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Animal coloring pages

Welcome to our page dedicated to animal coloring.

If your child likes lions, dolphins, cats, birds, rabbits, butterflies, etc. then he will definitely love our 20 awesome coloring pictures .

In addition, we also give some very useful tips for your child to succeed in beautiful coloring .
If this subject interests you, then discover all our animal coloring pages to print .

Moreover, if you or your child love to color , then do not hesitate to consult our complete section containing hundreds of free coloring pages.

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Animals coloring pages : free printable images

For children who love Nature or go to the Zoo, here are 20 awesome coloring pictures .
But before we get them, let’s take a look at each of them first …

Download and print more animal coloring pages at Animali da colorare

Animals coloring to print on dogs

To color a dog and make it successful, listen carefully to our advice. First take your time, choose the colors you like and don’t rush. Otherwise you risk making a mistake and being disappointed.

So take a light brown marker to start and color in her coat. Then take a second darker brown felt to make its muzzle and certain areas where you want the hairs to have another shade.

Then for the eyes, choose the color you want, and finish your dog coloring with the pink felt to color the tongue and the underside of its paws.

Coloring page of animals with cats

Do you love cats and love to color? Then we’ve got you covered. Indeed, we have a collection dedicated to coloring on cats, which includes dozens of images to color or collect.

Siamese, Persian, Siberian, Angora, Bombay, all breeds are available to be colored in the most beautiful way. 

We hope you find animal coloring pages to your liking. Besides, don’t forget to share our site with your friends on social networks.

Coloring Animals | how to color a lion?

To know how to color a beautiful  lion , it’s very easy because you just need to read the following. This type of animal coloring requires several colors.

First take a felt tip pen or pastel yellow pencil and color in the lion’s body.
Then with a brown pencil, you can make his mane, his snout and the tip of his tail. Besides, apply yourself well so as not to exceed the contours of your drawing. Otherwise you will have to start over!

Now color his muzzle with a fairly light brown. And finally use a brown or dark yellow colored pencil to shade some parts of the lion. 

Then it will look super realistic like the picture above. If your child is particularly fond of felines, then we recommend that you visit our page on lion coloring .

Image d Animals | how to make a beautiful dolphin?

To properly color a dolphin, it’s very easy! You only need a few colored markers. First take a very light gray felt tip pen and color the belly and the underside of its tail. 

Then use a darker blue felt for the top of her body with the fin, back and head. Then take a light blue pencil and go over some areas with it to give relief to your drawing

If your child is fascinated by sea animals, then be sure to visit our section on coloring fish , which has dozens of coloring pictures !

Coloring pages to print Animals | the shark

If you want to know our best tips for successful coloring of animals representing a shark , then read this.

To make a superb shark, it’s not very difficult, because it’s a bit like the dolphin. Indeed, you will need only a few colored markers.

First of all, use a fairly light gray felt-tip pen and color the underside of its body at the level of the belly and its tail.

Then take a dark enough blue felt to make the top of the body: the fin, the head and the back.

Then, you have to fill your mouth with a very strong red, being careful not to protrude on the teeth. Otherwise you will have to start all over again!

Finally color with a light blue pencil the parts you want to highlight. Indeed, it will give relief to your coloring .

Coloring Animals | our advice for the rabbit

To make a beautiful bunny , listen carefully to these tips. First take a light pink felt pen and color the inside of its big ears and the underside of its legs. Then use a dark gray for her coat and red for her nose of course!

During this step, be careful not to make a trace and not to go beyond the edges of your animal coloring page . Otherwise you won’t be happy with the end result.

Finally, regarding the eyes, give free rein to your creativity because they can be in red, blue or green.

If you particularly like to color this animal , then do not forget to print our coloring pages on the rabbits .

Animal coloring page | how to color a bird?

Birds come in all colors. So you can have fun choosing all the markers you like.
First, start with the lighter colors like yellow to color the beak and some feathers of your favorite bird. 

If you make a mistake, then you can go over it with a darker color. Now continue to color with blue to make the inside of the eyes, legs and some more feathers. Finally, finish your bird coloring with a beautiful red marker so that it is absolutely beautiful.

Animals on the tiger coloring pages

The tiger is not very difficult to color since you will only need a few markers. So start with orange and apply it all over your body except the legs and neck. 

Then take a yellow marker to make the eyes and black for the stripes of this animal coloring page

Finally with a brown felt-tip pen, color precisely the end of its muzzle and you will then obtain a superb  tiger .

Giraffe coloring pages pdf

To make a beautiful  giraffe , you need the same colors as for the  lion. Indeed, brown and yellow are part of the colors of the savannah.

So first take a felt tip pen or a pastel yellow pencil and fill in the giraffe’s body . Then with a brown pencil, you have to color the small spots on his body, his mane and the tip of his tail.

Besides, be careful not to exceed otherwise you will have to start your coloring animals again.

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