Interview: Anshul Sharma – Entrepreneur & CEO of Brandburp Digital, Brand Marketing agency

Anshul Sharma - CEO Brandburp

This is the interview of Anshul Sharma – Entrepreneur and CEO Brandburp Digital, top rated Brand Marketing agency. We hope you find the motivating and inspiring interview useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

Tell us a little about yourself

The clearer the picture you paint of your dreams, the more motivated you become towards achieving them.

And that’s what happened; it wasn’t luck or fortune, it was merely my dedication and focus towards accomplishing my dream goal. 

For a B.Tech student to pursue PGDM in Sales & Marketing from Symbiosis and then studying Executive MBA in Sales at Cambridge University, wasn’t an easy journey.

Starting a company in Digital Marketing was yet another challenge that I took and successfully made it to one of top-most in the globe. Yes, I am Anshul Sharma, CEO of BrandBurp, a Digital Marketing and Advertising Hub

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

I started BrandBurp Digital ( with a vision to revolutionize the functioning of mobile applications, websites, and brands.

And as I said I was always inclined towards sales and marketing, I wanted to do something in this field.

But I was also aware of the trends going on in the world. Digital marketing at that time wasn’t as established as it is right now, especially in India.

People were not very aware and for most it was an alien concept. I, however, knew that it was something that would eventually catch hold of public’s attention. And that’s what happened. 

Back in 2015, when my team and I started working on conceptualizing brands by growth hacking their revenue structure to make profits and boost their audience, I seriously didn’t know that it would flourish so much.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer?

From Branding and Advertising to International Marketing, Brand Reputation to Content Marketing and Lead Generation to Search Engine Optimization, we are known for offering result-oriented digital marketing solutions to our clients from across the globe.

We also offer services that are in high demand these days like Social Media Optimization, Pay-per-click and Email Marketing

What is unique about your business?

Apart from offering to services in digital marketing, we are also known for being reliable, trustworthy and efficient in whatever we do.

BrandBurp is India’s first 360-degree Marketing Agency that uses an AI-powered platform to help businesses grow.

Our client’s money and time and delivering results better than their expectations are our top-most priority. Perhaps, that’s the reason why 50% of our clients are repetitive. 

What made you choose this type of business?

I always knew that digital marketing would one day take over the world. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I have been proven right, especially with the pandemic, which took a toll on people’s lives.

I am glad that I chose this type of business. With my constant focus and hardwork, it proved to be one of my best decisions in life

What was your mission at the outset?

My mission was to form something for the new digital world. And with my passion, I was able to achieve that. BrandBurp ne of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, the company has leveraged over 2000 brands to strategically market their business and boost their revenue.

In addition to being a top brand marketing agency in India, we have a strong presence in USA, UK and UAE. We have generated over 1000 leads and 3Billion USD ROI globally.

Further talking about BrandBurp, it is not just a digital marketing company but also an advertising hub that was established in 2015. 

How many employees in your organization?

Currently, we have a team of around 175 talented individuals helping to promote businesses online via SMO.

What’s your company’s goals?

  • To help businesses grow and boost their visibility
  • To maintain a certain standard in order to retain our customers

How do you build a successful customer base?

The key to building a successful customer base is giving them results better than their expectations. 

A lot of companies lower their quality and standard once they make a customer base but this only ruins the image. Ensuring customer satisfaction at every stage is what one should aim at doing.

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

I won’t call it my failure because this incident helped me start a business of my own. I did a job for some time but then I realized that it is not something I want to do.

My interest didn’t lie there as I wanted to start something of my own. As a result, I started working on myself and gained insights about businesses. Thereafter, I started a company of my own.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My father is my greatest inspiration, my support system and my biggest source of strength.

He has truly made me understand what life is all about- “hardwork”. It is because of him that I am able to fight all odds and stay focused.  

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Stay focused and dedicated. Do not let your fears overpower your dreams. 

We hope you find the inspiring interview of Indian Entrepreneur, Anshul Sharma – CEO Brandburp Digital useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

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