Bentodent – India’s First SLS and Fluoride-Free Toothpaste – creating waves with its Disruptive and Chemical-Free formulation


~You can now achieve the freshest breath using all natural ingredients~

August 2022: It is no secret that toothpaste that we use on a regular basis is laden with chemicals. Toothpastes come with Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, fluoride and artificial colouring which research has proven causes tremendous side effects.

Bentodent, India’s first Bentonite Clay based brand, introduces toothpastes in unique and one of a kind variants -Mint, activated charcoal, cardamom, betel leaf and clove-mint.

Why does toothpaste have to be a white, excessively foamy paste that contains chemicals that are, in the long run, hazardous to the health of our teeth?

This has created waves in the Oral Hygiene industry which they have been trying to revolutionise. They are trying to fight the age-old perceptions of dental hygiene surrounding SLS and fluorides by concocting a product that is not only all natural but also SLS free.

Bentodent believes that all answers to health-related problems lay with nature. They have innovated products using natural ingredients that soothe and nourish your teeth and gums. 

Bentodent was created by highly qualified and experienced dentists who realised the problem with mainstream toothpastes that used glycerine and SLS.

They experienced this issue in their dental practice first hand and wondered why anyone wasn’t talking about the repercussions of using chemicals for your teeth on a daily basis.

Understanding the importance of formulating targeted solutions to oral problems, Bentodent has created products that are designed to nurture your teeth. Their motto is: We urge you to nurture and not just brush your teeth. 

The brand has created the first Bentonite Clay based toothpaste in India which is completely safe for adults and kids.

Their toothpaste has flavour variants like cardamom and betel leaf, which not only impart flavour but also have therapeutic benefits.

They have an activated charcoal based toothpaste with mint which brightens teeth naturally .Bentodent desensitizer is an all natural solution for sensitive teeth which is enriched with the goodness of propolis.

They also have biodegradable and eco-friendly dental floss picks, bamboo and cornstarch toothbrushes, interdental brushes, a kids toothpaste range and a bamboo tongue cleaner. 

Speaking about the brand, an Orthodontist and Co-founder of Bentodent, Dr Monika Narula, shared, “We have always wanted to challenge the misconceptions in the oral hygiene industry.

Using chemicals like SLS, glycerine and fluorides has proven to cause harm to teeth. Why are these still so widely used?

We are using natural ingredients which are rooted in 5000 years of ayurvedic tradition. Bentonite Clay acts as a magnet to attract impurities and acts as a natural cleanser.

All our products are naturally sourced without foaming agents or any chemical additives and are safe for the whole family.

We wanted a simple formula that would be highly effective and natural – Bentodent is exactly that! It is easy to use, natural and inspired by ancient wisdom.” 

Bentodent is now a formidable online dental care brand that is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.

They are currently present in 70+ retail stores in India. They are slowly taking over the dental care space with their all natural solution by educating people about the importance of going natural in their everyday routine.

Their disruptive formula has created waves in the oral hygiene space and has racked up customers in 7 countries across the globe. 

About Bentodent:

Bentodent is a Dental care brand that has been sparking a revolution with their disruptive natural toothpaste formula.

They are the first brand in India to introduce a bentonite clay based toothpaste that is safe for the entire family.

They can be found in all major online stores and 70+ retail stores. Their products are rigorously moderated and designed to achieve holistic nurturing of the teeth and gums. 

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