Ankit Kumar, CEO of Skye Air Mobility, a Drone Delivery Technology Start-up

Ankit Kumar-CEO-Skye Air Mobility

Interview with Ankit Kumar, CEO of Skye Air Mobility, a Drone Delivery Technology Start-up

Mr. Ankit Kumar is a dynamic and accomplished CEO, currently leading Skye Air Mobility, a prominent player in the drone technology sector.

With a diverse range of interests and investments, Ankit is a technology enthusiast with a strong focus on the EV and drone industries.

Ankit’s professional journey includes extensive experience in international corporate strategy, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions.

He has worked with various sectors and locations, showcasing his expertise as a seasoned consulting professional.

Ankit holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, and has previously contributed his skills to Mahindra & Mahindra, a renowned automobile manufacturer.

With over ten years of experience in investing, financial risk management, and growth consulting, Ankit has played a pivotal role in sectors such as automotive, electric vehicles, drones, and clean energy.

He is also an angel investor with a portfolio of businesses in the EV, drone, Edtech, and IoT industries, operating in both India and Singapore.

Ankit has provided strategic guidance to more than 50 multinational corporations, assisting them in expanding into emerging markets like India and Southeast Asia, as well as strengthening their domestic operations.

His expertise encompasses business counseling, strategic advising, project execution, and mergers and acquisitions, enabling effective operations in established and emerging countries alike.

Recognized for his contributions to the drone technology space, Ankit has received prestigious accolades, including the BW 40 under 40 award, which celebrates young leaders making significant impacts in their industries.

As the founder of Skye Air Mobility, Ankit’s exceptional business acumen has led the company to be recognized as the Drone Tech Start-up of the Year, solidifying its position as a leader in the drone technology sector.

Ankit is a respected speaker and has shared his insights on the future of drones at various industry events. He has participated as a panelist at the City-Tech Tokyo event, discussing the role of drones in shaping the future of cities.

Additionally, he was invited by the Indian Defence Ministry to join a panel where he shared his experience in developing world-class drones for both the Indian defence forces and the global market.

Ankit’s achievements and expertise have established him as a highly respected figure in the drone technology industry.

He remains committed to realizing the goals set by the Hon’ble Minister of Civil Aviation by driving substantial growth in the sector and contributing to the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of making India a Global Drone Hub by 2030.

Ankit emphasizes the importance of maintaining safe and efficient use of the Low Altitude Airspace, and he spearheads new initiatives to ensure industry compliance and success.

Can you provide an overview of Skye Air Mobility and its mission in the drone delivery technology space?

Ankit Kumar: Skye Air Mobility is a leading drone logistics company that is revolutionizing the delivery technology space.

Our mission is to transform the way goods are transported by leveraging the power of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and cutting-edge technology.

By providing efficient, safe, and sustainable delivery solutions. The company envisions a future where drones play a vital role in last-mile delivery, enabling faster, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly transportation of goods.

Skye Air Mobility aims to create a seamless, autonomous, and scalable drone delivery network that can cater to various industries and customer needs.

What inspired you to start Skye Air Mobility, and what unique solutions do you aim to bring to the market?

Ankit Kumar: The inspiration behind starting Skye Air Mobility came from recognizing the immense potential of drone technology in addressing the challenges of traditional logistics.

We saw an opportunity to overcome limitations such as traffic congestion, infrastructure constraints, and last-mile delivery issues.

The same day delivery demand is rising and it’s not only limited to metropolitan cities, but now people living in tier 1, 2, and 3 cities too demand for same day deliveries.

The current logistical system has a lot of challenges with respect of rising fuel costs, inflation, free-run reverse logistics, less availability of gig-workers and so on.

Our unique solution lies in developing and implementing advanced drone delivery systems that are capable of navigating complex environments, ensuring secure and timely deliveries, and integrating seamlessly into existing supply chains to meet the demand.

Kindly brief us about Skye Air Mobility, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Ankit Kumar: Skye Air Mobility specializes in operating advanced drone systems, autonomous aerial vehicles, and the infrastructure required to support their operations.

The company combines its cutting-edge delivery technology, data analytics, and industry expertise to deliver innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of sectors such as ecommerce, q-commerce, healthcare, agriculture, and others.

Drone delivery is a rapidly evolving field. How do you see Skye Air Mobility staying ahead of the competition and maintaining its edge in this dynamic industry?

Ankit Kumar: Skye Air has established itself as a leader in the drone delivery industry through its innovative approach and commitment to continuous advancement.

To maintain its edge and stay ahead of the competition, Skye Air focuses on several key strategies. Firstly, investing in research and development which is crucial to developing cutting-edge delivery technology and enhancing the capabilities of their drones.

By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Skye Air offers improved performance, increased payload capacity, longer flight durations, and enhanced safety features.

Secondly, Skye Air prioritizes strategic partnerships and collaborations. By partnering with other industry leaders, Skye Air leverages its expertise and resources to expand its reach and streamline operations.

What are the key challenges you have faced in developing drone delivery technology, and how has Skye Air Mobility overcome them?

Ankit Kumar: One of the major hurdles has been ensuring the safety and reliability of the drone systems. Safety is of utmost importance, as drones operate in the airspace alongside other aircraft and interact with the public.

Skye Air has invested heavily in building robust fail-safe mechanisms, collision avoidance systems, and redundant communication systems to minimize the risk of accidents or malfunctions.

Further, the company has developed its own UTM (unmanned traffic management) system to ensure safer flights within the corridors.

The company has been working on creating better infrastructure and adding various channels to the UAS systems that it uses to secure the navigation & communication.

Could you shed some light on one of the best technology behind Skye Air Mobility’s drone delivery system? What innovations or advancements have you incorporated into your drones?

Ankit Kumar: Skye Air has developed a state-of-the-art drone delivery system that combines advanced technology and innovative features to enable efficient and reliable transportation of goods.

It’s one of the best innovations has been UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) systems, are essential for the safe and efficient integration of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the airspace.

Skye Air has developed a robust UTM system that addresses the unique challenges associated with managing drone operations and ensuring the safety of both manned and unmanned aircraft.

Skye UTM incorporates several key features and functionalities designed to facilitate the seamless integration of drones into the airspace.

Scalability and logistics are crucial for successful drone delivery operations. How does Skye Air Mobility manage and optimize its network to ensure efficient delivery services?

Ankit Kumar: Skye Air Mobility’s focus on scalable infrastructure, advanced drone technology, and optimized logistics through ML systems allows them to efficiently manage their delivery network.

By continuously improving their operations and adapting to changing conditions, Skye Air Mobility ensures that their drone delivery services are both reliable and efficient for their customers.

Can you discuss any ongoing research and development initiatives or future plans for Skye Air Mobility to further enhance its drone delivery capabilities?

Ankit Kumar: As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Skye Air invests in ongoing research and development initiatives.

We are actively exploring advancements in drone technology, such as increased flight endurance, improved battery life, and enhanced payload capacity.

We are also conducting research to upscale autonomous capabilities from Level 4 to Level 5, allowing our drones to navigate complex environments and conduct deliveries without human intervention.

With its ground-breaking technology and impressive accolades, Skye Air is a company to watch in the years to come. 

In the next phase, the tech start-up plans to increase its size to about 800 drones in the coming 12-18 months as it looks for more opportunities in the ecommerce, q-commerce, foodtech, agri-commodity and healthcare sector.

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