenhams, and Expedia.

Swati raised USD 750,000 in seed funding from Investec, PayPal, and Gumtree, a group of UK based angel investors.

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She was confident and backed her idea of being consumer-oriented. Her new B2B cash back business started gaining significant traction.

Their idea was a hit in the UK. They knew people love savings. People in both countries behave similarly because everyone always wants to save something.

“In July, She was discussing with a friend about the immense potential of a cashback business in India and she thought it’s time we should launch B2B concept in India and decided that they need to raise capital to expand into India.

Never be afraid of your idea

Now start entrepreneurial Journey. In April 2013, the duo decided to apply the same concept in their homeland (India) also they need to raise capital to expand into India. They constituted a team of talented professionals in India.

A young businessperson couple launched their dream B2B business in India with the two of them being in UK. CashKaro was the name of their project, and it clicked in India immediately.

Today, CashKaro has become India’s largest coupons site. The website offers cashback on more than 2000 e-commerce accomplices including ecommerce giants Shopclues, Paytm,, Flipkart, and Myntra.

Swati Bhargava, the entrepreneur

Swati is an inspiration for all of us. Females who are wishing to become a women entrepreneur, her inspirational story may encourage you to solve real-world problems or discover a unique idea.

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Swati’s journey is nothing less than an inspiration. We hope you find the inspiring success story of Indian women entrepreneurs useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired. Swati Bhargava indeed is an example of women empowerment.