Interview with Anuradha Gupta, Founder & CEO of Vows For Eternity

Anuradha Gupta

An exclusive interview with Anuradha Gupta, Founder & CEO of Vows For Eternity, a Premium Matchmaking Service

In the dynamic world of relationships, where the quest for true companionship often seems elusive, Anuradha Gupta stands out as a guiding force. As the Founder and CEO of Vows For Eternity, a distinguished premium matchmaking service, Anuradha has carved a niche for herself in the realm of bringing hearts together.

With an astute understanding of human connections and a passion for fostering meaningful relationships, she has dedicated herself to the art of matchmaking. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the mind of Anuradha Gupta, exploring the inspiration behind Vows For Eternity, her unique approach to matchmaking, and the evolving landscape of love and partnerships.

What inspired the founding of Vows for Eternity, and how has the company’s vision evolved over the past decade?

Anuradha Gupta: The inception of Vows for Eternity is deeply rooted in my personal journey. In my quest to find a life partner, I had to go beyond conventional checklists and delve into the core of a meaningful connection. I demanded more than a superficial understanding of what I wanted in a companion– a person who could truly comprehend my aspirations and dreams and would deconstruct the intricacies of life with me. In the early stages of my search,

I was inundated with biodatas full of clichéd interests and a ‘passion’ for travel, music, and movies. While these are great to have as hobbies, a lasting marriage rests on a foundation of shared values, authenticity, and a willingness to navigate life’s complexities together.

I realised I couldn’t be the only person grappling with these alienated, outdated scouting methods for ‘The One.’ This led to the birth of Vows for Eternity.

A service dedicated to nurturing real-life companionships rooted in two like-minded individuals’ unique personalities, mindsets, and lifestyles. Over the last decade, we have evolved and learned much from our life experiences and our interactions with members sharing much about their lives with us. We know that nothing can replace the human touch when it comes to matters of the heart.

We are committed to reimagining the matchmaking industry by positively impacting people’s lives, helping them find genuine connections and nurturing lasting, loving, and fulfilling partnerships.

Can you describe the unique approach or methodology that sets Vows for Eternity apart in the matchmaking industry?

Anuradha Gupta: Each player brings something unique to the table; I can tell you more about Vows for Eternity and leave it to you to decide what distinguishes us in the matrimonial industry. For the last decade, we have been headquartered in the US with a local presence in India, the UK, Canada, and are now focusing on Dubai.

Over the years, what has been consistent is that we view marriage as a sacred bond between two people, yet celebrated between two families. It’s a space that is intensely private, and that’s the reason we have always extended our service as an offline, confidential, bespoke search. We focus on understanding our members because biodatas don’t do justice to people, as this is not a job application!

Each person is different and has had different experiences in life, processes things differently, and reacts differently. Hence, we feel the only way we can connect them to someone aligned is by human involvement; in many ways, we are trying to do it on a larger, global scale the way matchmaking has been done traditionally in Indian culture. We introduce a sense of familiarity on the one hand, yet we open the world up within a private space for our members. 

As a company, we have always considered marriage an equal partnership; it’s about two people who complement each other and come together to create something special. Much has evolved over the years, be it greater financial independence among women, how both genders choose to get married later, or the blurring of stereotypical roles.

What has remained consistent is that at some point, no matter how successful, well-educated or accomplished we are, when our journey is shared with the right person, the sun seems to shine that much brighter! And that is what being human is all about.

How does Vows for Eternity balance the traditional aspects of matchmaking with the demands and opportunities presented by today’s interconnected world?

Anuradha Gupta: In an era, where the internet hosts abundant options, our approach recognises the difference between mere access and fostering genuine connections. All these potential partners on a digital roster has led to a challenge of impersonalisation.

The ease of access often translates into a paradox of choice, limited time, diminishing patience, and a prevailing mindset of instant connection or swift disengagement. This makes it hard to thoughtfully engage or even get to know someone organically, as the line between superficial and fundamental attributes is blurred. It is but a perplexing game of chance, for both men and women looking for something more serious or profound!

At Vows for Eternity, we acknowledge that building a connection of depth and significance takes time and due effort. Patience, introspection and active engagement with the matchmaker’s occasional hand-holding is key.

We often have to negotiate a safe bridge of understanding between the parents and candidates by navigating generational gaps and balancing both the individuals’ and families’ expectations. Standing at the intersection of tradition and modernity, our culturally competent, geo-dispersed team leverages the timeless value systems that our families bring and how they anchor the ambitious, globetrotting spirits of our members.

Could you share a gist of what Vows for Eternity’s decade-long journey has been like and the impact of your services on clients’ lives?

Anuradha Gupta: We work closely with our members to determine what they are looking for and to help them differentiate between what their deal breakers are and what is nice to have. In the past, we have added significant value in helping people through this reflective process to sometimes arrive at a very different type of person than they first thought. We have had matches within the same geographies or across the world.

We have had two people getting married who might have had very different backgrounds, but they focussed on their similarities regarding what they wanted from life.

We have had people who might have been quite sure that they wanted someone very similar to themselves and then ended up feeling so connected to someone who brought a very different set of interests to them. It made them a stronger, more balanced team. We have had people who firmly focused on looks until they met someone they had known all their lives, and nothing else mattered.

There have been people whose focus was on a certain age, location, or habits, and they trusted us by being open and embracing the process of self-discovery. Now we love getting photos of their weddings and even their children! It’s been an incredibly fulfilling journey for us and our members; even when we might not have been able to help them find their life partner, we added tangible value in multiple ways.

In the tapestry of love and commitment, Anuradha Gupta’s journey as the Founder and CEO of Vows For Eternity is a testament to the transformative power of genuine connections. Her dedication to redefining the narrative of matchmaking, coupled with an innate ability to understand the complexities of human relationships, has positioned Vows For Eternity as a beacon of hope for those in search of enduring love.

As we conclude this insightful interview, we are left with a profound appreciation for Anuradha’s unwavering commitment to weaving the threads of love that transcend time. Her vision for Vows For Eternity not only speaks to the present but also paves the way for a future where meaningful connections are celebrated, nurtured, and cherished for eternity.

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