Badshah Masala is bursting the stereotype of gender inequality with its trendsetting campaign because they say, “The Older, The Wiser”

Badshah Masala

~With a pinch of ‘Maverickism’, Badshah Masala is taking the responsibility to undo the orthodox~

After serving for more than 60 years to the world, the renowned homegrown brand with the most exotic spices, Badshah Masala is coming with a new campaign to promote the sense of responsibility in males towards the kitchen. 

It believes that cooking is an art that anyone can acquire but in India, it is a belief that only women belong to the kitchen.

With its unorthodox views,. Badshah Masala is working to break this stereotype and encourage men to step in the kitchen.

It’s new launch of the blend of exotic spices, Paneer Butter Masala is coming along with this one-of-a-kind campaign, which is promoting a new contemplation of male participation in the kitchen. 

When it becomes impossible to decide what to cook on the basis of “kuchh bhi bana do” then Paneer Butter Masala is the go-to menu option for most of the households in India.

So, through considering the nationwide love that this dish receives, Badshah Masala has launched its very own blend of spices to make India’s favourite Paneer Butter Masala.

But this spicy and sweet gift is not coming alone, it is also promoting the initiative to increase the male engagement in the kitchens. 

To make this initiative more visible and effective, it has filmed an advertisement, in which a mother tells her son that his grandmother advised his father to use Badshah Masala and now, like his grandmother, she is advising him to step in the kitchen with Badshah Masala.

This advertisement not only signifies the propensity of revolution in the male dominated society but also the inclination of one of the most trusted and old brands towards modernisation. 

Sharing his thoughts on this delectable blend of spices and this revolutionary initiative for social cause, Hemant Jhaveri, Managing  Partner, said, ” As being one of the most experienced and trusted Indian spices brands, it is our responsibility to serve our customers with best and also we owe the society or its love that it is showering on us from more than 6 decades.

So, in return, with our expertise in blending exotic spices to make one incredible taste, we have launched Paneer Butter Masala with an initiative to increase male engagement in the kitchens.

We are confident that like this new blend of spices, our initiative will also become a part of our customers lives.”

To eat restaurant-style Paneer Butter Masala at home and become a part of this contemplation, Check out on the website:

About Badshah Masala 

Badshah Masala is an Indian spices manufacturer brand that has served for more than 6 decades to the world.

As India is a field of aromatic and exotic spices, Badshah Masala is picking these herbs from the best of these fields and blending them to make a wide range  of Masalas for different dishes like Biryani Pulao Masala, Chana Masala, Curry Masala, Dhansak Masala, and many more. They also produce Instant Tea Masalas with different innumerable flavours. 

From all these years, their entrepreneurial jargon has remained the same- Catering national and international households with unbeatable flavours and enchanting aromas adding the necessary nutritional value.

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