Asa Beauty, now certified by PETA’s Global Beauty without Bunnies Program

Asa Beauty certified by PETA

6th May 2021, India: As a brand that aims to lead by example, asa has taken up several initiatives across to cement its belief in sustainability, purposeful living, compassion towards animals and clean awakening.

Whether it is asa’s unique Refill & Recycle Program or having products that are more than 92% natural, each aspect of asa is made with the aim of being one with the environment.

PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program recognizes asa’s efforts in ensuring that the products are cruelty-free and vegan.

asa’s products are now a part of PETA’s searchable online database which is an ultimate resource for conscientious shoppers, making the quest for humane products.

The best part about this is that asa has truly gone the mile and received the highest standard through an animal test-free and vegan verification.

This verification has a strong standing in the circle as it represents that the brand is truly cruelty-free and that all their products are free of animal-derived ingredients.

asa was born with the promise to do good for the planet and its beings. From its inception it has been true to its promise of being vegan and animal-cruelty free.

Being listed by PETA has only made the brand stronger in its commitment to never test on animals.

asa also comes with a strong sustainable stance with it’s smart Refill & Recycle Program which eliminates waste from our environment and ocean bodies.

It also ensures that all the companies supplying ingredients and raw materials to the brand have made the same commitment, such as asa’s Ecocert certified MICA.

Sukriti Jindal Khaitan, Founder, asa – To be listed, brands must go beyond just checking “no animal testing” on their lists of ingredients and raw materials.

They need to make a strong commitment, aiming to achieve full transparency throughout the supply chain so that consumers know where their products come from and can feel confident in using them.”

Asha Jindal Khaitan, Co-Founder, asa – “One of our core beliefs lies in running our company in the most ethical manner. That involves developing products that are vegan and cruelty-free with animal compassion in mind.

We choose plant-based ingredients whenever possible, and even avoid beeswax, honey, etc in the formulation of our products.”

To go the extra mile, asa’s products not only use a strictly vegan and cruelty-free formulation but are also tested on human volunteers only.

From procurement to production and supply, asa is one brand that can truly say that they do not harm animals in any way and are proud of their functioning. As a result, the PETA verification comes as a strong applaud for their efforts.

About The Brand
asa is not just another luxury beauty brand, but it’s the answer to the Global Indian woman’s quest for purposeful luxury and is here to disrupt the Indian beauty landscape.

The brand comes as India’s first luxury clean beauty brand which consists of carefully crafted, authentic, purposeful products that are more than more than 92% Natural, Vegan, Refillable, Sustainable and free from animal cruelty. 

With the brand’s philosophy of ‘Clean Awakening’, a purpose that aspires to become a movement, an act of consciously awakening oneself to a more conscious way of being.

Continuing with the Refillable Programme, all the products come with their own refills. This aims to help our consumers minimize wastage and reduce their carbon footprint. 

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The entire brand range is available on, Nykaa and all leading e-commerce retailer platforms. The makeup ranges from INR 1750 to INR 2900 while the refills range from INR 1250 to INR 2450.