Bata Power Shoes – Express your style with pocket-friendly power shoes

Bata Power Shoes - Express your style with pocket-friendly power shoes
Image Credit: Bata


Power Shoes by Bata is one good reason to motivate sports enthusiasts to get on the ground and be ready for the grind. Power shoes, unlike any other collection, has been introduced for both men and women.

While men get to rock the dark shades like black, blue and grey, women can carry colours of inspiration, going from shades of pink to the brighter shades of blue.

Bata has successfully managed to make a place for itself in the minds of people with the ‘comfort’ that is provided to them through their product.

The quality of their footwear has made customers be loyal to the company. Like every Bata product, Power shoes are pretty comfortable.

Although the look may not be too stylish for people who love tacky colours and unique designs, comfort makes it up for it. The breathable design of the shoes is the cherry on top.

With Power Shoes, Bata not just reassured sports enthusiasts, but also encouraged normal people to try it and be comfortable while they jogged or walked.

The price range of this particular collection puts smiles on the faces of people. Good quality at an affordable price, what else do you want?

Features and Specifications:

-The price ranges from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 4000/- depending on the type of shoes you choose.

-The low cushioned footbed makes the shoes comfortable. It also helps the person maintain a good balance while playing a sport, running or working out in the gym.

-The shoe has a breathable design. Apart from that, the textured pattern on the outside of the shoes, makes it look good, even if worn with casuals.

-The shoe is lightweight, hence is comfortable for daily use as well.

Why should you buy it?

As always, Bata is back with yet another product, whose focus is mainly to provide comfort to the customers.

The synthetic material of the outsole of the shoe makes it durable, as compared to other brands. People have showered Bata with good words for the Power shoe collection as it is lightweight, and is available at an affordable price.

Bata Power Shoes Reviews:

Shoes are quite comfortable, lightweight, the sole is PU and upper material is artificial leather plus meshes which is durable as compared to Loto.
The company needs to work on getting air into shoes so you don’t feel warm.” -Mohd Muzzammil

“For the price, it is the best product available. Fits perfectly, light weighted and more than decent grip.” -Jackson Varghese.

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If you are looking for comfort at a pocket-friendly rate, Bata power shoes are the best product. From being just sports shoes to fitting into your daily life, Bata gives you every reason to try this product. Like every other Bata product, the collection has stood up to the expectations of its customers with its good quality.