Are you a Tepezza User? This article is for You

Are you a Tepezza User? This article is for You

Tepezza Lawsuit

Suppose you or a loved one used the Tepezza medication and developed tinnitus or permanent hearing loss. In that case, you may be able to file a claim against Horizon Pharmaceuticals for failing to warn patients and doctors about the potential risks of using Tepezza. When filing a Tepezza lawsuit, a lawyer could help you to a great extent throughout the process.

What Purposes Do Tepezza Lawsuits Serve?

People file lawsuits against Horizon Pharmaceuticals after taking their drug Tepezza and developing enduring hearing issues such as tinnitus and hearing loss. Through the Tepezza lawsuit, patients exercise their right to get comprehensive medical information regarding health issues related to the drugs they will be taking.

The FDA approved Tepezza for treating TED. It was approved in January 2020 and is the only drug for treating Thyroid Eye Disease.

Up to 10% of patients during its clinical trials reported having issues. Yet a recent 2021 study found that up to 65% could be at risk.

Why Should You File a Tepezza Claim?

Patients who suffered tinnitus or permanent hearing loss after taking Tepezza are eligible to file a claim for compensation for their suffering, pain, medical costs, diminished quality of life, and lost income. Yet other cases will expose the inherent risks of using Tepezza.

Studies have shown that tinnitus or hearing loss can adversely impact a person’s quality of life. It could potentially cause them frustration, anxiety, or depression. Indeed, the enduring adverse effects of Tepezza usage go beyond the simple loss of money, as it affects the patient’s well-being and that of their loved ones.

Tepezza Induced Hearing Loss

A study of 26 patients who had received at least four Tepezza infusions discovered that 23% had hearing loss. The researchers concluded that the hearing loss was new and occurred after taking the drug.

While in some patients, the symptoms disappeared a few months after they stopped taking the drug, for other patients, even after discontinuing the treatment, the symptoms continued.

Tepezza Induced Tinnitus

The same research found that 27% of patients who used Tepezza also suffered from ringing in the ears or tinnitus, but for some patients, their symptoms disappeared a few months later.

The researchers were inconclusive about whether patients’ symptoms that continued after stopping treatment were reversible, which is a worrying fact.

Who Should File a Tepezza Claim?

Did you take the drug and experience continuous tinnitus or hearing loss? If so, you may be qualified to file a Tepezza claim. To file a suit, you must realize that an attorney is the only person who can determine whether you qualify.

It’s best to consult an attorney immediately if you have any interest in filing a lawsuit. You must realize that the filing of this lawsuit has time limits.

The Tepezza claims have a 2 to 4 years statutory limitation, depending on your residence. Legal consultations preserve your eligibility to file a suit and are free of charge.

Status of Tepezza Lawsuit

Attorneys are allowed to accept Tepezza lawsuits. Nonetheless, most Tepezza claims are in their early phases, with no court ruling or compensation.

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