Are you Familiar with These White Truffle Products Available?

white truffle

Many people hesitate to use white truffles in their dishes because they don’t know much about them and are not aware of other products made from them. They don’t understand the different ways to use white truffles and products that can be made from them.

Facts to Know About White Truffles

Buyers must know some important facts about white truffles because it will help them understand. The details mentioned in the below points are some generalized information and data that might surprise you.

White Truffles have Different Color

When you look at white truffles, you will notice that they are not pure white and have a yellowish hue. White truffles are not entirely round and are sphere-shaped. The exterior texture is smooth and has a soft interior.

How are they Hunted

Unlike mushrooms, their cousins, truffles are found under the ground and tree barks. They have an earthy and bitter smell that requires a sharp sense of smell that only dogs and pigs possess. Truffle hunters use pigs and dogs to search for white truffles.

In which Areas they are Found

A unique thing about white truffles is that they can’t be harvested in other countries, unlike black ones that can be grown under the right weather conditions.

So, if you want to find white truffles, then visit the regions of Piedmont, Tuscany, Abruzzo, and Emilio Romagna.

Growth Period is Brief

Winter is the season when white truffles are available. The months in which they can be hunted are between September and December. So, when you are ordered truffles, make sure that it is between the growth periods.

How to Know White Truffles are Fresh

A fresh and ripe truffle has garlic, hay, and honey flavors. A firm and smooth white truffle is also considered fresh. But be careful that the truffles are firm but not hard.

How can they Improve Health

White truffles contain minerals, vitamins, phosphorus, carbohydrates, fibers, manganese, proteins, zinc, and copper. They help control the spread of cancer, lower cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and inflammation.

Which Truffle Products are Available in Stores

White truffles can be eaten individually or added to many Italian dishes. Still, you will be astonished to know that products made from truffles are available in stores like Tartuflanghe. You can search the product categories of these stores and order the ones you need the most.

Truffle Butter for Slices of Bread

Truffle butter is the simplest and most common product made from white truffles, butter, and salt. Truffle butter can be spread on slices of bread and served with soups.

Truffle infused in Olive Oil

People often ask if other oils can be used to make truffle oil. Yes, other oils except olive oil can be used. The main reason to use olive oil for truffle oil is that it is the most popular oil in the Mediterranean region. Also, truffles will infuse perfectly in olive oil and enhance the flavor.

Truffle Salt

Sea salt is considered the best to make white truffle salt. Sea salt is kept in an airtight jar with pieces of white truffles. If you want to add more flavor, add truffle oil, only a few drops.

Truffle Mixed with Honey

The same method is used for honey with truffles in which white of black truffles are infused in honey for several days to give an earthy taste.

Sauces with Truffles

White truffles are also used to make different sauces like mayonnaise with white truffles, olives and truffle sauce, truffle ketchup, mustard honey and truffle, and Parmigiano Reggiano with truffle cream.

Truffle Flavored Pasta

White truffles can also be added to the pasta-making procedure to create a unique flavor. Mainly, egg pasta is considered the best option for adding truffles.

Truffle Chips

Have you ever tasted potato chips in the flavor of truffles? Yes, truffle chips are also a thing; they are simple potato chips mixed with truffle salt or powder.

These are some products made from white truffles and can be used in many different ways.

Here are three questions that will explain expensive truffles, the relation between pigs and truffles, and why people think of them as pig’s poop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most expensive truffle?

White truffles are the most expensive types because they are not cultivated, unlike black ones. White truffles only grow in specific climates and regions of Italy and France. One pound of white truffle can cost almost four thousand dollars.

How are truffles and pigs related?

Pigs were primarily used for hunting truffles because of their strong sense of smell and fondness. The hunters must muzzle the pigs’ mouths to prevent them from eating the found truffles.

Are truffles pig poop?

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No, not at all truffles, whether black or white, are not pig’s poop. They are a species of fungi that grow under the ground. Maybe people have considered them poop because of their appearance and size.