Balanced approach at everything is the key to success in life,’ says Sakshi Aggarwal, Credit Manager at IDFC Bank

Sakshi Aggarwal

Sakshi Aggarwal, alumna of Apeejay School of Management, Credit Manager at IDFC Bank mentions how management skills are a must for work-life balance

By Arijit Roy: Sakshi Aggarwal is an Apeejay School of Management alumnus. She pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance and Marketing as a part of the 2018-20 batch.

Currently, she works as the Credit Manager at IDFC First Bank. In a brief interview, the finance expert mentions how winning the Dr Stya Paul award for Human Values motivated her to achieve greater heights in life.

What work does a credit manager do at the bank? 

Every day at work is a day full of new learning and challenges .I am working as a credit underwriter in the business loan department .

We receive cases on a dailySakshi Agg basis for which a decision needs to be made within the TAT (Turn around time).

So my day at work starts with prioritizing my to-do list. Planning and sorting helps in managing my work within stipulated time.

As a credit underwriter I am responsible for the entire credit granting process which demands a balance between optimizing company sales and reducing bad debt losses.

What inspired you to choose this field?

I always had a keen interest in the banking industry .Working as a credit manager demands analyses of the credit worthiness of a potential customer from a total 360 degree perspective.

This gives me an immense exposure to the current business situations and market conditions. I always wanted to work in this sector and I now feel the joy of living the dream!

Best memories from Apeejay days? 

All days at Apeejay School of Management have been extremely memorable .From attending the guest lectures to participating in all the events held at the campus, everything was so new and innovative.

I have been an active participant in dance events, outreach Programs (CSR) etc. My special moment however was when I got the Dr Stya Paul Award for Human Values on Founder’s day and achieved 2nd position overall in my batch and the first position in finance .

One life lesson for the current students?

 My advice to the student is that theoretical knowledge and practical application both are equally important.

We need to have a balanced practical approach towards things .Management skills are vital for work life balance. 

Future targets in life? 

Well, the learning phase never comes to an end. It is always good to keep ourselves updated by learning new skills.

As of now I am planning to do more high financial ticket cases at work to avail more opportunities for growth.

What are the new trends in the finance industry?

Well, due to the post-pandemic impact, the banking industry has been severely affected. The risk taking ability of customers has been impacted to a great extent.

However, there are positives also. Extensive automation and technology driven things have been taking place which is a big help in the early error detection in finances. Automation in softwares has reduced human error and has simplified the process. 


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