Assetmonk – Spotlight On India’s Fastest Growing Tech – Enabled Real Estate Investment Platform


Today, technology has transformed into a business and industrial lifeboat. Technology has played a critical role in promoting these changes because of growing urbanization, digitalization, increased disposal, and dual incomes.

The widespread use of cutting-edge technology in various areas and businesses has created numerous new business opportunities.

Our current technical advancements are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to expanding our understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).

This technological upheaval has affected the real estate industry as well. This article will discuss Assetmonk, India’s fastest growing PropTech firm and how they are revolutionizing the real estate industry. 

Assetmonk- let’s know their story

Assetmonk is a PropTech platform that connects value investors with high-potential real estate properties.

Only highly evaluated assets that have undergone extensive due diligence make it onto the company’s list of assets.

Assetmonk helps clients diversify their holdings by providing investor-friendly deals and tailored product solutions.

Assetmonk is a unique real estate investment platform because of its transparent structure, digital security, and secure transaction method.

It’s possible to invest in a variety of ways and achieve different outcomes depending on your investment goals.

Why Assetmonk?

Assetmonk is devoted to delivering high-quality services with a sense of purpose and honesty. These are some of their guiding factors:

  • Prioritize investor safety and benefits at all times.
  • Integrity towards the parties involved in every transaction and dealing.
  • Using a variety of procedures and software tools throughout the system to ensure transparency.
  • Empathy for all parties involved and their legitimate goals.
  • Never accept anything less than the excellence in anything you do.

How does Assetmonk help investors?

  • Access: Assetmonk provides access to high-quality, well-researched assets with room for expansion.
  • Returns: By keeping an eye out for opportunities with high potential for profit and taking actions to maximize net return on investment.
  • Decision: Investment decisions can be made with greater confidence when you have access to complete and up-to-date information.
  • Monitoring: Using a dashboard, document vaults, and other monitoring technologies.
  • Investment: With an easy, clear method for selecting assets that are in line with the investment purpose.
  • Support: All the way from investment to exit, an asset management team needs support.

Revolutionizing real estate through Proptech- What role does Assetmonk play?

It’s no secret that start-ups employ technology to leverage the status quo while also bringing globally renowned best practices to build its functions and sales/marketing.

Many activities, such as the listing of homes, are also being adopted by the business in a new method that benefits both developers and property buyers.

A great deal of value and innovation is being generated by these startups as they take advantage of new technology.

Property investments are expanding at a 10% CAGR, with PropTech becoming a blue-chip segment since 2010, enjoying a healthy CAGR of 57%.

To some, this service is a demonstration of how technology is useful in today’s real estate market.

As the country’s middle class grows quicker, urbanization accelerates, and the number of internet users rises above 500 million, technology will play an increasingly important role.

Property sales have nearly returned to pre-Covid levels because of technological advances that have aided the recovery from the difficult lockdown period.

As a result of the industry’s early investments in technology, the sector was able to reap the rewards as soon as the government loosened the lockdown.

The ensuing shutdown hastened the adoption of new technologies even further. Based on data, most buyers closed their property agreements utilizing virtual means throughout the lockdown and subsequent opening periods.

The fact that businesses have already made significant investments in PropTech aided the situation.

Assetmonk was founded with the goal of making real estate investment a pleasurable experience for investors of all experience levels.

The company works hard every day to make it possible for potential investors to have access to previously inaccessible areas of Real Estate, such as Co-living and Commercial Real Estate.

Assetmonk understands that every investor is different and has distinct investment goals. Investors from all walks of life can benefit from our unique investment choices.

Its products make it simple for investors to diversify their portfolios while also managing risk effectively.

Assetmonk is an all-in-one marketplace for value investors as well as those looking for passive income and access to a wide range of real estate assets that can outperform typical financial instruments.

In terms of investment types, ticket sizes, and channels, real estate is the most flexible and accommodating of all the investment possibilities.

However, loopholes such as lengthy due diligence procedures, the inconvenience of maintaining a property, and the worry about security have hindered many people from getting the most out of their Real Estate investments.

Despite the fact that the aforementioned issues did not pose a significant challenge for institutional investors, many new investors in this industry view them as major roadblocks to their investment.

This is where Assetmonk intervenes and with its customer-oriented approach, they identify all the potential problems of the customers and suggest reasonable solutions. Thus, they are expected to revolutionize the real estate market in India.

The ability to do business at a lower cost is another important way the technology is aiding the sector.

Because of the contemporary tools they’ve adopted, industry participants are able to manage the costs in a better way.

They are in a better position to control costs. This enables them to pass on the savings from cost optimization to their clients, who benefit from cheaper property prices.

As technology advances, the real estate industry is becoming more transcendental while also becoming more professional.

Technological advancements assist in the completion of previously unachievable tasks for the sector.

In addition to achieving project timelines and improving construction quality, developers can introduce new paradigms in customer service.

In the PropTech market, Assetmonk has emerged as a major participant thanks to its reliance on cutting-edge technologies.

Assetmonk’s goal is to give investors with smart real estate investment solutions that are tailored to their individual needs.

Its real estate investment opportunities in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai provide long-term and short-term investors a great opportunity to gain a significant profit potential of 14 to 21% p.a.

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In the future, as technology advances and companies adopt new technologies, these efficiencies will accrue to the industry.