Ayushakti conducts a one-day blanket donation drive for homeless, to celebrate the joy of giving

blanket donation by Ayushakti

Ayushakti, one of the leading and most trusted ayurvedic health centers around the world, co-founded by Ayurveda expert Dr. Smita Naram conducted a one-day charity drive for homeless people by distributing blankets on 27th December, 2020.

The drive was conducted in collaboration with Sarvodaya Parivar Trust for the homeless children and elderly since the winters are particularly harsh for them. 

Speaking on the charity drive, Dr. Smita Naram, Co-Founder of Ayushakti, said, “This is a tradition which was started by my late husband Dr Pankaj Naram and me, together, to spread cheer and joy amongst homeless people in winter.

Till date, my son Krushna and I continue this tradition and ensure warmth and protection reaches the less privileged ones.”

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Ayushakti aims to work towards the upliftment of the deprived and homeless by taking small initiatives and bringing in difference in the lives of people.