Interview: Arthur Maurer, Founder and CEO of Meisterwurst

Arthur Maurer, Founder and CEO of Meisterwurst

Interview with Arthur Maurer, Founder and CEO of Meisterwurst

Meisterwurst, the brainchild of Mr. Arthur Maurer, a German with a passion for German foods and a love of the Indian people, visions of bringing the fresh authentic flavors of Germany to India, top-quality processed meats, and a variety of authentic flavors to the people.

The Traditional German Cuisine is shaped by multicultural immigrants. There is so much more to German foods than Beer, Pretzels, Sauerkraut, and Schnitzels.

You don’t need an occasion or festival to enjoy the very best of German treats, there is meat at every occasion! With an emphasis on meats and potatoes, German foods focus on sweet and savory, using old-school techniques of combining vinegar, sugars, and fruits.

Tell us a little about yourself

Arthur Maurer: I have studied engineering and telecom technology. I implemented the first cellular networks in India. I have been on and off in India since 1995. My wife is from Shillong, India, so she helps me in understanding Indian culture and business.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

Arthur Maurer: I have studied engineering and telecom technology. I started my journey with Motorola and Siemens and later started my own company in Tech consulting and SW in Germany and Dubai.

But after working in those fields I wanted to do something else apart from technology so I invested in food processing in the Indian market as I believe that the Indian market has that potential.

What inspired you to start your own sausage company?

Arthur Maurer: As I said I come from the tech consulting side, I always wanted to do something different apart from technology so I saw that overall sausages have less competition as compared to other products. The market is big and has a big future. So we decided to introduce Meisterwurst.

Kindly brief us about Meisterwurst, its specialization, and the products that it offers

Arthur Maurer: MeisterWurst is an authentic German sausage manufacturer that brings fresh authentic flavors of Germany to India and is now set to expand its presence across the country through the MeisterWurst mobile application and Dark stores.

MeisterWurst currently has over 100 products on the market, we regularly change SKUs, and we even have different flavors for each state.

Meisterwurst can be found in major cities throughout the country. What motivates me is a desire to provide the best products to customers while scaling the brand to new heights by expanding into new markets with our dark store partner and becoming a household name.

The demand for high-quality food is increasing, and we are responding by offering customized products and a unique specialty range. In terms of quality and dependability, we rank first in the chicken and pork categories.

What is the process of making sausage?

Arthur Maurer: The process of making sausage is very complex. We have around 1000 different kinds of sausages and each has a different process.

What makes your sausages authentic German sausages?

Arthur Maurer: Meisterwurst has more than 100 products in the Indian market and what makes us authentic is that we don’t bargain on quality. Quality is very important for us,it’s what we are known for and more importantly we don’t cut corners.

What are your company’s core values?

Arthur Maurer: We always target for quality because it’s the reason we are known across nations. On the work point of view, treat each other equally and with respect.

What are your plans for the future of the company?

Arthur Maurer: Meisterwurst is gearing up to put their vegan food to the test in India. We believe that there is no better place than India to capture the Vegan market, given its large vegetarian population and centuries of vegetarianism.

We’re getting ready to launch a dedicated brand, Veganya, to sell Vegan food. We intend to expand meisterwurst in both the online and offline markets.

We are also looking out to unique shopping experience which will be called meister wurst shops.

How have you been able to adapt to changing markets and consumer trends

Arthur Maurer: India is the most promising emerging market, particularly in the food sector. I’ve been doing business here since the mid-1990s and am very familiar with the location!

In India, we provide high-quality food products that are tailored to the local palate. The Indian people are served the authenticity of the flavor that is available in European countries.

We sell European-made goods made in India. We are now preparing to broaden our online presence by introducing our products across India.

One of the most visible ways is the company’s evolution of social media and an explosion of direct to consumer (DTC) business.

What was the inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur?

Arthur Maurer: There was no particular reason to turn an entrepreneur but I always wanted to be my own boss and implement my own ideas.

What are your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Arthur Maurer: You should set targets for yourself and implement your own ideas. You should hire people who are smarter than you and should lead by example.

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