Interview: Pushpanjali Banerji & Anirrud Goswami, Founders of AstroJudge

Anirrud Goswani-Pushpanjali Banerji

An interview with Pushpanjali Banerji & Anirrud Goswami, Founders of AstroJudge, a modern astrology company

Meet Pushpanjali Banerji and Anirrud Goswami, the dynamic Founders of AstroJudge, a modern astrology company reshaping the celestial landscape. With a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary innovation, their vision transcends traditional astrology, offering insightful guidance for the digital age.

Join us as we delve into their inspiring journey, exploring how they’re revolutionizing the way we perceive the stars.

What inspired you to co-found AstroJudge, and what void in the astrology industry were you hoping to fill with your modern approach?

When we were expecting our baby, we were eager to discover and understand what our child would be like. Waiting for our child to speak felt like a long wait. But through Anirrud’s knowledge as an ace astrologer, we as parents could gather valuable insights about our child and develop a strong connection.

Vedic astrology proved remarkably accurate in helping us anticipate our child’s temperament and traits. Upon her birth, we also saw that her disposition closely aligned with her astrological report. (Yes, her’s was the first astro report we made! 🙂

It was then that we had the idea to create Astro Judge. We knew that a report like this would also be useful to other parents looking for answers to similar questions about their child. We thus created “Your Child’s First Astro Report” a first of its kind report that covers a child’s personality, emotional self, hobbies, passions, career paths and inner motivations based on their birth chart.

We were cognizant of the fact that astrology had been reduced to a tool to merely predict the future whereas originally the ancient Sages in India had intended for this knowledge to be used as a sacred means for understanding man’s mystical connection with the Universe. 

This led us to redefine astro reports to be a means for people to gain greater self-awareness about their potential and clarity about their real, authentic self as what the planets in their birth-chart had originally intended for them.

In line with this philosophy, in our astro reports we have kept out complex astrological jargon that don’t serve any real purpose and we have instead focussed on how best to use the knowledge in a person’s birth-chart to make concrete internal changes so that they naturally see a lasting change in their external environment as well. 

Can you share the story behind the creation of AstroJudge and how your personal experiences influenced its development?

Anirrud and I started AstroJudge quite by chance as we were curious parents. Anirrud is a skilled astrologer, he provided incredible insights and answers based on Vedic astrology.

Soon after our daughter was born, our daughter began to demonstrate many of the characteristics that her father had predicted for her. We both were convinced these were extremely beneficial insights that any parent would want to know.

After the ensuing global pandemic and lockdown that seized the world in 2020, Anirrud and I co-founded AstroJudge, a modern Indian astrology company, with the vision to empower parents to raise happier children with the wisdom of Vedic astrology.

We want to change the way that astrology is perceived and being parents ourselves, we were very keen that astrology should facilitate a better understanding of the child for positive and conscious parenting. AstroJudge has since evolved further and now we also cater to adults. Our mission, quite simply, is to empower people to live happier and fulfilling lives aligned with their true self through the ancient science of vedic astrology.

How does AstroJudge integrate traditional astrology practices with modern technology and insights to provide unique offerings to your clients?

Where Astro Judge integrates tech is really in how we are able to collect orders and deliver reports. Our interpretations are 100% our own and very different. Each astrologer has their own wisdom by which they interpret.

In the light of growing interest in spiritual beliefs and self-awareness, more and more people are driven to the idea of getting to know themselves better. Placing their faith in the ancient knowledge of astrology, new-age individuals are actively looking for ways to develop a deeper sense of self-connection and purpose in their lives.

With the motive to understand a child’s special traits as parents or discovering one’s unique power as an adult- at Astro Judge our goal remains the same- a modern astrology company dedicated to leveraging ancient and scientific knowledge of vedic astrology to empower people around the world to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

How do you ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the astrological readings and services provided by AstroJudge?

The accuracy lies in our interpretations – led by our Chief Astrologer Anirrud Goswami. He has decoded a much deeper level of understanding of vedic astrology that allows one to understand their deeper Karmic life lessons. We identify the root of patterns and issues rather than symptoms.

The feedback we’ve received thus far has been truly heartening! Our automated feedback process involves soliciting input of users through emails. Impressively, 90% of AstroJudge users have assigned us ratings ranging from 4 to 5 stars which in itself is a remarkable achievement for us.

