Being Human Expands Base in India: Opens Store in the Pink City, Jaipur

Being Human Clothing

Jaipur, Rajasthan – May 6, 2024 – Being Human, the iconic clothing line with a philanthropic heart, proudly announces the grand opening of its 100th store in the vibrant Pink City of Rajasthan, Jaipur. 

This milestone marks a significant moment in the brand’s journey, celebrated amidst much fanfare, attended by renowned Bollywood celebrity Sohail Khan, Alvira Khan Agnihotri (Managing Director of Being Human Clothing, Beena Kak, Awez Darbar, and Sanjeev Rao (CEO of Being Human Clothing), Vivek Sandhwar (COO of Being human Clothing) and leadership team of the brand.

Nestled in the heart of Jaipur’s most premium and accessible shopping district, the 2100 square feet flagship store promises an unparalleled retail experience, showcasing an extensive range of exclusive Being Human clothing and accessories.

Embodying modern aesthetics fused with a touch of luxury, the store captivates visitors with its innovative use of space and vibrant ambiance, reflective of the brand’s ethos and vibrant hues.

“The warmth of the welcome we’ve received from the people of Jaipur has been truly overwhelming. Their enthusiasm and support reaffirm that Jaipur is indeed a perfect fit for Being Human.

As we embark on this journey in Jaipur, we are not just opening a store; we are extending our hand in friendship and solidarity with the people of this beautiful city.” says Bollywood Actor Sohail Khan.

“At Being Human, we are thrilled to bring our iconic brand closer to the people of Jaipur,” said Sanjeev Rao, CEO at Being Human. “The opening of our 100th store in this historic city underscores our commitment to expanding our footprint across India and offering our discerning customers access to our latest collections in a captivating retail environment.”

Designed to resonate with the youth and fashion-conscious consumers, the store boasts a quirky display of colourful apparel meticulously crafted from recycled pet denims, Fairtrade cotton, plantable tags.ensuring comfort without compromising on style. Each garment exudes contemporary flair and is aligned with international trends, catering to the diverse tastes of today’s fashion enthusiasts.

Jaipur, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant lifestyle, holds immense potential for Being Human, with a burgeoning youth consumer base driving demand for the brand’s iconic collections. The opening of the flagship store in Jaipur reaffirms Being Human’s commitment to serving its loyal customers while forging meaningful connections with new patrons in the region.

As Being Human continues to expand its presence across India, the brand remains steadfast in its mission to make a positive impact on society through its philanthropic initiatives, championing causes that uplift and empower communities nationwide.

The brand is committed to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices into every aspect of its operations. The flagship store in Jaipur exemplifies this dedication, with sustainable elements woven into its very fabric.

From the materials used in construction to the products showcased on its shelves, Being Human prioritizes environmental consciousness. One notable example is the cash counter, ingeniously crafted from recycled plastic, embodying the brand’s ethos of repurposing materials to minimize waste and reduce its carbon footprint.

The grand opening of Being Human’s flagship store in Jaipur marks an exciting chapter of growth, with plans to open many more stores throughout Rajasthan in the near future. Together, let’s celebrate fashion with a heart, one store at a time.

About Being Human Clothing:

Being Human is a Brand driven by Purpose. And the Purpose is to Give Back to the Society, straddling the conscious circle and Business Circle. Every Garment of Being Human Clothing helps shape a life through “Education” or helps save a life through “Healthcare”.

It embodies the six positive human values of – Love, Care, Share, Hope, Help and Joy.  Being Human Clothing offers trendy, eco-friendly clothing options for men and women.

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