Interview: Aryann Suri, Director – Sales & Operations at Space Creattors Heights

Aryann Suri

An exclusive interview with Aryann Suri, Director – Sales & Operations at Space Creattors Heights, Coworking Center

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Aryann Suri, the dynamic Director of Sales and Operations at Space Creattors Heights, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the real estate sector.

With a proven track record of driving sales and optimizing operational efficiency, Aryann’s insights are invaluable. His strategic vision and leadership have propelled Space Creattors Heights to new heights in the industry. Let’s delve into his insights on navigating the competitive landscape and fostering growth in this exclusive interview.

What inspired the creation of Space Creattors Heights, and what sets it apart from other co working spaces in Gurgaon?

Aryann Suri: Our roots are in the business of real estate and we were sure that, any new business we conceive and execute would be in the same realm. Additionally I have always had a penchant hospitality, hence I wanted to create something which would marry real estate and hospitality.

After a lot of market study, deliberation and ideation we decided to create Space Creattors Heights. We are aware that this is perhaps the fastest growing extension of the real estate industry and hence there is sizable clutter here.

We were sure that our offering would be a cut above the rest in terms of all aspects, namely the property, the service levels, the minute details and the overall experience. Today we feel immensely proud when we see the look of appreciation and sometimes amazement on the face of every walk-in in all our three centers.

Can you elaborate on the industrial design aesthetic of the office building and how it contributes to the overall work environment?

Aryann Suri: The industrial design style of office buildings promotes a vibrant, active, and collaborative work environment. Its industrial design aesthetic has the power to greatly impact the whole work environment by fostering creativity, productivity, and a sense of teamwork among employees.

Industrial design frequently uses open floor plans with high ceilings and few walls because these elements reduce physical barriers and promote contact. This layout also promotes staff cooperation and communication.

The area’s easy mobility for workers fosters a sense of fluidity and vigor, which can increase creativity and inventiveness. Large windows and skylights are common features of industrial buildings that let in an abundance of natural light. Exposure to natural light has been shown to improve mood, energy, and overall well-being, all of which increase employee happiness and productivity.

Moreover, exposure to natural light promotes overall wellbeing and reduces fatigue by assisting in the regulation of circadian cycles.

How does Space Creattors Heights cater to the needs of both self-driven entrepreneurs and established companies seeking flexible workspace solutions?

Aryann Suri: We take great satisfaction in our ability to meet the demands of established businesses looking for flexible workspace options as well as self-driven entrepreneurs. We provide both people and businesses with numerous membership options so they may select the programs that best fit their requirements.

Entrepreneurs that want to scale up or down in response to changes in their business needs might choose to rent dedicated workstations or hot desks on a monthly or even hourly basis. In order to promote wellbeing and productivity, we provide a large array of facilities and services.

These often include health amenities like fitness centers or meditation rooms, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, event spaces, cooking facilities, printing and copying services, and concierge services. In addition, we promote a cooperative and community-focused atmosphere by offering chances for networking, cooperation, and information exchange.

The varied group of like-minded people is advantageous to entrepreneurs because it gives them access to important resources, mentorship, and possible commercial alliances. Reputable businesses can take advantage of the co-working environment to attract top personnel, grow their professional networks, and keep up with changes and trends in the sector.

Could you discuss some of the specific amenities and services offered at Space Creattors Heights that enhance productivity and convenience for tenants?

Aryann Suri: In order to improve our clients’ convenience and productivity, we provide a variety of facilities and services. To ensure that everyone on our property can work effectively, we provide high-speed internet access. Reliable and quick internet connectivity is crucial for modern business.

Our clients can select the workspace that best meets their needs from a variety of options, including shared work areas, private offices, and dedicated workstations. Clients can hold team meetings, client meetings, or workshops on-site thanks to the conference facilities and presentation technologies in our meeting rooms.

While access to printers, scanners, and copiers guarantees that they operate without a hitch, clients may stay energized and refreshed throughout the workday with the help of kitchen facilities that offer free coffee, tea, and occasionally snacks. To assist clients in managing their daily activities more effectively, we also offer administrative support, receptionist support, and mail processing services.

What measures does Space Creattors Heights take to ensure the safety and well-being of its occupants, as evidenced by its ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety management systems?

Aryann Suri: A co-working space that has obtained ISO 45001 accreditation has done so by putting in place an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) to protect the health and safety of its members.

As per the aforementioned guidelines, Space Creattors Heights adheres to all safety precautions, including risk assessment, which involves routine evaluation to identify any workplace dangers like electrical, fire, and ergonomic concerns.

We continuously create and put into effect explicit safety policies and procedures that specify what is expected of management and occupants in terms of health and safety standards.

We provide prompt, thorough training and education programs on safety procedures, emergency protocols, appropriate equipment usage, and other topics to staff members and building occupants. By setting up procedures and resources for handling catastrophes like fires, medical crises, natural disasters, etc., emergency preparation is guaranteed.

This could entail setting up emergency exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and evacuation plans. By following these guidelines and earning ISO 45001 certification, we show that we are dedicated to preserving a secure and healthful environment for our clients.

In conclusion, Aryann Suri’s interview has shed light on the intricacies of sales and operations in the real estate domain. His strategic approach and dedication to excellence serve as inspiration for professionals in the field.

With a keen eye for opportunities and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Aryann continues to drive Space Creattors Heights towards unparalleled success. We look forward to witnessing his continued impact on the industry.

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