8 Benefit of Yoga: How can Yoga Benefit your Mental Fitness and Weight Loss

Benefit of Yoga for weight loss

Takes a look at 8 evidence-based benefit of yoga.

Yoga is an old Indian ancient practice. In ancient times Rishis and munis invented this yoga to give a better life to a human. It works and helped many human beings.

Later this Yoga became much popular and accepted by humans. Now the Yoga is famous and adapt by not only Indians but adopted by foreigners.

Yoga not only work physically but also gives mental relaxation. There are many postures in yoga. By which anxiety, mental health, depression, the psychiatric problem can solve.

Yoga is popular all over the world. Now people understand the importance of the Yoga in their daily life. Yoga builds up confidence, happiness, and security within yourself, and it takes a life to the next level. You can handle your life by yourself.

Because of its importance in our daily life, the International Day of Yoga is celebrating all over the world to show its importance in life. From 21 June 2015 International yoga day is celebrating, following its inception in the United National General Assembly in 2014.

International Yoga day is celebrating to get conscious people about their health. These days every human being is going through many mental illnesses. Yoga is a practice that makeover your life.

In the Pandemic year, 2019-2020 yoga helps many people to deal with the health problem. The different Yoga helps to come out of health problem and also strengthen your immunity system.

How Yoga gives physical benefits

From younger to elder, the Yoga is beneficial for all. By daily practice, we can handle many physical problems of ours. Include Yoga in your daily routine, then only you can see the miracle.

The Yoga will keep sickness under control. It Heels different types of pains, improves your health and gives energy to your life.

1. Improves body flexibility

When you start doing the Yoga, you can easily check how it improves your flexibility. In the first stage and first Asana, you were not able to touch your feet.

Slowly you check that how easily your body stretched. In starting the posture was not possible for you to get possible. Soon you will notice a decrease in pain and aches.

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Many times, poor posture connective tissue and muscles like ligaments and fascia give problem. Sometimes our hip gets tight, morning knee strain and strain in the leg.

All these problems will be solved with regular practice, as the yoga mobilize your muscles and other connective tissues. Daily practice of yoga practice will give you a better feeling day by day.

2. Improves your body Posture

Yoga asana improves your body posture. Many time we work in a place while sitting for a long time. Sometimes in an uneven place.

Our posture is not maintained and we get pained. Get involved in yoga exercise in your daily routine. Morning exercise is best for the yoga practice.

3. Strengthen your muscle

Muscle plays a vital role in our body. If your muscles would be strengthening, it can prevent elder ones from falling. Neck and back pain will be under control.

Regular practice of yoga practices will strengthen your muscle power and increase your strength.

4. Protect your spine

Matsyasana (Fish Pose) helps to solve spine problem. In this Asana you have to lay down on the floor at your backside, then lift your back upward.

Your feet, head. Place your head on the ground. This Asana imparts flexibility to the spine and alleviate pain, and improves physical posture.

Asana toned up your back muscles regular, and you will feel more relaxed with flexible body posture, and you will get a stronger and flexible spine.

5. Reduce your blood pressure

If you are in hypertension, means! your blood pressure is going to increase. Yoga is best to control hypertension. Shavasana is the appropriate asana to reduce blood pressure.

6. Increases Blood Flow

Surya Namaskar, Kapalbhati and Alomvilom Asana help to increases the blood flow. Deep breathing exercise can increase the amount of oxygen delivered to your cells, which help the body function well. Daily asanas help to keep your body and mind fit.

7. Release stress

The hectic life schedule and stressed life give us illness. The Yoga practice is the best way to reduce stress. Adho Mukha Svanasana is an Asana that helps you to release stress.

Do this Asana with the right form of inhaling and exhale. Bend your body down like a table and breath out and lift the hip portion, strengthen the knee and elbow, draw your body a V shape.

