15 Best Air Fryer in India to buy (July 2022) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Air Fryer in India

Updated on 17 July 2022: Are you looking for the best Air Fryer in India for your home? In this buyer’s guide and product review, we will provide you with a detailed buying guide and authentic product reviews so that you can know more about the advantages and disadvantages of this kitchen appliance.

In this buyer’s guide and product review post, we have brought the Best Air Fryer in India for your kitchen requirement, which you can buy online or from local dealer.

There are different brand selling Air Fryers in the market. Some of them are…

Philips, SToK, Havells, Inalsa, Glen, Prestige, Kenstar, AMERICAN MICRONIC INSTRUMENTS, Wonderchef, YOTOO etc…

1: Havells Air Fryer:

Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer:

This is a black digital air fryer from Havells. It comes with 60-minutes timer with auto shut-off and available in Black color..

It comes with quick cooking time like 12 minutes frying. Temperature control knob is there for 80 to 200-degree C. Cord length is 80 cm.

In this appliance, you may fry, bake, roast, reheat or grill food with hot air, making it up to 85% less oily in compare to traditional deep-frying.

It comes with 4-litre capacity and 1230 watts wattage. The frequency of this machine is 50 Hz and power input is 230 volts.

The main package includes one main unit with pan, one large food basket, instruction manual and recipe book.

Havells AirOven Digi 1500W with Aero Crisp Technology:

Here it is Hevells digital air oven. It is equipped with AERO crisp technology. It ensures rapid air circulation in every direction.

That ensures evenly cooked food for better crisping while retaining the maximum moisture inside.

It comes with 9-auto cook pre-set options for perfect time with adjustable temperature control.

Its 380-degree air circulation technology allows hot air to distribute heat for quick and healthy cooking.

LED display with digital sensor touch control panel is there for ease of operations. It contains transparent toughen glass, auto shut-off and cool touch handle.

2.6 L bigger size rotation drum basket (rotisserie) is available. 4.6 L non-stick rectangular shaped basket is there in this model.

Up to 90 min timer is there for easy cooking.  Required power is 1500 watts and operating voltage is 50-230 volts. It comes with 2-years warranty.

The main package includes Main Unit, two Grill Tray, one Tray, one 4.6 L Rectangular Basket with handle, one 2.6 L Rotation Drum Basket, one Drum Basket Holder, one Instruction Manual & one Recipe Book.

2: SToK Air Fryer:

SToK Air Fryer 2.6 Litre 1350-Watt

Here this is a SToK air fryer in red colour. Capacity of this machine is 2.6 L & it comes with temperature control 80 to 200-degree C.

Its rapid air technology can roast, bake, air fry, grill and sauté. Up to 30-minutes, cooking time is possible with indication bell.

It comes with dishwasher safe parts like frying basket and frying tray for quick and easy cleaning.

The main box includes main unit, recipe book and one extra grill. It comes with Smart Rapid Air Technology & Double Layer Grill. It is available in Red color.

SToK Digital Air Fryer 4 Liter 1500-Watt

This is SToK digital air fryer. It comes with smart Rapid 3D air technology and double-layered grill. It comes in red colour.

Its digital LCD controls allows setting temperature 80 to 200-degree C. It cooks in 1 to 30 minutes.

This is great when you want to cook something without using a pre-set. It is advisable to refer user manual for troubleshooting and cooking guide.

Its 8 pre-set menu includes warm, fries/chips, shrimps, lamb, chicken, steak, fish & cake.

Power consumption of this appliance is 1500-watts with 220-240 volts operating voltage and 50 Hz frequency.

It allows to air fry your favourite fried food that also without oil or very little oil. It can cook with 85% less calories.

You can bake in this appliance. Now make delicious cakes in this model. Its timer indicator will let you know when cooking time is over.

It will beep a couple of times to let you know that it is done. The main box includes main unit, one double layer grill, recipe book and user manual.

3: Inalasa Air Fryer:

Inalsa Air Fryer Fry with 4.2L Cooking Pan Capacity

This is an Inalsa air fryer to fulfil instant craving with 1400-watt power. It comes with Timer Selection and Fully Adjustable Temperature Control.

It’s available in Black/Grey color. It heats up in 2-3 minutes and cooks food faster than a conventional oven.

Therefore, you can save money and at the same time cut down the calories.

It comes with release button, which allows you to detach your basket from the air fryer for easy cleaning and quick serving.

Intelligent knob is there for easy operation. Just rotate the knob to adjust temperature and time according to your cooking desire.

Now the knob will take care of your dish. Cooking skill of this appliance is not limited for chips but you can cook casseroles, curries, chicken, beef, breasts, desserts, sausages etc.

Its 2.9 L family size food basket and 4.2 L cooking pan will able to serve whole family.

It will make your cooking effortless and suitable for every occasions. The appliance will automatically switch-off for your safety when you remove the basket.

Overheat protection is also provided in this model for sudden overloads. It comes with detachable food grade, non-stick basket; it is dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.

The manufacturers provide 2-year warranty. The brand sincerely provide with product warranty and genuine customer service.

Inalsa Active Fry 4.2L Fry Light Air Fryer

This Inalsa air fryer provides you the healthier alternative to enjoy fried food. It comes in black or white colour as per availability.

Its 2.9 L family size, food basket and 4.2 L cooking pan will able to serve complete family.

It will power-off when you remove basket. It is available with power and heating LED indicator light.

Food grade non-stick coated food basket, cool touch handle and release button are the main feature of this appliance.

