Arpita Aditi is revolutionizing the way urban India consumes authentic regional Indian food

Arpita Aditi, CEO and Founder of Dil Foods

Arpita Aditi: Founder and CEO of Dil Foods

Arpita is the Founder and CEO of Dil Foods, a unique asset-light model wherein they share the economy with small and medium-sized restaurants to make the food business sustainable for all.

Launched in March 2022, Dil Foods uses the already existing but underused infrastructure of small and medium businesses to build on their capacity and create a network that can cater to multicuisine demands.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the company works with small to medium food businesses to increase their demand and cater to a varied Indian food palette.

Dil has created an OS that is connected to networks of local food businesses offering diverse cuisines. This system is designed in a way that enables small restaurants to fulfill orders while standardizing their supply chain to cater to a mix of Indian TG with an enriched experience.

Arpita Aditi, through her experience gained from her previous venture Nutnbolt, is now taking steps to try and democratize the food space and make the business profitable for all with Dil Foods.

Since her childhood, Arpita has always had a penchant for the food industry. She completed her degree in Biotechnical Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology and pivoted to the world of food and entrepreneurship soon after.

With her working experience as the National Partnership Manager at Swiggy in 2017 for 2 years, she had an opportunity to witness the challenges of running a successful business in the food industry up close.

Before venturing into her own business, she co-founded a start-up called Nutnbolt in May 2020, which worked towards managing marketing and day to day operations of online business segment of small restaurants, which today has transitioned into Dil Foods as a sustainable, organized aggregator for small to medium food businesses.

As the CEO of Dil Foods, Arpita’s vision is to see it become the largest internet brand for Indian cuisine while helping small restaurants thrive and scale in a sustainable manner and make them futureproof.

Her vision for the future is that of a shared space in the online food delivery market, where small food businesses partner with brands to achieve the goal of providing authentic tastes of India to their customers.

She has harnessed her experience to propel her work into the future, carefully assimilating insights and behaviour patterns of consumers along the way.

She is agile and focused, and applies her years of being in the food business to solve problems in an efficient and inclusive way.

According to the NRAI report, the restaurant business has experienced de-growth of 53% in the 2021 Financial Year as compared to the previous year.

This slope led to the loss of more than 25 lakh jobs across India. The market share of the unorganized food business market dropped to below 50% for the first time in history.

However, repeat delivery rates went up, creating space in the market for online food tech-based solutions by organized players.

10% of daily meals is ordered online/eaten outside in India when compared to 58% in China and 55% in US. India is progressing towards replacing the daily meals with online food delivery services.

Also, Also, there is a huge white space opportunity to convert the TG from organized players to unorganized players by fixing the food and delivery experience at small and medium sized restaurants and providing the TG with reliable and exceptional experience.

In such a context, Dil Foods has set out to incorporate the needs and wants of a diverse target group with a curated mix of small to medium food businesses.

The Solution

Arpita Aditi, through her experience gained from her previous venture Nutnbolt, is now taking steps to try and democratize the food space and make the business profitable for all with Dil Foods.

With funding of around 128,000 USD from individual investors, Dil Foods’ concept is based on a unique asset-light approach in which the economy is shared with small and medium-sized restaurants in order to make the food industry sustainable for everyone.

Furthermore, rather than attempting to serve all varieties of just western cuisine or creating one multicuisine Indian brand, Dil is concentrating on filling a supply vacuum in real regional Indian cuisine with multiple brands, each focusing on just one regional cuisine.

Dil Foods has various brands under their banner that offer different cuisines. For example, Dil Punjabi is a brand under the Dil Foods umbrella that offers Punjabi food through different restaurant partners which have the right infrastructure and resources to cater to their menu.

This brand compartmentalization makes the company stand out in the food industry. Currently, Dil Punjabi and Dil Tiffins are live on Swiggy, Zomato and Amazon. The brand also plans to launch its own platform in future.

Dil Foods represents a breakthrough in the way a food brand might be built for growth. Their vision is to make the restaurant business sustainable for all, while catering to the vastly varied Indian palette and becoming the largest Indian food brand, in the truest sense.

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