Top 17 Benefits Of Using Email Marketing As A Advertisement Tool

Why Email Marketing Automation Matters for your Business to Grow in 2020

To update subscribers about a company’s products or services, email marketing entails sending out tailored emails to an email list.

You may also use it to persuade the individuals on your email list to do a specific action, such as making a purchase, booking a demonstration, signing up for a trial, or signing up for an event.

This is an effective internet marketing tactic. Prospects will become clients, one-time buys will become devoted customers, and word-of-mouth advertising will increase due to a successful email marketing campaign.

Because it enables you to communicate with your leads the most directly and effectively, motivate them, and ultimately convert them into customers, email marketing continually triumphs over all other marketing mediums.

Since there are so many options available when beginning email marketing, it’s simple to feel daunted by them all.

As long as you grasp the purposes of your email marketing and follow a systematic process while writing your emails, it need not be that tough. Keep in mind there is a difference between Marketing Concept and Selling Concept.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Despite the rise of social media and undesired junk email, email is still the most effective means to promote leads and increase customer loyalty (which, by the way, is not a great marketing approach).

There are numerous reasons why email marketing should be one of your top priorities, but the three most crucial ones are listed here.

1. Method Of Communication

Email is the most used method of communication. Did you know that at least 99 percent of customers read their email at least once daily? It is impossible to say the same thing about any other mode of communication.

2. Higher Rate Of Conversion

The email has a higher rate of conversion. Consumers who make purchases after receiving offers via email spend 138% more overall than those who do not subscribe to receive such offers.

Email marketing, in particular, generates returns on investment (ROI) that are 4,400 times higher than average.

That is a tremendous deal! And if you are thinking that social media converts even better, you should reconsider because the average order value of a customer who purchases through email is at least three times larger than that of a customer who purchases social media.

Simply put, email is the most effective method for making sales online. Now that you understand the significance of email marketing let’s discuss the most effective strategies.

3. Social Media Network

You are the owner of the list. Your account on any social media network (together with all of your fans and posts) could be removed or suspended at any moment, for any reason, and without prior warning at any point in time.

Nevertheless, you are the exclusive owner of your email list. That advantage will not be taken away from you by anyone.

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Tricks for How to Do Email Marketing

This manual section will walk you through the four simple steps required to build your email marketing campaigns from scratch.

The essential tricks to get the best out of email marketing are detailed below.

1. Set Your Goals

You must be very confident of the reasons behind your choice to send an email campaign before you can even start to consider creating one. What do you want to achieve by sending this email specifically?

What action do you want your contacts to take once they have read your email? With your email marketing initiatives, you might try to achieve the following goals:

  • Brand recognition.
  • Website Traffic.
  • Revenue generating.
  • Lead generation.
  • Reactions and survey results.

Make sure your email marketing strategy’s goals are in accordance with your business’s overall goals and that they will increase revenue. When you grasp the campaign’s goal, it is simpler to obtain measurable results. It gives the focus of your efforts.

2. Recognize Target Audience

You may segment your audience, compile your list, and send email campaigns to your audience using an email service provider (ESP). Monitoring the campaign’s performance may also enable you to make improvements for later usage.

As your list of leads expands, an effective electronic mail service provider (ESP) should be able to connect with your other marketing tools and put everything on autopilot.

Numerous email service providers are accessible, but with our help, you can choose the best one based on your goals without having to do any guesswork.

A list of our suggested ESPs is provided for your consideration later in this lesson. After finishing those two procedures, all left is to tweak your email lists, and you are messaging to connect with your target audience and engage with them successfully.

Additionally, your email provider will allow you to automate various tasks, significantly simplifying your life.

3. Growing Your Email List

The first step most people do when they want to build an email list is to put an opt-in form on their website, cross their fingers, and hope that people will sign up. The unpleasant truth is that this approach often has a poor success rate.

To grow your email list, it’s important to verify that your email addresses are valid and active. A great way to verify an email address is to use an email verification service.

By doing this, you can reduce the chances of your email list becoming contaminated with invalid or spam emails.

You must persuade people to join your email list by offering to develop it in exchange for their contact information. A lead magnet might be helpful if you have one.

4. Effective Customer Magnet

You know that a lead magnet needs to provide potential customers something for free. But if you want your lead magnet to be highly effective, you need to consider these five factors:

  • Customers are more likely to make additional purchases of goods and services that live up to their expectations. Your lead magnet must be just as helpful in terms of quality as the products and services you offer to be effective.
  • Lead magnets should be concise and easy to read; otherwise, they won’t be valuable to the audience, and if you provide a 300-page manifesto, you won’t generate any momentum.
  • Provide your audience with an appropriate tool, skill set, or practical information they can apply. Your audience must receive a helpful tool, skill set, or vital knowledge from your lead magnets.
  • The majority of people want immediate gratification. Therefore you should provide it right now.
  • You won’t have trouble developing a lead magnet topic that can help customers solve their difficulties if you’ve researched your target consumers.

5. Email Marketing Result Tracking

One of the most impressive aspects of email marketing is that you can routinely monitor and enhance the efficacy of your email campaigns.

