Bank Of Baroda: Second Largest Public Sector bank in India

History Of Bank Of Baroda

Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad established the Bank of Baroda in short (BOB) in July 1908. It had Rs. 10 lakh in paid-up capital when it was opened. In the Indian banking industry, the Bank of Baroda is a pioneer in a number of customer-centric initiatives.

The bank is among the first in the sector to finish a comprehensive rebranding effort that included several creative customer-centric activities in addition to the new logo.

The efforts include the establishment of Gen-Next Branches, Retail Loan Factories, and SME Loan Factories with an assembly-line method of loan processing for quick loan disbursement.

In 1997, The Reserve Bank of India has given the green light for the Bank of Baroda (BoB) to establish a branch in Durban, South Africa. Bob plans to begin operations there as soon as it has been granted a banking license by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

Bank of Baroda plans to inspect West Bengal, Sikkim, and the North-Eastern States in order to identify potential commercial possibilities and establish new branches.

One of The Best Commercial Bank 

For merchant banking, the Bank of Baroda intends to form a partnership with a foreign bank. The planned business will oversee the public sector undertaking disinvestment programs and manage Indian corporate external commercial borrowings.

After merging with Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank, a public sector lender, the Bank of Baroda is currently the third-largest commercial in India as of April 1.

The proposed merger, which was announced in September of last year, has positioned Bank of Baroda in the third largest category, behind State Bank of India and private lender HDFC Bank.

First Public Sector Bank In India

Bank of Baroda is the first public sector bank to execute the autonomy package proposed by the Finance Ministry in November 1997.

Bank of Baroda GLOBAL, the first Indian credit card offered for usage abroad through a partnership with VISA, is already accepted by more than 10 million businesses in more than 60 countries.

Before the launch of the euro, the single currency of the European Union, the Bank of Baroda intends to restructure its global activities, notably in Europe and the US.

Bobcards Ltd, a Bank of Baroda subsidiary that is a wholly owned subsidiary, is searching for partners to form a joint venture.

IFSC Code And MICR Code

By following the entire name of the bank and its branch, it is simple to get the IFSC Code and MICR Code of a certain bank.

Additionally, a list of Bank of Baroda is available. On both its website and the website of the Reserve Bank of India, there are IFSC codes and MICR codes.

Additionally, you may find the IFSC codes of various Bank Of Baroda branches in India and your branch on websites that analyze taxes or other financial matters.

Ethos & Objectives of Bank of Baroda

The Companies Act of 1887 allowed for the establishment of The Bank of Baroda on July 20, 1908, and their initial investment was about $10 lakhs.

The Maharaja, none other than Sayajirao Gaekwad, was responsible for planning the start of the illustrious voyage that became known as the Bank of Baroda throughout time.

It’s notable to remember that between 1913 to 1917, a financial crisis in India led to the failure of over 87 institutions.

However, the Bank of Baroda managed to withstand the Great Recession because of its sound financial practices, prudent business decisions, and unwavering concern for its clients and customers. This has endured into the modern day and the bank now uses it as its objective.


The Bank has six completely owned domestic subsidiaries: BOB Financial Solutions Limited (formerly BOB Cards Ltd.), BOB Capital Markets Limited, Baroda Asset Management India Limited, Baroda Global Shared Services Limited and BarodaSun Technologies Ltd.

Additionally, BOB partners with India First Life Insurance Company to provide life insurance, and India Infradebt Limited provides infrastructure finance through joint ventures.

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