Make hand and shoulder-width apart, make leg apart with V shape pose. Press your hands into the ground. Keep the neck lengthened by touching the ears to the inner arms. Take a deep breath while in a dog pose. Hold for a second and back to your original pose.

Daily Yoga practice will help you to out of stress.

8. Reduce Anxiety

If a person is suffering from anxiety, it is tough for him to deal will this situation. He can’t enjoy life to its fullest. But the good news is that we can remove anxiety dealing with the Yoga practice.

Yoga has the power to deal with most of your physical and mental problem. For anxiety, there are different Asana, by which your anxiety will be solved.

Basic Yoga Poses

1. Seated Forward fold

Sit straight, move forward to touch your feet, go slowly by checking your stamina. Must be you can’t reach your hand on the very first day, but slowly you will gain stamina to touch your feet. Keep as much length in your spine as possible. Breath deeply, and remain in this pose for 1 minute.

2. Child Pose

Child pose is also giving good result for an anxious person. This pose is simple, and by daily practice, you will feel relaxed.

Fold your leg backside, place your hips in your toes, and sit like a child, bring your forehead to the ground. Have your hands resting on the floor. Sit in a pose for one to two minutes, then relax.

3. Happy Baby Pose

Lay flat on your back. And hold your legs towards the chest by folding them and bring your knees towards your armpits. Hold this pose for the time you feel good then release. This Asana helps you to come out of anxiety.

4. Supine Twist pose

Lay down straight. Drop both legs over the left side of your body, make your hand straight like” T” and then move your body to the opposite side. Do this practice again and again.

These 5 Yoga Asanas will give relaxation from anxiety.

Yoga for lose weight

The best and long way to reduce weight and it also gives a beautiful shape to your body. Many celebrities and big faces do yoga practice for their peace and health.

Celebrities of Bollywood, like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Maliaka Arora, use to do yoga practice and have a beautiful and attractive physique.

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There are different types of Yoga that you can choose according to your health and lifestyle. The Asana That helps in physical and mental health is Surya Namaskar. It is a combination of many asanas.

Surya Namaskar

The yoga practice helps you in many ways. The inhale and exhale of breath is very important in this Asana.

This Asana is a morning pose as the name itself says the meaning “sun salutation”. This morning Yoga exercise gives you freshness and goodness of health.

How to do Surya Namaskar

First, make a pose of Pranamasana, stand on the edge of your mat, keep your feet together and balance your weight on both feet.

Expand your chest and move both of your palms together by doing pranam. Wait for a second, then go for Hastauttanasana, deep breath and lift your backside keeping the biceps close to the ears.

Stretch your body back and move forward. Inhale and go for Hastapadasana, exhale and bend down keeping your waist and spine erect.

Bring the hand down to the floor beside your feet, wait for a second and go for the next move Ashwa Sanchalanasana.

Breathing in and move your right leg back and lookup. By going parallel to your left leg. The next step is Ashtanga Namaskara (salute with eight parts or point) gently bring your knee down to the floor and exhale.

Make a hill type position of your hips, rest your chest and chin on the floor. The two hands, two feet, two knees, chest and chin (eight parts of the body) should touch the floor.

Move forward with Bhujangasana, now straighten your boy and raise your chest into the cobra pose.

Bend your elbow and move your face up like a cobra with a straight body. Move your hip portion up with Adho Mukha Svanasana, and make a “V” pose.

Bring your right foot forward in between the two hands with Ashwa Sanchalanasna, make your left knee go down with the face straight.

Now back to Hastapadasana with a straight leg and touching hand on the floor, and Hastauttanasana with a raised hand up and bend backwards. Then come straight by folding hands like Namaskar.

This is the whole process of Surya Namaskar. By doing daily, early morning, the whole day will be fresh and get a good physique.

“Your body will most likely become much more flexible by doing yoga, and so will your mind”.

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Surya Namaskar is a collection of many asanas. Daily practice will give you a shaped body and a peaceful mind.