Most email marketing systems include detailed statistics and dashboards to help you assess if the messages you send have the desired impact.

Crucial Email Marketing Metrics

For all of your email marketing initiatives, you should be keeping an eye on the following crucial metrics:

1. Bounce rate

This statistic displays the proportion of contacts that did not get your email. A high bounce rate might indicate that your email list is overflowing with inactive, phony, or outdated references or that you need to switch email service providers.

2. Open Rate

This statistic shows how often each email is opened. You may measure the effectiveness of your email subject lines, sender name, and pre-header content using open rates (the snippet is viewable right after the subject line in many email clients).

3. Spam complaints

This will display the number of times one of your emails has been flagged as spam. It can result from spamming subject lines, unwanted emails, meaningless email content, or issues with your email marketing platform.

4. Click-through Rate

The click-through rate is the average number of times subscribers click on links or calls-to-action (CTAs) in your emails. The click-through rate is a crucial indicator of how much an email has been interacted with.

5. Unsubscribes

This will display the number of people who chose not to receive emails from your business. The high number of individuals that unsubscribe from your email list might mean that your emails are not being sent to the right audience or that the content is irrelevant to the people who signed up for them.

How to Increase the Open Rates of Your Business's Emails

There are probably hundreds of various indicators you may measure with the email marketing software you use.

Other email data includes mobile, open rates, revenue per email, most-visited sites, best-performing links, and more. These are in addition to conversion rates.

By matching your metrics to the objectives you want to accomplish with your email marketing, you may avoid becoming bogged down in analysis paralysis.

It will enable you to focus on the metrics that are the most critical determinants of what is and is not functioning.

Pros Of Email Marketing

You can read all the benefits one can get from email marketing. Please read them carefully.

1. Every Person Uses Email

Email is the ideal marketing channel due to its widespread use. Now, email is used by more than half of the world’s population. It guarantees that everyone you meet and your target audience uses email in today’s hyper-digital world.

Email provides a direct line of two-way connection with your target audience, unlike other marketing media like print or television.

2. Email Marketing Can Be Checked On Phones

When you hit “send” on an email, hundreds or even thousands of individuals immediately receive notifications via an electronic device they carry in their pockets.

How incredible is that? You have an unrivaled edge in terms of speed and reach when carrying out your marketing, thanks to mobile devices and email marketing.

3. Use Email Marketing For Updating Your Customers

When your email list has grown to a considerable size (even 500 excellent leads is a lot for a new company), you may send messages with only a few clicks and no more expensive than what you pay your email marketing provider.

Think about a significant company milestone. Perhaps you’ve recently made substantial changes to your product and want to communicate the advantages to your target market.

You might decide to run digital advertisements or maybe write a press release in a newspaper to notify people. Both strategies will cost you money and typically generate cold leads.

However, suppose you have a sizable email list of people who freely choose to receive communications.

In that case, you may reach a passionate audience for a fraction of the price of print or digital advertisements. Your business will expand as your list becomes more considerable.

4. Brand Recognition Can Be Increased Through Email Marketing

Establishing brand recognition is crucial for every new or expanding firm. Brand recognition is that intangible factor influencing people to pick your items over rivals’. They are more inclined to buy from you if they know you better.

So how can email increase brand recognition? The process of gaining attention leads to awareness. By being visible, you allow others to discover more about you. There are several ways to use emails to keep your readers’ interest.

After getting consent, you can send subscribers the following through email:

  • Market updates.
  • Proven guidance.
  • Industry news.
  • Updates to blogs.

Although none of these examples mention your company, they should all be related. Then, you may periodically send emails promoting your product to stay on people’s minds.

These emails will demonstrate to your clients that you care about them beyond simply your name and will help you increase brand recognition.

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5. Email Marketing For Tailored, Individualized Messages Is Ideal

Every potential consumer would have a different, tailored value offer, which is every marketer’s dream. Email marketing performs an outstanding job of approaching this ideal, even though marketing is still not quite there.

Your email lists can be divided based on any customer traits you deem essential for your company. If your business is a sports brand, you may segment your clientele according to the sports they enjoy.

With the help of several fields, you can select to personalize your emails. The majority of email marketing services provide you with this option.

Even if you email tens of thousands of individuals, you may address each recipient by name, firm, or job position.

These seemingly insignificant changes can significantly impact how consumers view your brand. Email marketing has several advantages that make it a valuable tool for small businesses.

6. Email Marketing Convinces Client’s Behavior

Every piece of marketing copy has a call to action. You’re requesting that someone recognize your brand, join, visit your website, buy anything from you, learn about your new hot sauce tastes, etc.

Email just so happens to be a fantastic technique to motivate action. Call-to-action buttons are simple to include in emails. These call-to-action buttons have a wide range of capabilities. They can be applied to:

  • Invite folks to enroll in your most recent course.
  • Tell them to visit your blog or website.
  • Encourage them to buy.
  • Request content sharing on social networks.
  • Provide reductions.

These are just a few strategies you may use when emailing to motivate action.