Our success lies in connecting with what we feel is our kind of parents- who prioritize celebrating their child’s individuality and who don’t believe in suppressing the qualities that make their children unique. These parents are very enthusiastic about uncovering the distinctive talents and myriad layers of their child’s personality that make the child special. This approach allows parents to envision a promising future and embracing their child’s strengths adds beauty to life’s journey.

Parents have shared with us how they’ve strongly felt a positive shift in their attitude towards their child after reading the astro reports ordered at AstroJudge. After reading the astro report, parents have also encouraged traits in their children which were typically looked down upon.

For instance, a mother wrote to us how after reading her daughter’s report, she no longer scolds her child for being loud but encourages her to talk more since the report said her child will excel at a career where she uses her voice and expression. In this new world we are all in – our uniqueness and individuality are going to be the key factors that will catapult us towards success.

We are thrilled to have served over 50K happy customers! The success of our new report Your Complete Astro Profile has also been a significant milestone for us.

With the rise of digital platforms and apps, how does AstroJudge leverage technology to deliver personalized and accessible astrology experiences to users?

AstroJudge integrates cutting-edge technology to streamline the process of collecting orders and delivering personalized astrological reports. Our interpretations are unique and deeply rooted in the wisdom of our skilled astrologers, led by our Chief Astrologer Anirrud Goswami.

In today’s world, where interest in spiritual beliefs and self-awareness is on the rise, many people are seeking deeper self-connection and purpose. Leveraging the ancient knowledge of astrology, AstroJudge caters to these new-age individuals by providing accessible and personalized astrology.

Our model ensures that users can easily access insightful, customized reports that resonate with their personal journey and spiritual growth.

What role do you believe astrology plays in people’s lives today, and how does AstroJudge contribute to enhancing their understanding and appreciation of astrological principles?

The increasing acceptance of astrology over time is evidence of its expanding significance. Particularly in this age of enhanced technology and self-awareness, astrology has blended seamlessly with our everyday lives.

Whether seeking advice in regard to relationships, navigating career decisions, or comprehending a child’s unique features to generate better parenting strategies, individuals are increasingly turning to astrology for crucial insights.

For us, astrology is a means for people to gain greater self-awareness about their potential and clarity about their real, authentic selves as what the planets in their birth chart had originally intended for them.

In line with this philosophy, in our astro reports, we have kept out complex astrological jargon that doesn’t serve any real purpose and we have instead focussed on how best to use the knowledge in a person’s birth chart to make concrete internal changes. We are only driven by what our customers need and want.

How does AstroJudge adapt its offerings to cater to diverse cultural and regional preferences in astrology practices?

AstroJudge is committed to staying apprised of the astrological industry’s expanding trends and consumer preferences. Anirrud and I employ a multipronged approach to do this. First, we continuously track and examine client feedback to better understand shifting needs and preferences better understand shifting needs and preferences, we continuously track and examine client feedback.

Second, we make ongoing investments in research and development so that our goods may include the newest developments in conventional wisdom as well as scientific knowledge. In addition, we prioritize innovation, regularly introducing new features and services to satisfy changing customer needs.

We aim to meet and exceed our diverse clientele’s expectations by remaining flexible and adaptive, enabling them to confidently and traverse life’s path.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for AstroJudge, and how do you plan to evolve and grow the company in the future?

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to every single client. Their belief in us keeps us going. For us, the most important objective is to assist individuals in discovering their true potential through the ancient science of Vedic astrology and realize that life is supposed to be lived cheerfully in pursuit of the things that make us naturally happy.

Recently, in the last few months of 2023, we expanded into international markets in the United States, where an overwhelming number of individuals, from parents to adults, ordered and enjoyed AstroJudge’s astrological reports.

In 2024, the plan is to extend to Canada and the United Kingdom. We aim to expand our customer base in India and overseas with much more zeal.

Pushpanjali Banerji and Anirrud Goswami’s AstroJudge embodies the spirit of innovation in astrology, bridging ancient wisdom with modern technology. Their visionary approach not only offers profound insights into the celestial realms but also transforms the way individuals engage with astrology in the digital era.

As pioneers in their field, they continue to inspire and guide seekers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and cosmic enlightenment.

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