Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad showcases commitment to environment through energy-saving interventions

Apollo Hospitals
Apollo Hospitals

Ahmedabad: Staying true to its vision of setting new benchmarks, Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad is doing that, not just in healthcare, but also in environmental conservation.

Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad has significantly reduced its carbon footprint by implementing a series of energy conservation measures, including installing heat pumps, reducing condenser temperature in the cooling tower, installing a new chiller, replacing conventional lights, and reducing dependence on split air conditioners.

Since initiating energy-saving interventions in 2013-14, Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad has achieved remarkable results. It has brought down its total actual energy consumption, which includes both electricity and fuel, by 9.1%. Even more impressively, it has successfully reduced the specific energy consumption, measured in kWh per bed per year, by 18.5% till 2023-24.

“In our pursuit of excellence at Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad, sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s our guiding principle. Through innovative projects we are pioneering a path towards a healthier, greener future. Every initiative embodies our commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to contribute every day towards a noble goal, which is to make this globe sustainable, one project at a time” said Jatin Pandya, General Manager, Projects and Facility, Apollo Hospitals International Limited Ahmedabad

“We have focused on continually bringing down our energy consumption by at least four percent year-on-year. This has been made possible by upgrading the medical and utility equipment and systems with energy-efficient systems and continuously educating and training employees.

These measures have enabled better use of energy resources. We are committed to further building on our success in energy conservation measures and contributing to the protection of the earth,” said Mr. Neeraj Lal, COO, Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad.

These energy conservation efforts have not just benefited the environment but also led to substantial cost savings. Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad has saved approximately Rs. 4 crores between 2018-19 and 2023-24. Additionally, these measures have helped the hospital prevent more than 5,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition to better use of energy resources, Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad has put in place systems to identify and implement energy improvement opportunities in the design and procurement of energy systems and equipment, increase the use of renewable energy sources, identify areas of improving energy performance, and establish an energy baseline for monitoring.

Moreover, it also conducts quarterly internal energy audits and encourages ground staff to come up with solutions for system improvements that can help reduce energy consumption.

Going beyond energy efficiency measures, Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad is also contributing to the environment by reusing the water rejected during RO treatment in public toilets and through rainwater harvesting.

The hospital has also switched from diesel to natural gas, a much cleaner fuel, in its boiler room. Apollo Hospitals Ahmedabad has received several national and international awards for its energy-saving initiatives. 

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