Arunima Sinha: First Disabled Indian Woman to conquer Mount Everest even after going through a train accident

Arunima Sinha

Who is Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha (born: 1988) is the first national level volleyball player from India and the first Indian handicapped to conquer Mount Everest.

Arunima Sinha was born in 1988 in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Arunima’s interest in sports from childhood was also a national volleyball player. Everything was normal in his life.

Then something happened to her that changed the history of her life. Let us know what was the incident that made her a new record.

Arunima Sinha Train Accident

Arunima Sinha was going from Lucknow to Delhi on 11 April 2011 by Padmavati Express. Around one o’clock in the night, some vicious criminals entered the train and tried to snatch her neck by seeing Arunima Sinha alone.

When she did, those vicious Choros kept her moving in Bareilly Throwing out near Arunima’s left leg due to falling in the middle of the tracks, she screamed in pain with a severed leg.

After almost 40 – 50 trains, Sinha completely passed her. The hope of life was lost but perhaps the fate of Arunima’s life was somewhat different.

Then after the people came to know about this incident, he was admitted to the AIIMS in New Delhi where she fought for her life and death for almost four months and she won in the battle of life and death and Then Arunima Sinha’s left leg was joined with the help of artificial leg.

Seeing this condition of Arunima Sinha, the doctors had also given up and were advising her to rest while in the eyes of family and relatives Arunima Sinha had become weak and winky, but she did not lose her courage. Di and did not want to get helpless and helpless in front of anyone

“The floor will be found, right while wandering, misguided ones are those who have not come out of the house.”

Arunima did not stop here. She has now set a goal of crossing the highest peaks of all the seven continents of the world to arouse inspiration and enthusiasm among the youth and those living in a depressed life due to any lack of life.

In this sequence, she has so far flown the tricolor on Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa and Mount Elbrus in Europe.

Friends, if Arunima Sinha would have given up and sat at home feeling helpless, today she would have been a burden on the people of her house and family.

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She had to spend her whole life with the help of others. But her high spirits and confidence saved her from breaking. Friends come to life in every human’s life, but the victorious is the one who competes fiercely with those spirits.

Arunima Sinha is the pride of our country and we should take inspiration from her to fight the sorrows and hardships that come in our life. We salute Arunima Sinha wholeheartedly.

Arunima Sinha

In this way Arunima succeeded in returning and forced everyone to be shocked. She proved that if a human being wants to do with his heart, he cannot do anything.

Whether it is a woman or a man or someone handicapped. Arunima says that “a human being is not physically handicapped but mentally handicapped”. Arunima wishes to conquer the highest peaks in the world. Four of which he has successfully conquered.

Arunima Sinha conquer Mount Everest

Arunima, while missing a leg due to being thrown from a moving train by criminals, made a new history by conquering the world’s highest peak Mount Everest (29028 ft) on 21 May 2013, while doing so.

Recorded the name of being the first disabled Indian woman. Prior to the train accident, he has represented the state’s volleyball and football teams in several national competitions.

Honors / Awards

Bharat Bharti Society of Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh announced the award of the Sultanpur Ratna Award to this disabled woman who hoisted the tricolor on Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak.

In 2016, Arunima Sinha was conferred with the Ambedkarnagar Ratna Award by the Ambedkarnagar Festival Committee

Motivational words of Arunima Sinha

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