Ayush Shukla, Founder & CEO of Finnet Media

Ayush Shukla-Founder-Finnet Media

Interview with Ayush Shukla, Young Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Finnet Media

Ayush Shukla is the Founder and CEO of Finnet Media, a prominent figure in the field of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

With a passion for technology and innovation, Ayush has carved a niche for himself in the industry by building a successful company that specializes in providing cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to businesses worldwide.

Ayush Shukla embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with a clear vision to help businesses leverage the power of the digital landscape.

Through Finnet Media, he has developed a strong portfolio of services that encompass various aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and more.

Under Ayush’s leadership, Finnet Media has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results and helping clients achieve their online marketing goals.

What inspired you to start a content creator agency, and how did you get started?

Ayush Shukla: Well, in 2021, the pandemic gave birth to Finnet Media, the digital revolution that started due to covid changed the way, how consumers consumed content and information from social media, and it was the exact time when the creator economy was just booming, that’s when I thought to start and build something on the new niche – the one of finance creators – and I knew that’s the one I wanted to grow alongside.

The journey began in 2021 with just two creators, and today we have 35 exclusive creators with Finnet and have secured collaborations with multiple creators across niches. That is how Finnet came to be and how it got to where it is today.

The main insights behind the establishment were to focus on some simple fundamentals; we, the Finnet team, from day one focused on not quantity but quality approach because I know the importance of good content, which is very minimal in today’s market.

The goal was never just to manage creators, but to help them build their personal brands one day at a time.

The presence of Instagram reels and YouTube shorts exposed the audience to snackable and quick content.

Informative and useful content packed into a one-minute video was well received across platforms that revolutionised social media and aided Finnet’s growth throughout. This is how we got started and are here today.

What types of content creators do you work with, and how do you find them?

Ayush Shukla: Today’s market is very dynamic, so adapting to what the preferences of the audiences are especially when it comes to Finfluencers is the first vision and mission we have for the future.

I have never been a warm emailer. I was always looking to expand my network and make valuable connections.

I have previously made connections with creators/brands as a performance marketer and freelancer, and it was all organic.

When I first started, I contacted 10-15 brands and received only three responses. I used to immediately schedule the meetings, and this is how the conversions began to pile up later. And that’s what the basic process of finding them.

What sets your agency apart from others in the industry?

Ayush Shukla: Finnet Media began advising brands on influencer first strategies using our in-depth understanding of audiences and creator USPs.

In just two years, Finnet Media has built a creator network of India’s most sought-after finfluencers while also managing influencer marketing strategies for brands such as Upgrade, ET Money, Niyo Global, and others.

In addition, we have created IPs for CRED, CoinDCX, Fi Money, and other brands, including Zest Money, Tyke, and StockGro.

And what sets apart is that I have been a content creator myself and I know what it takes to be a content creator and reach out to people through my content.  

What challenges have you faced along the way, and how have you overcome them?

Ayush Shukla: The most difficult aspect we have been dealing with the creative boom. Because the founder creates content, he understands how intimidating it is to have lakhs and millions of people entrust you with their content.

I try to completely understand what a creator goes through while creating content, as well as what a brand desires.

They want to keep going, to keep coming up with new ideas, and to keep adding value. So, staying fresh in this people-to-people business has been a challenge and a blessing at the same time.

I am also careful not to overdo it. So, I take breaks and meditate through various activities to keep calm and chill.

So, I would say, I tend to strive to keep the team spirit high while focusing more on relationship building.

How do you keep up with the constantly changing landscape of content creation and marketing?

Ayush Shukla: Finfluencers are called creators for a reason: they help to create an impact. They have a large audience that consumes content because it is informative and trustworthy.

So, when a content creator talks about a brand, they are endorsing it. Consumers no longer have to question the brands’ credibility or conduct research; they can simply rely on the content created by their favourite creators that mentions the brands.

So understanding this make me keep up with the constantly changing landscape of content creation and marketing.

How do you measure the success of your agency’s work?

Ayush Shukla: When it comes to reach, the sky is the limit.

Newer businesses often struggle to compete with established brands; here’s how they can use content creator marketing to their advantage.

Ensuring a good fit and spending money on one influencer can lead to reaching millions of their followers; imagine if the brand decides to go all out and affiliate with a slew of such influencers – the sky’s the limit.

The fact that users choose to follow and connect with influencers in their daily lives is a key factor in the success of influencer-led content.

Simply put, content creators are experts at connecting with their audience through mutual interests and shared values, rather than pressuring them to buy a product.`

What advice do you have for someone who is considering starting a content creator agency?

Ayush Shukla: Be patient and success will come your way.

What are your long-term goals for your agency, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Ayush Shukla: Our agency’s long-term goals revolve around diversifying niches, empowering creators to become entrepreneurs, aiding them in establishing teams, and venturing into the production IP side of things.

We aim to become a comprehensive resource for creators in the realm of marketing, encompassing everything from the fundamentals to scaling their businesses.

To achieve these goals, we plan to prioritize the “Right First” principle, laying the groundwork through meticulous methods and strategies.

By focusing on providing solid foundations, we intend to create a platform where creators can thrive and achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations.

How do you maintain a positive relationship with your clients, and what strategies do you use to ensure their satisfaction

Ayush Shukla: To maintain a positive relationship with our clients, we employ several strategies. First and foremost, we prioritize continuous feedback calls to ensure open lines of communication.

By actively seeking their input and addressing any concerns promptly, we foster a sense of collaboration and trust.

Additionally, we make it a point to properly manage expectation data, clearly defining deliverables, timelines, and objectives from the outset.

Consistent approvals for timings and milestones further contribute to client satisfaction. Finally, we go beyond the transactional nature of our work by establishing personal connections with our clients.

Building genuine relationships allows us to better understand their needs and tailor our services accordingly, ultimately ensuring their satisfaction.

What are your future plans?

Ayush Shukla: The upcoming months are filled with anticipation and excitement as we embark on a transformative journey in the creator ecosystem.

With the implementation of SEBI regulations, we anticipate a significant shift towards a more regulated sector.

This change will provide us with the opportunity to enhance our marketing strategies, ensuring better promotion of products and enhancing the authenticity of our offerings.

We eagerly embrace this change and are committed to collaborating with high-quality brands, creating value for all stakeholders involved – including consumers, brands, and creators. We are optimistic about the positive impact this evolution will have on the industry as a whole.

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