Andrei Povaliaev, CPO and co-founder of Muver app: Entrepreneurial journey

Andrei Povaliaev - Muver Co-Founder

Success Story of Andrei Povaliaev, CPO and co-founder of Muver app

After completing his studies and working for a year as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, Andrei switched to the taxi industry and became a taxi fleet co-founder at SMART CITY LLC.

As a co-founder, he managed the fleet’s workflow, operating 100+ taxi cabs, building collaborations with partners and lease companies, controlling the dispatcher service and car service, along with enhancing and developing the business processes.

After that, Andrei became the CPO and co-founder of the Muver app, a gig driver workspace. At Muver, Andrei overlooked the mobile app development, the startup’s launch on the US market, the hypothesis creation: analytics, prioritizing, testing, the market analysis, and company’s development strategy.

Andrei has superb expertise in creating online products, and this has enabled Muver to create such high demand for its services among its 20,000 users (that’s the number of users who have paid for the subscription at least once).

He’s constantly involved in the customer development in order to enhance the product, in the creation and prioritization of features, and in the management of Android developers and testing team. Muver has raised a total of $1.7M in funding over 3 rounds. 

It wouldn’t be possible without Andrei’s crucial involvement in the company’s day-to-day operations and investment-raising efforts. 

Muver Services

Muver is a gig driver workspace. It enables you to manage several gig apps in one workspace, accept only profitable orders, and basically work on autopilot.

Among its most valuable features are: automatic switching between gig apps, automatic acceptance of orders, switching between online and offline modes, and automatic acceptance of the most profitable and preferable orders.

Also, once you accept an order, Muver puts other gig apps offline. The app automatically switches them back online, once the order is completed or has been canceled.

Uniqueness of Muver

It’s been proven by thousands of professional rideshare & delivery drivers that working with several rideshare & delivery apps at the same time increases the driver’s per hour income  thanks to reducing the idle time and the option of choosing the most profitable orders.

Muver has assessed over 10,000 hours of drivers’ shifts and calculated that drivers with 2+ rideshare & delivery apps made up to 30% more money during their shift with Muver.

Why choose this type of business?

After completing his studies, Andrei worked as a taxi driver for a month, just to pay his bills. While working, he came up with an idea to start an affiliate network for Uber in Russia, and his taxi fleet company became the largest partner of Uber on the Russian market.

Soon after, he became a taxi fleet co-founder at SMART CITY LLC. While managing 100+ taxi cabs, he was looking for a startup idea that would be based on his knowledge of the taxi business.

As a high level taxi manager – and a taxi driver himself, he knew all too well the drivers’ struggles of switching between apps and trying to choose the most profitable order. That’s how he came up with an idea for a perfect app for gig drivers: Muver.

Andrei Povaliaev started going on prolonged business trips to the US, to work as a ridesharing and delivery driver in order to test the product and collect even more insights.

While on these trips, he himself completed more than 5,000 orders and drove more than 40,000 miles. When Andrei moved to the US, he only had a couple hundred dollars to his name – and the Muver app, ready for release on the American market.

In just two years, together with his partners, Andrei Povaliaev has raised $1.7M in funding for Muver over three rounds. 

It’s objective to say that Muver and Andrei personally are on a pathway to a valuation of more than $15 million..


Andrei always had a dream of creating something useful and helpful for the people. Life circumstances turned him into an Uber driver despite the fact that he had a decent education and could go work for any company. But that dream was the reason why he had to struggle hard to achieve what was set by him as a goal.

Company’s goals

Along with making Gig drivers’ life easier Andrei and his partners are going to build a sort of Gig driver ecosystem where an option of making order deliveries from Muver will be presented as well.

they are confident that it will create healthy competition on the market and make the gig drivers’ work more convenient.

Never take out a loan for a business you want to build and run if you have no experience in this specific field.

His father’s life story is the main inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur. He has always looked up to his father’s life story and wanted to achieve greater success than he did.

Always remember that you won’t be able to achieve success as a startup founder if you work alone. It’s always about the team. ~ Andrei Povaliaev

He feel like having three co-founders in your startup is the most stable and successful form of startup management.

One co-founder should be responsible for the product – he should know the industry, your target audience, be the proto-customer, feel the need for the product, and use it.

The second one should be a talented software developer who knows the IT industry and can write the code himself.

He should also have good management skills and be able to hire coders to build the product. And the third co-founder should know everything about marketing to attract your target audience. At Muver, he is responsible for the product, and I have two partners who are exactly as needed. 

Andrei Povaliaev believe that if you feel that you better not rely on people in some cases, listen to your internal voice: don’t rely on them. Learn to shoulder all the responsibility and take the actions you need.

Andrei Povaliaev’ Success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Never give up. Do everything you can think of to become successful. And first of all, do the things you loathe. If the task makes you uncomfortable, complete it first. 

Also, you need to really love what you do. I remember one time I worked as a driver to test Muver through another one of its iterations, and I came to a restaurant to collect the order.

The restaurant’s manager started a conversation with me, asking what I would do if I could live forever. And I told him: the same that I’m doing right now. That’s my recipe for success.


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