Automation Tool For Send DMs In Telegram


Automation Tool For Send DMs In Telegram

Telegram Messager is free and has very high speed and unparalleled features, and is constantly updated;

So, these days, you seldom find anyone who does not use Telegram. All these factors have made Telegram a suitable platform for advertising.

You may think that advertising in Telegram is just sending an advertising message to the private chat of a large number of Telegram users.

Advertising on Telegram is not so easily possible, although it is not impossible. In the following, we will describe the obstacles of Telegram for advertisements and provide you with solutions to overcome these obstacles. Finally, we will introduce you to a tool for advertising on Telegram.

Telegram Restrictions on Advertising

Telegram, like any other messenger or social network, tends to keep its monopoly on advertising in this space and does not allow its users to send advertising messages freely;

Therefore, it has considered restrictions to make free advertising on this platform difficult. Here are some of these restrictions of telegram.

  1. Telegram provides its users with the possibility of blocking and reporting; This means that if you send a message to someone, they can block you and you can no longer send them a message, and they may also report you to the telegram due to harassment. If your line is reported too many times, you can no longer use your line in Telegram.
  2. Telegram does not allow audiences to send any number of messages to strangers daily; a stranger is a person who has not chatted with you before or saved your number. You cannot send more than 50 messages to strangers on Telegram every day, if you do not obey this rule, Telegram may block your line and not allow you to send messages for a while.
  3. Another problem is finding the right target audiences; That is, deciding who to send your advertising messages to get the most efficiency and effectiveness? Obviously, sending messages to Telegram users randomly will not have much effect on your visibility, attract customers and increase your sales. You will need to select a new (and not duplicate!) audience for each round of advertising from the probable customers of your product or service; Of course, this is not so easy.

Solutions to Bypass Telegram Restrictions on Free Advertising

Do the restrictions on Telegram mean that we should not advertise on Telegram? Here are some ways in which you can overcome these obstacles.

  1. If you want to increase the number of daily messages you send to strangers, just use several telegram lines; So, to send, for example, 500 messages a day to strangers, it is enough to use 10 lines.
  2. If you want to minimize the possibility of your lines being blocked and reported by sending a message to strangers, you should be careful about what message and tone, and text you send to the contact. Make sure your advertising message is intimate and polite at the same time.
  3. Always start the message with a greeting, and if you have access to the names of the audiences of the message, address them by name. Pay attention to the psychology of the content of the message so that the audience does not feel that you have bothered them and should report you.
  4. If you want to choose the right target audience, you need to target people who are active in, interested in, or somehow related to the field of your business; Find people who are probable customers of your business;
  5. This way the audience will not block and report you on telegram. They will likely respond positively to your ads, and even if they offer a fair price and good quality, they will be customers of your services and products.

Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to set the appropriate and accurate message text, extract people’s IDs from competing groups or related to your work, and send your advertising message to these people using several lines.

Automation Tool for Advertising in Telegram

As you know, advertisements will be effective when it is done regularly, continuously, and in bulk, but extracting thousands of IDs from telegram groups, sending messages to each of these IDs, sending a certain number with each line, and switching and managing lines manually.

It is not an easy task and for doing this process, you have to use some tools that can automate the advertising process in Telegram for you.

These software programs can work with several telegram lines without any restrictions, automatically change these lines and continue sending with another line before reaching the telegram restriction.

Just provide the Bot with the text of your message and the ID list or mobile number of your contacts to send your message automatically to each of these people.

Also, using these software programs, you can get a lot of mobile numbers or IDs of your target contacts by extracting them from Telegram groups, so always prepare a new list of your target contacts.

Advertising Bot in Telegram has the possibility of:

  • Connecting to several real or virtual lines (or several Telegram accounts) without any restrictions.
  • Sending your intended messages to people with each of your lines automatically.
  • Switching between lines automatically.
  • Extracting IDs or numbers of all active members from Telegram groups.
  • Adding a list of Telegram IDs to another Telegram group.
  • Sending your messages frequently to your desired groups.
  • Sending your message (including text, link, photo, and video) to the list of IDs or mobile numbers of known and unknown people.
  • Detecting numbers that do not have a Telegram account or IDs that are incorrect.
  • Installing and running on the virtual server and virtual machine.

One of the best examples of this software, The Telegram Bulk Messages Sender Bot, is a product of the website Virtual User, which is also popular internationally.

For more information about this Bot, you can refer to the page of this product on the virtual user site and purchase it if you wish.

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