Artificial Intelligence meets Ayurveda to customize haircare products

Vedix - Ayurvedic Customised Hair Care Regimen

Imagine having to use mass-produced haircare products to combat all sorts of hair requirements.

It is unlikely to show effective results to each and every individual as a single mass-produced haircare product wouldn’t solve problems like dandruff, split ends, breakage, itchy scalp, dryness, etc.

If you have been using the same or similar products for many years without seeing results, then it is likely that you are using a mass-produced solution that does not suit your skin and you need to swap them with a customized solution now.

Generic formulations catering to the mass market are not results-oriented to all consumers as they are ineffective in solving the problems of every complex hair types.

Speaking of haircare personalized solution, Vedix, India’s first customized Ayurvedic haircare solution, was born out of two undeniable truths about the hair care industry.

Firstly, hair texture, hair issues, hair damage levels among several other aspects have to be catered uniquely.

Although women were open to experimenting with even their basic hair care products then why not make them indulge in personalized haircare products? Second, domestic brands have a sizeable presence in the mass category with the overall market steadily moving towards ‘premiumization’, while premium markets are largely dominated by international brands.

Consumers must be made aware that Indian skin and hair type is different than other ethnicities.

Our skin and hair react differently and brands whose characteristics and formulation within the products do not fit well with the Indian skin/ hair type won’t show effective results.

Considering the above, here’s how the customized Ayurvedic approach with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine learning) can create better brand relevance!

How AI works?

AI can take all the details and variations of a customer into account that comprises personal allergies, medical conditions, past treatments, previous reports, along with current medications, country, climate, skin color, ethnic background, and so forth.

For this, customers need to refer to the personalized questionnaire and fill in all the required details. Afterward, the custom-made products, after taking all the details into account by AI, is made available online.

These products will then provide to individual beauty needs as opposed to offering standard solutions for a particular skin or hair type. AI can also be used to expand the Ayurveda market by significantly enhancing user experiences. Moreover, it can also be utilized to bolster economic applications that have a momentous impact on cost reduction, revenue growth, and asset consumption.

Ayurvedic customization with AL and ML to curate personalized solution

Vedix leverages Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to understand a customer’s skin/hair problems and then customises products based on their individual requirements.

Due to environmental changes, a person’s Doshas gets elevated as he gets older. When the Doshas are elevated, they create problems and diseases in areas of the body, in which they are present.

Elevation of one Dosha may suppress the progress of the other Doshas in the body. This leads to further disturbance in bodily functions.

Vedix counters this and understands the state of elevated Doshas in one’s body through an Ayurvedic Doctor approved Dosha Assessment Questionnaire.

Based on the inputs given by the user, Vedix then uses herbs and natural essentials, which can specifically help in controlling the damage caused by the elevated Doshas.

“Then using Artificial Intelligence (AI) together with Ayurvedic doctors, we analyse the user’s elevated Doshas based on their answers to the questionnaire.

According to Ayurveda, balancing elevated Doshas helps improve quality of health and hence, our Ayurvedic experts recommend natural products that yield long-lasting results,” said Chaitanya Nallan.

Ayurveda has now turned to modern technology for validation of its beliefs and systems. Speaking on the challenges in entering the Ayurvedic Hair Care market in India, Chaitanya explains, “We have been able to guide and collaborate with multiple brands as they grew their presence online.

Some of these have been natural, Ayurvedic companies which gave us first-hand knowledge on how customers perceive natural beauty care products online.

This, along with years of experience as being one of the biggest women-specific publishers in India has greatly helped us hit the ground running when we launched Vedix.” This is how Vedix creates the new age processes of AL along with customization is making traditional Ayurveda more efficacious.

About Chaitanya Nallan, CEO of SkinKraft

Chaitanya Nallan is the CEO and the chief architect at Skinkraft Laboratories, India’s only Customized Skincare Regimen in India.

Alumni of IIT ( Kharagpur) and International School of Business ( ISB), Hyderabad, Nallan’s decade long experience boasts of building and growing high-performance tech-startups, which includes India’s first permission-driven mobile advertising platform company, ginger.

His ability to understand and manage the integration of sales, operations, customer service, and finance, to create a thriving organization is one of his core strengths.

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