Interview with Anil Ahlawat, CEO of MTG Learning Media

Anil Ahlawat

An exclusive interview with Anil Ahlawat, CEO of MTG Learning Media, an esteemed educational publishing house

It is with great pleasure that we present an illuminating interview with Mr. Anil Ahlawat, the distinguished CEO of MTG Learning Media, a renowned educational publishing house. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing learning experiences, Mr. Ahlawat has steered MTG Learning Media towards becoming a beacon of educational excellence.

His strategic acumen, coupled with a deep understanding of the ever-evolving education sector, has propelled the company to the forefront of innovative teaching and learning solutions.

In this interview, we have the privilege of delving into Mr. Ahlawat’s insights, experiences, and visionary approach that continue to shape the future of education.

Can you provide us with an overview of MTG Learning Media’s journey and its mission in the education sector?

Anil Ahlawat: MTG Learning Media’s journey was started in 1982 by Founder and Director Mahabir Singh. It was his vision to make simplified and easy-to-understand resources for students preparing for school and competitive exams.

Under his leadership and with his guidance today, we have created an extensive collection of more than 2500 books and digital materials that covers a diverse range of subjects and exams. Our primary goal is to simplify learning to the extent that every student develops a passion for their studies.

Our success can be seen by our presence in 70 countries, with over 160 million copies sold in the K–12 and test-prep categories. We have also collaborated with over 196,000 institutes and schools, benefiting over 650,000 teachers.

We have received accolades such as the PVLF People’s Choice Award and the Asia Leadership Award for Most Trusted Publishers in Education and Competition. We are honoured that students and teachers worldwide trust us and rely on our resources for their educational needs.

Educational publishing is a rapidly evolving field. How does MTG Learning Media stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing trends and technologies?

Anil Ahlawat: MTG is an educational publisher, and it’s our utmost priority that our content be updated as per trends and technology. We are committed to staying ahead in the educational publishing industry. We prioritise research and development to identify emerging trends and technologies.

We collaborate with experts and monitor the market strictly to understand the future direction of education. We foster innovation within our organisation and experiment with new ideas and technologies. By integrating technology, we offer interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Could you share some insights into MTG Learning Media’s approach to creating educational content that effectively engages students while promoting learning?

Anil Ahlawat: We understand that the key to engaging students is to simplify complex concepts and present the topics in an interesting and interactive manner that instills a love for learning in students.

To achieve this, we carefully analyze the curriculum and learning objectives to identify the most important concepts and skills that need to be taught. We then break down these concepts into bite-sized, easily understandable chunks, ensuring that the content is accessible to students of all levels.

Our team collaborates to create visually appealing educational materials using videos, animations, visual aids such as illustrations, concept maps, diagrams, and interactive exercises. We focus on incorporating real-life examples to make learning relevant.

We also use interactive elements like quizzes and hands-on exercises of all types to encourage active participation.

By combining these elements with comprehensive theory and practice questions, we aim to empower students, ignite their curiosity, and facilitate a genuine passion for learning.

With the proliferation of digital platforms, how has MTG Learning Media leveraged technology to enhance its educational offerings and reach a wider audience?

Anil Ahlawat: We understand that digital platforms have revolutionized the way people access information and learn, and we have adapted our strategies to leverage this potential.

MTG Learning Media has incorporated technology into its educational offerings in multiple ways to enhance accessibility and engagement. The company has developed online courses and programs that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, offering flexibility and convenience to students.

To make learning more dynamic and interactive, MTG has created interactive learning resources such as e-books, smart books, videos, and quizzes. E-learning platforms have been launched to provide a centralized hub for students and educators to access content, collaborate, and track progress. Recognizing the growing use of mobile devices, MTG has developed mobile applications that allow students to access educational materials on their smartphones and tablets.

Virtual classrooms and webinars enable students from different locations to participate in interactive learning sessions through video conferencing and collaboration tools.

Quality assessment is crucial in education. How does MTG Learning Media ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the assessment materials it produces?

Anil Ahlawat: It is crucial to ensure that the assessment materials we produce are accurate and effective in evaluating students’ knowledge and skills. We have a dedicated team of experienced subject matter experts who are well-versed in the curriculum and educational standards.

