Mr. Ashok Singh Jaunapuria, Managing Director and CEO, SS Group India

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria

Interview with Mr. Ashok Singh Jaunapuria, Managing Director and CEO, SS Group India

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria is the managing director and CEO of SS Group India, a leading developer company. Starting his career in 2004, Ashok Singh Jaunapuria has been an inspiration for almost two decades to millions of people who have watched him practice as he preached.

He is a real estate developer based in Delhi, India. With his sheer dedication and honesty, he has been ceaselessly contributing to the country’s real-estate sector and solidifying his name in the market.

This 40-year-old has great panache and always looks to introduce new, advanced designs, world-class master plans, and modern embellishments into his projects.

Fulfilling the commitment to customers is the primary goal of Ashok Singh Jaunapuria and catering to this one target, he is the largest supplier of raw housing in Delhi NCR.

The developer is worth his salt and is also a great leader. Not only has he been working with the same team for the last 15–20 years, but he has also taken the SS Group to new heights. His constant innovation has gotten him recognition from across the nation.
Working as a part of SS Group, Ashok Jaunapuria has delivered some notable projects in Gurugram, including The Hibiscus, SS Plaza, Southend, Aaron Ville, The Lilac, etc. Moreover, he was awarded by CNBC for the Hibiscus project against DLF Magnolias.

Tell us a little about yourself

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria: I am a real estate developer based in Delhi, India. With sheer dedication and honesty, I have been ceaselessly contributing to the real-estate sector of the country and solidifying my name in the market.

I completed my MBA from the University of Greenwich, London in the year 2004. I always look to introduce new, advanced designs, world-class master plans, and modern embellishments into my projects.

Fulfilling the commitment to customers is my primary goal and catering to this one target, we have been the largest supplier of raw housing in Delhi NCR.

SS Group was initially started by my father, Mr. Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria, however, he is a Hon’ble Member of Parliament now and I took the reigns of SS Group back in 2004. I have two siblings, one brother and one sister. Also, I am married and have two children as well.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria: My father, not I, founded the SS Group; I simply joined him. He used to account for property in the early 1990s and then sell it to large corporations like Unitech, Ansal, etc.

But in 2000, my father and I came up with the concept to become real estate developers rather than just selling and accounting land for others.

As a result, when we first began, in the year 2000, we had low-budget floors with beginning prices of 6000 rupees. We then started working as developers.

Due to the fact that he founded the business, my father was its primary driving force. My experience with SS Group really began when I decided to pursue my dream of being a developer rather than sticking to the accommodation and broker businesses.

Kindly brief us about SS Group India, its specialization, and the services that it offers.

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria: With a combination of financial, engineering, and design competence, SS Group, Gurugram’s top real estate developer, has maintained an enviable track record of completed residential and commercial complexes in the city for almost 29 years and counting.

As a company, we are committed to developing communities that prioritize the needs of their residents while also taking care of the environment.

Our hardworking team of engineers and architects concentrates on cutting-edge technology with top-notch quality control.

They build creative, inspirational landmarks that are lauded for both their present and potential future significance.

The Hibiscus, SS Plaza, Southend, Aaron Ville, and The Lilac are just a handful of the major projects we’ve completed in Gurgaon.

The Group is dedicated to creating cutting-edge real estate masterpieces and has one of the largest land banks in Delhi NCR.

What challenges have you faced while running your company?

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria: I have been working with the same team for the last 15–20 years and I have never faced any challenges or problems to date as we have the best staff/employees in-house.

What are your current priorities for the company?

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria: Up to this point, we have produced close to 20–22 projects; 5–6 more are either in the works or have already begun.

We anticipate releasing three to four group housing and commercials this year. By the end of this year, we intend to introduce between 100 and 150 crores of square feet in the market.

How do you see the real estate market has changed over time in India?

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria: We have made great progress. People used to be resistant to change in the construction system. Nonetheless, the need for housing has increased significantly today, and even the government is taking significant action to meet this demand.

People relied largely on brokers to help them purchase homes in the past. Yet, nowadays, developers communicate information about their projects with potential customers by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like websites, apps, VR, and AR to present their ideas and prices.

They are promoting openness, which has helped the general public develop confidence in the real estate market.

People in India are now embracing the necessity to move to semi-urban regions thanks to the country’s expanding market.

Nuclear families have been a significant influencing element in the recent alterations to real estate. Nonetheless, we at SS Group support all families, not only nuclear ones.

For instance, our project, SS Linden Floors, consists of 4 BHK independent floors. Besides these, there have been multiple ups and downs in this field.

What is your advice for people looking to invest in real estate?

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria: I would definitely advise people to invest in Gurgaon if they are looking to invest in real estate. Gurgaon, with its thriving economy and growing population, has become one of the nation’s top commercial hubs.

The city is quickly becoming to be a sought-after location for both local and foreign enterprises. It is home to numerous huge multinational firms, start-ups, and service-oriented businesses.

In contrast to many other cities, Gurugram was built by immigrants from other states rather than Gurugram residents.

I have worked in real estate for more than 22 years, and during that period, I have witnessed three market upheavals, but the nicest thing about Gurugram is that it never declines; rather, it remains steady and stationary.

Because of Gurugram’s proximity to Delhi and connectivity from Kashmir to Kanyakumari via the NH48 (NH8) highway, no investor has ever experienced a loss.

What or when was the point when you decided to be an entrepreneur?

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria: In essence, I used to witness my father dealing with a lot of individuals in many sectors, including brokers, colleagues, and even developers.

So, from there I thought, yeah, this is a good field because if you are a kid, what you see you think to become the same.

I was never instructed that I had to become an entrepreneur or developer, but after watching my father move about and manage things, I thought that I should follow his legacy.

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Ashok Singh Jaunapuria: In today’s mundane society, passion is crucial. Low energy levels may readily harm the environment in which we live.

Being passionate about your life objectives will undoubtedly make it enjoyable and happy. There is no question that passion brings tranquilly.

Nothing can prevent you from being a successful person if you put your all into following your one genuine passion.

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