Entrepreneurial Journey of Ankita Pandey, Founder of The Pen, a Global Content Writing Platform

Ankita Pandey Founder of The Pen

Ankita Pandey: Women Entrepreneur and Founder of The Pen, a global content writing platform

From 2017, Ankita has been working as a content writer across various domains and running a not for profit organisation, Gatha Welfare Foundation.

But it was only when the pandemic hit that she started to explore ways to accelerate the work on a bigger platform and get writers on board and build a team that would work towards mutual empowerment.

The Pen, a global content writing platform

The Pen is a global content writing platform that provides services to brands, organisations and professionals across various verticals.

It’s an all women platform and the whole concept is based around ‘mutual empowerment’ that emphasises on empowering one and all.

This is when the ideation of The Pen started that led to its launch in 2022. It is an all women content writing platform that is run virtually. The platform solely believes in quality over quantity, anyway and everyday.

For a year, all Ankita did was to discuss it with people to see what new perspective she could get and what they had to offer.

All she was looking for was synergy amongst the people with whom she wanted to work. She firmly believe that one can only work with people who bring the right energy when you communicate with them.

Yes, Ankita has been lucky to find them, through social media, networking clubs, personal contacts, friends and the list is endless.

Without any hesitation, Ankita just started to explore and has never looked back since then. The journey has been short but fruitful and full of learning and unlearning of everything that was necessary to inculcate for growth both professional and personal.

Ankita made sure that from the very start, there was proper delegation of work at my end so that she could work for things that lied ahead.

Ankita started ticking off all those things that were supposed to be done at the initial stage and started focusing on getting clients onboard. The short journey has been fluffing for us and we are now all geared for what future has in store for us.

Endless hours of work, cold reach and word of mouth helped us in getting clients not only from India but also from around the globe.

What she feel today is grateful for the support and trust from both my team and clients. This is just the start of a challenging but amazing journey.

There is no stopping by for us today or anyway. Hence, today as we see back, everything makes sense and worth it for the time and effort they have put in as a team. It has been a team effort from the very beginning.

Here is to transforming the way content is written and the impact it creates that helps brands, organisations and professionals to showcase the essence of what they truly stand for with the right selection of words and emotions.

Services entails

Website Content, Copy Writing, Articles, Blogs, PR Writing, SEO Writing, Product Description, Branded Content, Social Media Content, Content Strategy and Technical Writing for brands, organisations and professionals from across the globe. All packages are custom made according to client’s requirements.


Her vision lies in becoming the biggest content writing platform led and run by women that offers budgeted and top notch content.

Ankita’s mission is to build a thriving platform of women writers from across the globe and help brands in creats a never seen before impact through the words that craft and nurture.

Learned from failure

Ankita had a hard time accepting rejections. But with time she learnt that this was part and parcel of growth and how well she had to equip herself to deal with any uncomfortable situations.

Inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur

After working on some smaller projects during Masters, Ankita knew she couldn’t fit into that 9 to 5 job. But her quest for writing has been evergreen, so she started working as a freelancer with brands and organisations.

It helped her improve her writing and understand the audience she was writing for. But due to certain drawbacks, she was quite skeptical about starting a full fledged team then.

But with the onset of the pandemic, one fine day she just made up mind and started working on it because the work load started to increase.

Ankita saw this an opportunity to notch up her work and contribution to the field by collaborating with other professionals.

And so here in 2022 with its official launch. She still has a long way to go and it makes her feel so grateful for having all the amazing women in her team.

Success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs and startups

“The only success mantra that works for me is to believe in my vision and just get going. Well, the journey is going to be full of highs and lows, so make sure you learn, unlearn and relearn. This is what will get you ahead.”

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