These experts meticulously review and validate the content for accuracy, relevance, and alignment with the curriculum guidelines. They engage in rigorous discussions and peer reviews to refine and enhance the assessment materials. Every piece of material undergoes multiple levels of proofreading, formatting checks, and thorough editing.

MTG has collaborated with over 196,000 institutes and schools and is in contact with 650,000 teachers. From time to time, we get our content reviewed by expert teachers, get feedback from them, and make changes according to the suggestions.

At MTG, we prioritise quality assessment in education. Through the expertise of our team, a collaborative development process, rigorous quality assurance measures, and valuable feedback from stakeholders, we ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of our assessment materials.

In a competitive market, differentiation is key. What unique qualities or strategies set MTG Learning Media apart from other educational publishers?

Anil Ahlawat: At MTG, we take pride in our unique qualities and strategies, which truly set us apart from other educational publishers. We constantly strive to embrace new technologies and pedagogical approaches to create engaging and interactive content.

Our digital learning solutions, such as online platforms and smart books, foster immersive learning experiences that actively foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Our formula is to take the saying “practice makes perfect” to another level by simplifying practice for students with our books and workbooks.

Furthermore, our extensive research and development efforts ensure that our content is always of the highest standard. With the help of experienced subject matter experts, we continuously refine our content to maintain a reputation for providing accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date educational resources.

We are committed to making quality educational content accessible and affordable for all. We offer a range of pricing options and combos to make our resources economically viable.

Our focus on innovation, customization, research, and social responsibility sets MTG Learning Media apart from other educational publishers.

We are dedicated to shaping the future of education by providing engaging, personalised, and sustainable learning solutions that truly make a difference in the lives of learners and educators.

Personalized learning is gaining traction. How does MTG Learning Media incorporate personalized learning approaches into its materials to address individual learning needs?

Anil Ahlawat: The power of personalized learning to enhance educational outcomes is undeniable. We understand that every learner is unique and has different learning needs, and our goal is to cater to those needs through our comprehensive range of educational resources.

One of the ways we incorporate personalized learning approaches is through our free smart books. These books are designed to provide students with interactive content that adapts to their individual progress and pace of learning. We also offer video solutions that accompany our textbooks, allowing students to visualize and grasp complex concepts easily.

Additionally, our online classes with personalized doubt-solving sessions and guidance provide a platform for students to interact directly with our experts. This enables us to address their doubts and queries in real-time, ensuring that they receive tailored support and guidance.

Moreover, our recorded lectures by experts serve as an invaluable resource for students, allowing them to access high-quality content on demand. These lectures can be revisited multiple times, helping students reinforce their understanding and focus on areas where they need additional support.

Our other initiative, MTG MITR, is dedicated to empowering teachers by providing them with personalized digital resources. These resources are designed to assist teachers in creating a more engaging and effective learning environment for their students.

By understanding and addressing individual learning needs, we aim to provide a transformative learning experience, enabling students to reach their full potential.

What advice would you give to aspiring educational entrepreneurs who aim to make a positive impact through innovative educational solutions?

Anil Ahlawat: As the CEO of MTG Learning Media, first and foremost,my advice to aspiring educational entrepreneurs would be to emphasise the importance of developing a deep understanding of the existing education landscape.

This includes analyzing the needs and gaps in the current system as well as studying the latest technological advancements and pedagogical approaches. By being well-informed, entrepreneurs can identify opportunities where their innovative solutions can truly make a difference. Education is a complex field that requires diverse expertise and resources.

Aspiring entrepreneurs should actively seek partnerships with educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders to co-create and refine their solutions. By involving key players from the beginning, they can ensure that their products or services align with the needs of students and educators and increase their chances of success.

Moreover, I would emphasize the importance of scalability and sustainability. Innovative solutions should be designed to have a widespread impact and be financially viable in the long run. Lastly, staying committed to the ultimate goal of making a positive impact is crucial.

By remaining focused on their mission and being passionate about transforming education, they can drive change and leave a lasting mark in the field.

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