Azra Shakeel, a soulful writer / poetess from Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir

Azra Shakeel

Azra Shakeel, a soulful writer / poetess

Azra Shakeel, a soulful writer/ poetess from Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir. She is very passionate about writing and believes words have the power to all our all-round wounds.

She is a law student and takes part in social events as well, but her curiosity and love for writing is everlasting.  She could wake up even at 3 a.m to jot down her feelings on paper.

She finds a prolonged and divine peace in writing, although being just 20 years old, she has experienced a lot of challenges in her life.

She has written her first book’ spirits of epione’ which is collection of poems that mostly deals with downfalls, colourful shades of romantic life and the misery, setbacks that is written in our destiny.

Her aim is to change herself, change the environment around her with her writeups and this thing would surely bring her infinite happiness after knowing that her writings impacted somebody’s life and filled a lost soul with peace, happiness and satisfaction. 

She is 20 years old , was born and brought up in Shopian district. She was born in a middle class and conservative family, but she never gave up on her dreams. 

She has done her schooling from SDPS school shopian. After 12th grade, she got selected in entrance examination conducted by Kashmir university for Law.

She has always dreamt of peaceful and successful life. She is very thankful to her parents, friends and teachers who always motivated her to work for great things. 

She has been writing for various newspapers, magazines. Her writings are appreciated by professionals, scholars and the society at large.

She has tried to do her best in the first book ‘spirits of epione’ to send the beautiful message for people. 

She is highly inspired by nature, beauty of Kashmir valley. Moreover, she has deep interest in reading novels, non fiction etc as well.

Some of the books she has recently gone through are ‘the kite runner, 40 rules of love, secrets of divine love, reclaim your heart’ etc. She wants a world for herself where she finds only books. 

“Books have the capability to take us to the stars and make us shine. Books are real friends which never betray us.

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The more we love books, the more we will be loved. In the times of heartbreak or depression, books are the only anti-depressants”.