Interview: Ananya Kapur, Founder of Type Beauty, a semi-customised Skincare, Cosmetics & Makeup Brand

Ananya Kapur - Type Beauty Founder

An exclusive interview with Ananya Kapur, Founder of Type Beauty, A semi-customised makeup brand that formulates products for individual skin types.

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Ananya Kapur, the visionary Founder of Type Beauty, a renowned skincare, cosmetics, and makeup brand. With a passion for empowering individuals through beauty, Ananya has transformed the industry landscape with her innovative products and inclusive approach. Join us as we delve into her journey, inspiration, and the driving force behind Type Beauty’s success.

What inspired you to create Type Beauty Inc. and delve into the realm of semi-customized makeup?

Ananya Kapur: The cosmetics business has embraced diversity and inclusion, highlighting the individuality of every person but lacks personalisation for a variety of skin sensitivities. The field of skincare has also parallelly developed to now include customised formulas and regimens created to target individual skin concerns of users.

Even while a lot of businesses say their cosmetics have skincare advantages, their products are usually made with a generic combination of components that work for all skin types. This begs the issue of why the cosmetics business has a limited approach to addressing the unique demands of each customer in a more customised manner.

This is the gap I identified while having gone through the experience of seeking makeup that suited my skin-type.

Can you elaborate on the process of formulating products tailored to individual skin types? How do you ensure efficacy and safety?

Ananya Kapur: We began by understanding diverse skin types through consumer surveys, then tailored our base products accordingly. Inspired by personalised skincare trends, we applied this concept to makeup, focusing on the Indian market’s specific needs and climate.

Our formulations underwent rigorous testing, including dermatologist-recommended checks for sensitive skin. We ensured efficacy by conducting tests on over 100 consumers, surpassing international standards.

Our products are backed by qualitative research, science, and feedback from diverse users, delivering precisely what each skin type needs while being vegan and cruelty-free. Type Beauty’s product range thus delivers exactly what your skin needs.

Expertly formulated, scientifically tested, skincare powered, vegan and cruelty-free, are not mere qualities, but everything that encompasses remedial beauty by Type.

In an increasingly crowded beauty market, what sets Type Beauty Inc. apart from other brands?

Ananya Kapur: Type Beauty Inc. stands out in the crowded beauty market by offering a unique approach to product development. Unlike most brands that launch with just one product, Type Beauty launches each product range with multiple variants tailored to address specific skin concerns.

For instance, their foundation range includes options for acne, fine lines, pigmentation, and sensitive skin, each formulated with specialised ingredients to cater to diverse needs.

With a total of 20 different variants across 7 product ranges, through Type Beauty I prioritise our consumer’s needs and celebrate their individuality, shattering conventional beauty standards through our inclusive marketing approach.

How do you approach the balance between customization and scalability in your business model?

Ananya Kapur: In balancing customization and scalability, our approach is to categorize skincare needs into broader skin types, ensuring scalability while still offering tailored solutions for those categories. This way, we address a wide range of needs efficiently without compromising on personalization.

What challenges did you face in developing and launching Type Beauty Inc., and how did you overcome them?

Ananya Kapur: Setting up a business from the ground up takes up a ton of effort coupled with unnerving experiences and expectations that require anxious navigation and then there are challenges that make the task a whole lot tougher.

One such challenge is common to all female entrepreneurs, especially when they start off young adding to the marginalisation. Being seen as an authority figure was a struggle for me, at 22 and looking to bring together my team.

From being taken as a “young girl” in business who would not know the ins-&-outs of IT by the tech people I had interviewed, to being called “emotional” and “whimsical” by the headstrong suppliers who would hold off the delivery and not deemed themselves answerable since they are not familiar to women in the manufacturing sector, I have grown within this industry to cement my position. 

In my dealings with such situations, I have learned that it’s best to keep a middleman, that would secure a line of strict communication and keep the authority intact.  It’s truly remarkable to witness the growth of our brand over the past year.

As a founder, what values or principles guide your decision-making process within Type Beauty Inc.?

Ananya Kapur: Trust and customer satisfaction are Type Beauty Inc.’s driving principles when making decisions. To guarantee product excellence, we place a high priority on comprehensive consumer testing, dermatological recommendations, and comparisons with leading global brands.

Sincere comments and ongoing improvement are important to us because they demonstrate that we’re dedicated to working together to co-create solutions that really satisfy customers. At Type Beauty, this customer-centric approach forms the basis of every decision made.

Can you share any upcoming innovations or developments that customers can look forward to from Type Beauty Inc.?

Ananya Kapur: Type Beauty Inc. has some exciting innovations in the pipeline, with a range of very cool products that customers can look forward to. Stay tuned for updates!

What are your success tips for women entrepreneurs?

Ananya Kapur: A company that is starting from scratch, whether it be a brand, needs extensive research. How clear, informed, and trustworthy your research and mission are will directly affect how confident you are in your business.

Completing your homework is a certain method to establish a solid foundation for your company. It’s actually crucial to understand your industry and your niche. By continuously learning about the sector,

I was able to prevent any potential hires who may have bullied me into overpaying them or underutilizing my resources using industry lingo. You will benefit much from developing a regular practice of refining your abilities and knowledge using the most recent methods and trends in the field.

Ananya Kapur’s entrepreneurial journey with Type Beauty epitomizes innovation and inclusivity in the beauty industry. Through her visionary leadership, she has not only revolutionized skincare, cosmetics, and makeup but also empowered individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

This interview has offered a glimpse into Ananya’s inspiring story, leaving us inspired to pursue our passions with purpose and dedication.

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