7. Email Marketing Boosts Connections

We’ve previously spoken about how email marketing adds a level of customization that other marketing channels don’t. Relationship-building with your consumers is greatly facilitated by personalization or, to put it another way, by understanding your audience.

You may contact prospects and clients via email to express your passion and interest. You may be sure that everyone will see your love. You may create lasting relationships by combining reactiveness and personalization.

However, if you utilize email to establish trust, you can genuinely leverage solid connections and use it to hammer home your marketing message. Credibility is the seal of approval and faith that others bestow upon you.

That logo makes you stand out from the din of rivals and clogged inboxes. You need to demonstrate your topic knowledge and honesty in your conversation. It’s simple to establish your brand’s reputation via email.

8. Scalability Of Email Marketing

Your growth is closely related to scalability. Scaling in the context of email is relatively straightforward. As your subscription base grows, you rise.

The best thing about email is that you can start building an email list right now without putting in place complicated security procedures.

Almost all email marketing software offers plans that scale as the list increases. It means you avoid paying unneeded costs upfront. Email also allows you to scale your actions for ten individuals to 100,000 people without incident.

9. Email Marketing May Be Measured

There are numbers everywhere. You probably have a good understanding of all the figures you need to work with to account for your expenditure, whether you’re a marketer or business owner. Accounting and measuring are made simple with email marketing.

The majority of email marketing platforms provide you access to vital figures like:

  • Rates of email open.
  • Amounts of clicks.
  • Delivery statistics.
  • The proportion of clicks.
  • Email openings by location.
  • Emails are opened on a browser or device.

You can easily justify your marketing efforts thanks to the wealth of information available to you, and you also have access to valuable, practical information.

10. Email Marketing Is Flexible

If you run a print ad and discover a typo, or if you run a TV commercial and the audience reacts negatively, it becomes challenging, if not impossible, to change your message. Not to mention how much money such modifications might drain from your marketing budget.

All you’d need to do with email is resend it or, for a virtually non-existent fee, admit that you made a mistake by sending a follow-up email. You may A/B test your subject lines using email marketing, which is an additional benefit.

Discovering which subject line variations provide the highest click-through rates can help you plan future campaigns.

11. Email Marketing Is Naturally Adaptable

The first two sections have already covered email capabilities and the immediate benefits of email marketing. With email marketing, you can use a variety of mediums to convey your message.

You can utilize text, photographs, videos, gifs, or embedded information in whatever arrangement you see appropriate for your business. Let’s now concentrate on the internal effects that email marketing has on your company.

12. Email Marketing, A Medium For Attracting Customers

An email is an excellent tool for motivating consumers to take action, as we’ve already said. It also applies to gaining clients.

You may establish a strong rapport with your potential consumers by creating an email marketing campaign that considers their wants and pain areas.

You’ll undoubtedly attract new clients if you include call-to-action alternatives in your campaign. In 2013, Mckinzey researched and found that email is a much more efficient way to attract clients than well-known social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Although this data only goes up to 2013, you can see the trend rise for an email from 2010 on. The graph speaks for itself: email marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a client acquisition channel due to its efficacy.

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13. Email Marketing Drives Visitors To Websites

Consider having a 100,000-contact email list and a 5% average click-through rate. Imagine publishing an article announcing the introduction of your most recent product and sending it to your email list.

You will have 5000 individuals who are immediately aware of your new product even if just 5% of the receivers click through to your post. Practically for free! This benefit functions in conjunction with the first two advantages.

By bringing more clients to your business and directing them to your website so they can look at your products, you may improve sales through email (s).

15. Email Marketing Is Budget Friendly

I’ve made many references throughout the piece to how affordable email marketing is compared to other types of advertising.

For less than a penny for each message, you may communicate with a sizable audience of customers. But because of how significant this benefit is, it merits repeating.

Additionally, most email marketing services will cover you with free plans if you have a tiny mailing list.

Email errors are simple to fix and don’t cost any extra money. Additionally, you are virtually preceding any media acquisition charges.

By eliminating the middleman and, in essence, starting your own media firm, you may communicate directly and privately with your audience using email lists.

16. Streamlined Communication By Email Marketing

Sending automated emails can help you please consumers by reducing manual work requirements like:

  • Welcome emails.
  • Thank you emails.
  • Order fulfillment and tracking emails.
  • Autoresponder emails for often-asked questions.
  • Emails with discounts for returning customers.

17. Your Data Is Your Own in Email Marketing

To enhance user experience, search engines and social media platforms frequently update their algorithms. These adjustments may occasionally impact your social presence and search results ranking.

Imagine being buried in the debris if a significant algorithm update occurs. In this situation, having a sizable email list will be crucial.

Your prospects and clients would still be able to reach you directly, and you could update them on the most recent business news.


You can achieve all of your email marketing objectives if you bear this golden rule in mind while creating the subject lines for your email automation, lead magnets, and email messages.

Absolutely! More than 83 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers send email newsletters to their clients as part of their overall content marketing plan.

Email newsletters are essential to any email marketing strategy since email marketing is cheap for businesses to interact with their customers. Email marketing strategies have to combine the two.

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