7 aspects that will help you choose a realtor in Dubai – choose a real estate agent in Dubai

Realtor in Dubai

Finding the right broker is a lot like finding the perfect suit. In this matter, you cannot rely only on the price and attractive appearance.

The same thing happens with the selection of a suitable real estate specialist. This process needs to be carefully considered.

There are several nuances that you need to pay attention to. The portal https://www.axcapital.ae/ will help you find a good broker and give you some tips to consider.

1. Agent’s authority

To protect your rights and represent your interests, first, you need to find a certified broker. An agent can work in Dubai only if he has the appropriate license, so before you start interacting, you should check it.

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) maintains a register of brokers. To verify, ask the broker’s license number and full name and check the entry here.

2. Broker’s commission

There is no fixed price for providing brokerage services in Dubai. Therefore, you should discuss in advance the conditions in which you work.

Usually, agents charge 2% of the transaction amount or 5% of the total annual rent. Although there is such information in the contract, ask for a specific amount at first. Be sure to check about other fees to avoid unpleasant surprises.

3. Communication

Working with a broker involves certain time costs. Therefore, you should keep in touch with the agent. Most brokers are fluent in English, so there should be no difficulties with understanding.

4. Work experience

Most brokers specialize in selling, buying, or renting real estate. Therefore, you need to look for a specialist who is engaged in this direction.

You should inquire about a realtor’s portfolio and read independent reviews about him. Also, check whether the agent is telling the truth or embellishing his merits.

5. Knowledge of comprehensive information

Any agent is well aware of current trends in the housing market and can orient his client there.

A good realtor is an experienced realtor who knows Dubai inside and out. With his knowledge and experience, you will find the perfect accommodation option.

Feel free to ask the agent for a list of transactions for the last 12 or 24 months. It will determine the level of his professionalism and evaluate the experience of working with various districts of the city.

6. Agency

Real estate agencies are in the same position as brokers – they are equally important. Of course, a brokerage company’s size does not ensure success. But a broker with a support staff that you can rely on will make a safe and comfortable deal.

7. Customer interest

Last but not least, the broker is interested in your problem. The ideal realtor should bear in mind your interests and be able to satisfy them. He puts you first than monetary or personal gain and strives to achieve the best result.

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