Anyone Know About Left-Handed Chainsaws?

Left-Handed Chainsaws

As I was pruning some dead wood off my apple tree, one of those annoying neighbors on the other side of my fence wouldn’t stop with the chain saws.

Now first, let me say that I don’t know if he is left-handed or right-handed. What I do know, however, is that this dude is a menace with that chainsaw. It seems like every time I turn around; there’s a new chunk of my fence missing.

I started wondering the other day whether or not there are left-handed chainsaws. I did a quick Google search, and it appears that there are some left-handed chainsaws on the market, but they are not very common.

I also found a few articles that talked about using a left handed chainsaw if you are left-handed.

The thing is, I do not believe if left handed chainsaws would make much of a difference for me. I am right-handed, and it seems like most of the instructions to use a left-handed chainsaw suggest that you cut using your right hand.

I assume I could ask my neighbor to borrow his chainsaw, but we haven’t been on the best of terms lately, and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to borrow anything from him.

Besides that, I’m not sure what good cutting with my right hand would do when I am used to using my left hand.

So, does anyone have any expertise using a left-handed chainsaw? If so, could you share your thoughts on how it worked for you?

Alternatively, if you are right-handed and have ever used a left-handed chainsaw, could you share your thoughts on how that worked for you? I would love to hear from you!

Why can’t you use a chainsaw left-handed?

You can’t use a chainsaw left-handed because the blade is on the right side of the No, it can’t be done because the chain rotates clockwise as you look at the front of the saw, and this would make it difficult to control any cut with your left hand only.

A chainsaw needs two hands to use properly without running itself up on the bar and kicking back at you.

I think left-handed chainsaws would be a great idea since most of us are right-handed anyway, but it is more challenging to handle a saw running up on the bar with just one hand.

Is it safe to use a chainsaw left-handed?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual saw and how it is set up.

Some left-handed chainsaws are designed to work specifically with the left hand, while others can be used ambidextrously. It is crucial to read the guidelines carefully to see if the chainsaw can be safely left-handed.

There are some of the reasons why you might want to use a chainsaw left-handed:

  • It is easier for some people to pull the cord with their right hand and push the saw forward with their left hand. The uneven force helps keep the chains leaving the bar and helps keep it from binding up in the cut.
  • Some people find it more comfortable to have the saw handle on the left side of their body. This can help keep your balance better when you cut and make it easier to move around.
  • Left-handed chainsaws are often better at cutting through wood that is lying on the ground, as they do not kick back as much as right-handed chainsaws.

However, there are also a few reasons why you might not want to use a left-handed chainsaw:

  • Left-handed chainsaws can be more difficult to control, especially when starting the engine.
  • If you are not used to using a left-handed chainsaw, you will be slower at cutting wood.
  • Unless the chainsaw is specifically designed for left-handed use, you may find more kickbacks or that it binds more in a cut.

If you plan to buy a chainsaw and want to use it left-handed, be sure to check what other buyers have said on online shopping sites.

Read the reviews carefully to find out if people have had any problems with the kickback or binding of the chainsaw and how easy it is to control the saw.

If you plan on cutting wood with your left hand, be sure that you are wearing protective clothing, including gloves, boots, earmuffs, and safety glasses. And always read the instructions carefully before using a chainsaw!

Are all chainsaws right-handed?

No. Chainsaws can vary depending on their manufacture location and the manufacturer’s preference.

Many chainsaws are designed to be ambidextrous, while others feature a directional gear-driven chain driven by moving your body from side to side instead of pushing with both hands.

In addition, some manufacturers offer a variety of models that cater to left-handed users. It may be great to consult a professional before purchasing a chainsaw if this is an important factor in your buying decision.

In the meantime-On the subject of chainsaws, it is worth noting that a left-handed person may find it easier to be accurate with a right-handed chainsaw.

Final Words

Contact the manufacturer if you have a left-handed chainsaw that doesn’t work. If not, I hope this article has been helpful to you and your search for finding out if there are any left-handed chain saws available on the market today.

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