Beauty Industry Job Opportunities for a Successful Career

Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is on a steady rise and is expected to reach a value of $716 billion in three years.

If the beauty industry will be worth so much by 2025, it’s logical to assume that demand for beauty industry jobs will equally soar.

If you find yourself looking at the latest beauty and styling trends with every change of the season, and if you find joy in getting all pampered up, you might be the perfect candidate for a career in the beauty industry.

We’ll discuss several beauty industry job opportunities you can pursue to find yourself in an exciting and rewarding career.

A career in hairstyling – For those who always embrace the change

If you consider yourself as someone who doesn’t fear change, who loves to learn constantly, and has a good sense of aesthetics, consider becoming a hairstylist.

With every season there’ll be at least one new hairstyle women will go crazy over, so you’ll have to learn constantly. With new hairstyles, comes a new hair colouring trend.

These are often inseparable, so you’ll always have a new colouring technique to learn and provide to your clients as a service.

This will also help you stay competitive in a very competitive industry and you’ll never be bored because there’s always a new hairstyling technique to try.

You can also specialise in one area only like hair colouring, bridal hairstyles, hair extensions, styling wavy and curly hair. The possibilities are vast.

A career in cosmetology – For those who believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin

If the world of skincare treatments sounds exciting to you, you might be the perfect candidate for an esthetician.

Estheticians specialise in providing a variety of skincare treatments to clients based on their skin type and personal preferences.

They also analyze the client’s skin, recommend products for daily use and advise them on the best skincare treatments.

They are often referred to as beauty therapists because they know how to take care of your skin and make it radiant and glowing.

From basic facials, acne treatment to microabrasions, to chemical peels, waxing and other beautifying treatments, estheticians have a lot to learn.

But, the demand for estheticians will never decrease because they can work on their own, in beauty spas, medi-spas, hotels and have their own beauty salon.

A career in makeup artistry – If you love makeup and everything about the entertainment industry

Makeup artists are truly artists in every sense of the word. The power of makeup is great and the best makeup artists know how to elevate your best features, hide any irregularities and flaws.

The demand for quality makeup artists is great because there are different types of makeup and each one requires a lot of different training and practice.

For example, there’s bridal makeup or any other special occasion makeup. There are also makeup artists who trained for anything fashion-related, like runways, photoshoots and other events in the fashion industry.

Lastly, a makeup artist can take up a career in the movie industry, but it requires a diploma from a screen and media course.

A special effects makeup artist has trained to work with prosthetics and use advanced makeup techniques to completely transform the appearance of a person.

For example, they can create fake wounds on a client’s face with the help of makeup only, and that confirms the immense power of makeup.

A career in the nail industry – For those who have a passion for nail art

Just like the popular hairstyles change with seasons, there’s always a new trend to try in nail art.

So, if you’re someone who loves to play with colours, different nail styling techniques, different shapes, you should consider getting certified as a nail artist. You can specialise in both manicure and pedicure and offer a full service to your clients.

A career in the tattoo industry – For those who are born artists

If you’ve always been into drawing and making detailed pieces of art and have unique artistic abilities, consider a career as a tattoo artist.

From models on runways to actors on the big screen to your neighbour next door, everyone is getting tattooed these days.

So, if you’re ready to learn everything about the health and safety procedures required to perform safe tattooing, learn the techniques and you’re patient by nature, consider becoming a tattoo artist.

A career in the blogging industry – If you love to try out new products

If you have a passion for anything beauty related and you don’t shy away from a camera, consider becoming a beauty blogger.

You can run a blog and post product reviews, you can record videos and also use social media channels to build a community.

Sharing your opinions and beauty secrets with the online world can even get you partnerships with beauty brands.

Pursuing a career in the beauty industry can be a great path for anyone who’s not afraid to commit to constant professional development.

Let’s not forget that women love to get all pampered up, so there will always be a demand for beauty services.

You’ll get a chance to meet new people, build a customer base, practice your soft skills daily and grow your beauty business.

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