Apollo announces launch of Gujarat’s first Genomics Institute in Ahmedabad

Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad inaugurating Gujarats first Genomic Institute

With the launch of Apollo Genomics Institute in Ahmedabad, Apollo continues to invest in genomics technology and research for better patient care.

Ahmedabad, 24th April 2024: Apollo, the world’s largest vertically integrated healthcare provider, today announced the expansion of the Apollo Genomics Institute with the launch of Gujarat’s first facility in Ahmedabad. Doubling down on its investments in genomics, Apollo Genomics Institute was earlier launched in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

India has made huge progress in terms of combating communicable diseases over the years. However, the increase in the number of genetic disorders in the recent past has been overlooked. With genomics, these diseases can be identified before they manifest; in turn, enabling early intervention and preventive care.

The Apollo Genomics Institute aims to transform medical practice by bringing genomic services within the reach of every clinician & patient.

The Apollo Genomic Institute of Ahmedabad will host a range of genomic services including genetic evaluation, clinical diagnostics, obstetric genetics, cancer genomics, prenatal genetic screening capabilities and more, empowering patients with information to manage and prevent genetic disorders.

Dr. Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals, shared her enthusiasm, “Today marks a significant milestone in our journey towards pioneering healthcare. With the inauguration of the Genomic Institute at Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad, we embark on a transformative path in medical science.

This initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to harnessing the power of genomics to revolutionize patient care. We are optimistic that this endeavor will drive us towards new frontiers of innovation and ultimately, redefine the future of healthcare.”

Dr. Madhu Sasidhar, President & CEO Hospital Division, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “At Apollo, we believe that patients need to be brought to the forefront of the decision-making process with regard to their health journey.

Constantly increasing availability of real-world data sources coupled with patient-centric analytics offer deeper insights into how they are diagnosed, treated and beyond. Genomics is one such area. On the back of increasing NCDs, the greater availability of patient-level data helps practitioners better understand the patient’s journey.

This also enables personalization in medicine by leveraging genetic insights is immensely impacting decisions made regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. At Apollo Genomics Institute, our focus on preventive care and personalized medicine underscores our commitment to a more resilient and healthier society.” 

Dr. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals said, “Genetics plays a crucial role in understanding various diseases and conditions, and with the establishment of Apollo Genomics Institutes, we are poised to offer comprehensive genetic testing, counselling, and personalized treatment options to our patients.

Led by a team of highly skilled geneticists, clinicians, and researchers, Apollo Genomics Institute are dedicated to advancing the field of medical genetics in India.”

Dr. Ambika Gupta, Consultant Medical Geneticist, Apollo Hospitals said, “India is a highly diverse country, and thus, genomic medicine could have transformative potential. With decreasing infant mortality rates, genetic disorders are emerging as an important group of diseases.

With the population getting more health conscious, there is also an increased awareness about the value of genomic tests in the prevention and diagnosis of genetic and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, and cardiovascular disorders, amongst others.

The expansion of the Genomics Institute is a critical step towards the prevention and management of such disorders, which continues to be a significant health challenge in India and around the world”.

About Apollo

Apollo revolutionized healthcare when Dr Prathap Reddy opened the first hospital in Chennai in 1983. Today Apollo is the world’s largest vertically integrated healthcare platform with over 10,000 beds across 71 hospitals, 5,000 pharmacies and over 200 clinics and diagnostic centers as well as 150 telemedicine centers.

It is the world’s leading cardiac center with over 1,60,000 surgeries and the world’s largest private cancer care provider. Apollo continues to invest in research to bring the most cutting-edge technologies, equipment and treatment protocols to ensure patients have the best available care in the world. Our 1,00,000 employees are dedicated to bringing patients the best care and leaving the world better than we found it.

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