Interview: Anoopam Shroff, co-founder of Alpha Game Truck

Anoopam Shroff

An interview with Anoopam Shroff, co-founder of Alpha Game Truck, an India’s first and only mobile gaming truck at your doorstep

Meet Anoopam Shroff, the visionary founder behind India’s pioneering mobile gaming experience, Alpha Game Truck. With a passion for gaming and a keen eye for innovation, Anoopam has revolutionized entertainment by bringing the thrill of gaming directly to your doorstep.

As the driving force behind Alpha Game Truck, he has crafted an immersive gaming environment inside a mobile truck, offering unparalleled convenience and excitement for gamers of all ages. With a commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences, Anoopam has cemented Alpha Game Truck as India’s first and only destination for on-demand gaming adventures.

Could you share with us the inspiration behind the concept of India’s first mobile gaming truck? What sparked the idea, and how did you bring it to fruition?

Anoopam Shroff: The Kids play area in Delhi Ncr caters to the age group of mainly 2-8, and then the kids are no more interested in them, so there was a gap in the industry for 8-14 year olds. Further, one always has to go out for the event, at a mall/playzone etc, so we thought why not create something that reaches your location, and gives you an experience like no other.

Creating a Gaming Zone, with the latest tech, which comes around to your location, was a challenge, but with R&D for almost 18 months, we had the Game Truck in place!

What motivated you to pursue this innovative approach to gaming, and what sets your service apart from traditional gaming venues

Anoopam Shroff: It’s a No Stress, No Mess birthday party with Alpha Game Truck. You get on a call with our team, we follow that up with a site check, to ensure proper and safe parking space, and the event is booked. Our Team arrives much before the event time, gets the systems going, and we are good to go.

Mobile gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years. How does Alpha Game Truck cater to this growing demand, and what types of gaming experiences do you offer inside the truck?

Anoopam Shroff: Alpha Game Truck offers the latest console based gaming inside the game truck. We have a large collection of Playstation5 and Playstation4 games, followed by Nintendo & Xbox. We also offer Virtual Reality gaming, with headsets from Oculus, who are the pioneers of this technology, when it comes to gaming.

Can you walk us through the features and amenities available in the Alpha Game Truck? What equipment and technology are utilized to create an immersive gaming environment for customers?

Anoopam Shroff: Our game truck reaches the location, 10 to 12 kids play together, on various screens. It’s a limousine-like interior inside, which makes everyone comfortable, and the game coach enables quick and easy setup. 

The idea is that many kids have a console at home, but can they host 10-12 friends there, on a single console, with one screen? Here, they can showcase their fifa skill to win against their friends!

What steps do you take to stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the gaming industry, and how do you incorporate these insights into the offerings of Alpha Game Truck?

Anoopam Shroff: Gaming industry changes faster than anything. New release of games, new titles, new avatars, and now also the Metaverse. We keep upgrading our systems to enable most that we can, and offer services which are tough to match.

The concept of mobile gaming trucks is relatively new in India. What challenges did you encounter while introducing this concept to the market, and how did you overcome them

Anoopam Shroff: Every new thing comes with challenges, and being the first mover is tough! We faced problems at development stages, managing the movement, recruiting people as they were reluctant to get into something so new and different.

How do you approach marketing and promotion for Alpha Game Truck, and what strategies have been most effective in reaching your target audience?

Anoopam Shroff: Reaching the right audience is always difficult, especially when you need to educate the audience on a new product. It’s been a long journey, with a mix of Social Media and Offline presence, that has helped us reach where we are.

What are your plans for the future of Alpha Game Truck? Are there any expansions, new features, or partnerships on the horizon that you can share with us?

Anoopam Shroff: Alpha Game Truck is in the midst of large expansion plans, as we are expanding our markets to all over India. Currently, we are working in Delhi NCR, and soon will be there in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Indore and many more cities.

We are aiming for 100 cities, and would be based on both Partnership and franchise models. We are also partnering with game major’s for their product launches, walkthroughs and corporate events.

What all events does Alpha cater to?

Anoopam Shroff: A lot of our business comes from Birthday Parties, which would be about 75% of our sales, we also do Corporate Events and Wedding Events. For Corporate events, we do family day, casual evenings, where age is no bar.

We have gamers in all age groups and winning a game from a colleague always gives one a cheer. We also do wedding events, catering to the kids who have nothing to do. At Mehndi, Cocktails and Wedding days, the kids can be in the game truck, and parents can be part of the festivities. Think of it as a new age bouncy! 

Through the ingenuity and dedication of Anoopam Shroff, Alpha Game Truck has transcended the traditional boundaries of gaming, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. As India’s premier mobile gaming platform, Anoopam’s vision has not only transformed entertainment but also redefined how we engage with technology.

With Alpha Game Truck, he continues to inspire countless gamers, young and old alike, to embark on thrilling gaming journeys right at their doorstep. As we look to the future, Anoopam’s innovation serves as a beacon of possibility, promising even more exciting adventures in the ever-evolving world of gaming.

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