Ayushakti to host a free health check-up camp this February, in Mumbai

Ayushakti free health camp

This free health check-up camp is a centre visit as well as will be conducted virtually

Mumbai,10th February 2021: Ayushakti, one of the leading and most trusted ayurvedic health centres around the world, co-founded by Ayurveda expert Dr. Smita Naram is conducting a free health check-up camp this month.

The camp will be conducted across all their 15 centres for three days that is 13th, 14th and 15th February, 2021.

The free health check-up can be made available virtually through a video call as well as phone call too; the registration for the free camp can be done via this link – https://tinyurl.com/bzarxvi3

This free health check-up camp will provide pulse reading consultation from Ayurvedic experts with a customised diet plan and home remedies according to the illness faced by the patient.

Speaking on the upcoming free health check-up camp, Dr. Smita Naram, Co-Founder of Ayushakti, said, “We are happy to announce this health camp for all, in these difficult times it is vital to prioritise our health first, our main purpose of this free health camp is to make people more self-aware about their health and its importance.

We also believe that every life is important and each has the right to remain healthy and happy.

With this small initiative we aim to reach as many people as we can and help them with our Ayurvedic experts at Ayushakti.”

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The camp will be open to all and the timings of the camp will be from 11 am to 7pm.