Benefits of a Golden Visa


Join us to explore how the golden visa program is the most beneficial policy introduced by the UAE government, how it suits foreigners or expats, and how it offers benefits to them.

We are going to discuss the benefits of a golden visa in Dubai in this article.

Introduction To Golden Visa

The government of UAE has introduced various policies to give investors more benefits and attract talented people to come to Dubai and be part of this amazing global hub.

Golden Visa in Dubai is one of these exceptional policies introduced by the government of UAE. A golden visa is defined as a long-term residency plan that enables foreign talents to visit Dubai and make a long-term plan to live, work, or study in Dubai and enjoy all the exclusive benefits.

A golden visa holder can live in Dubai for more than 5-10 years without any particular employment and local sponsorship and he does not need to worry about the renewal of his visa right after two to three years.

Top 8 Benefits Of A Golden Visa In Dubai

A golden visa in Dubai offers numerous advantages. It is the most exciting and exclusive opportunity for foreigners and expats to enjoy the high standards of living and top-notch facilities of life offered by the UAE government.

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Long Term Residency

A standard visa in UAE requires renewal after two to three years which increases the fatigue and hassle for the residents to follow the policies and make efforts to renew the visa if they want to extend their period of stay in Dubai.

A golden visa is an ideal opportunity for people who prefer long-term residency in Dubai. A golden visa offers 10 years of residency in Dubai to the individuals and their dependents. The extended period of 5-10 years in Dubai gives them the chance to focus on their professionalism and upgrade their living standards without worrying about the frequent renewal of visas.

Business Opportunities

Dubai is a globally renowned business hub. It is an attractive destination for potential investors or businessmen and provides numerous opportunities to start a new business or upgrade their existing business and establish it in one of the favorite destinations regarding business.

Sometimes the renewal of a standard visa in Dubai after 2- 3 years becomes the hurdle in the progressive journey of investment. Dubai’s visa renewal process requires investors to submit certain documents such as financial statements, business plans, and other relevant documents. This can become time-consuming and costly.

So, to overcome this hurdle or fatigue, the golden visa in Dubai is the best option for investors. They can continue their business or become more successful in the field with the opportunity to stay in Dubai for a long period.

With this visa program, the grant investors have easy access to business-friendly policies, world-class banking, profitable financial plans, and multinational working opportunities Dubai has to offer.

Educational Opportunities

Families or parents prefer living in a country or region that offers world-class educational opportunities to their children. The foremost priority of the parents is high quality and world-class education for the kids that play a pivotal role in brightening their future and making them more successful in every field of life.

In this aspect, Dubai is ideal for providing the best and highest standard of educational facilities. With a 10-year golden visa program in Dubai, parents can gain access to educational institutions that offer international curricula.

Many prestigious schools and global universities in Dubai ensure the best education for kids. If the families become eligible for a 10-year golden visa program in Dubai, they must be tension-free about educational opportunities for their kids.

Travel Benefits

The Golden visa holders in Dubai have the benefit of traveling outside the UAE for an unlimited time duration without worrying about the validity of the visa. On a standard residents’ visa, if you spend more than six months in another country, your visa becomes invalid.

Dubai is a central hub and has excellent connectivity to many famous worldwide destinations. A golden visa gives you the benefits of staying for a long period with the freedom to travel outside of the country.

Access To World-Class Healthcare Facilities

Dubai is the most advanced and modern city in the world. It gives high standards of living to the residents. If we talk about the standard of medical facilities, Dubai is widely known for its world-class healthcare facilities.

American Hospitals in Dubai and Mediclinic Hospital have been set as prime examples of the UAE government paying special attention to medical facilities.

There was a special announcement for golden visa holders in Dubai that they would be eligible for special health care and health insurance packages. They can avail themselves of exceptional healthcare facilities in top medical clinics and hospitals in Dubai.

Property Ownership

Dubai’s real estate market is evolving continuously and providing exclusive investment opportunities to prospective investors and homebuyers worldwide. Many reputed development companies are contributing a lot to developing master projects in Dubai and offering tons of varieties of properties.

The 10-year golden visa program gives a beneficial opportunity to investors who are passionate about investing in the real estate hub of Dubai. Golden visa holders can own property in prime locations of the city specifically designated for foreign investors. They can easily purchase and manage property matters in Dubai with the freedom to live for a long duration.

No Sponsor Required

The most highlighted benefit of a golden visa in Dubai is that it does not require any local sponsor. Golden Visa holders can independently live, work, or study in Dubai without gaining local or other employment. Without any individual sponsorship in Dubai, they can work for themselves.

The independence from local sponsorship particularly gives benefits to entrepreneurs and investors as they can freely operate their businesses without local partnership.


There are numerous benefits of a golden visa including long-term residency: a golden visa holder can live, work, or study in Dubai for 5-10 years, 100% business ownership, access to international high-standard educational opportunities, exclusive health facilities, and foreign investors or businessmen do not need national sponsorship to perform any sort of business ideas and activities. 

Additionally, golden visa holders can also benefit from exemption from taxation, as well as visa-free travel to more than 100 countries.

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