It comes with adjustable time and temperature control and Smart Rapid Air Technology. It includes Detachable 2.9L Non-Stick Basket, 4.2L Cooking Pan, Healthy Oil Free Cooking. It has 2 Years Warranty.

4: Glen Air Fryer:

Glen Rapid Fryer Black 3044 2.8 litres 1350 Watt:

This is Glen air fryer with 2-years warranty & black in colour. It uses up to 80% less fat compare to conventional fryers.

Its big stainless steel coil gives rapid heating. Vapor steam is there for crispier frying. It comes with large cooking capacity of 2.8 L. It requires 1350 watts power.

Glen 3046 Air Fryer 2.0L 800 watt White:

This Glen air fryer is suitable for frying, roasting, grilling & baking with no or little oil. It comes with 30-minutes timer & end of cycle alarm.

You can conveniently pre-set 180° C temperature. It comes with removable basket which easy to clean.

Capacity of this fryer is 2L. Power consumption of this appliance is 800 watts.

Glen Rapid Air Fryer 3043 1350w Black, 3.2 Litre:

This Glen air fryer comes in black colour. It comes with PBT frying basket chamber with food grade SS 304 base.

This is to avoid harmful fumes while frying. It can fry, bake & roast conveniently with no or little oil.

Its adjustable timer with 30-minutes limit is for ease of operation. Temperature control up to 80 to 200 degree C is there for perfect result.

Its bigger SS heat coil is surrounded with reflector for rapid heating. Power consumption of this machine is 1350 watts.

Glen 800 Watt 2 L Mini Fryer:

Here it is 800 watts mini fryer from Glen in black colour. It can Fry, grill, roast & even bake conveniently using little or no oil.

It is easy to clean. Capacity of this appliance is 2 L. Its compact design is good for fast and effective frying.

It comes with removable basket. 30-minutes timer with end of the cycle alarm is there in this model.

As it uses only 800-watts, it can be said that it saves electricity. It is convenient with superior pre-set frying.

It comes with pre-set temperature up to 180-200 °C. Vapour steam is there for crispier frying. It comes with 2 years warranty.

Glen SA-3041 1230-Watt Digital Air Fryer:

This is Glen 1230-watts digital air fryer in black colour. It can Fry, grill, roast and even bake conveniently using little or no oil. Available in Black color.

It comes with large cooking capacity (up to 800 grams), adjustable time and temperature control for perfect results.

60 min timer, 6-temperature settings and food separator are there to fry different dishes at the same time.

Its integrated air filter keeps the kitchen fresh. It comes with LCD display. Its removable basket is easy to clean.

It will auto cut off on removal of basket. It comes with 1-year warranty on product and 2-year warranty is extended. Required power for this model is 1230 watts. The main box includes main unit.

GLEN 3042 Deep Fat Fryer, Grill, Roast & Bake

This is Glen air fryer. It comes with PBT frying basket chamber with food grade SS 304 base.

This is to avoid harmful fumes while frying. It can fry, grill, roast and even bake conveniently using little or no oil.

It comes with adjustable timer limit 30 min and temperature control for perfect result 80 to 200 degree C.

Its bigger stainless steel heat coil is surrounded with reflector for rapid heating and safety lock on handle.

It comes with powerful motor for swift hot air circulation technology for faster, crispy and tender frying. It helps to reduce the fat up to 80%. 2 Years Warranty on Air Fryer included.

Its vapour steam system ensures the crisp frying and patented conical hot air circulation base.

Separate light indicator is there for power and heater is available in this appliance. Capacity of this fryer is 2.25 L.

Power consumption of this model is 1350-watts. It comes with 2-years warranty. The main package includes main unit.

5: Prestige Air Fryer:

Prestige PAF 4.0 2.2-Litre Air Fryer:

This is Prestige PAF 4.0 black air fryer. Its temperature & timer control is easy to operate and save the power. Available in Black color.

Its specially designed removable frying basket is easy to clean and maintain. It requires 1400-watt power and the operating voltage of this appliance is 230 volts.

It can fry, roast, bake and grill. Filter and safety button are special features of this model. Capacity of this machine is 2.2 L. The main package includes main unit.

6: Kenstar Air Fryer:

Kenstar Aster Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer

This is Kenstar digital oxy fryer in black colour. Capacity of this model is 3.5 L. It comes with digital controls and 7-pre-set cooking menus.

Power consumption of this model is 1500-watts and operating voltage is 220-240 volts with 50 Hz frequency.

Temperature range is 80 to 200°C; up to 30 minutes, cooking is possible with timer.

It comes with non-stick coated food basket and overheating protection function.

Cool touch housing and handle is there for easy operation. A free recipe booklet with 100 recipes is available with this appliance. It comes with 1-year warranty. It can fry, roast, grill and bake.

Kenstar Air Fryer Aster-N 1500 Watt Oxy Fryer:

This is maroon Kenstar oxy fryer. You can cook with no or little oil in this appliance. It ensures healthy and delicious food. Power consumption of this appliance is 1500 watt.

Kenstar OF-KOS13BJ2-CFK 1350-Watt Oxy Fryer:

This is black Kenstar oxy filter. It comes with wide temperature range. Its smart functions allow oil free frying. Capacity of this fryer is 2.6 L. Available in Black color.

It comes with 1-year warranty. Power consumption of this appliance is 1350 watts and operating voltage is 220-240 volts. The main package includes main unit.

Kenstar Smart Air Fryer Oxy Fryer Smart Black KOS13BJ2:

This is Kenstar smart air fryer in black colour. 2.6 L capacity of this fryer allows you to cook large batches of food in one go.

It will auto shut –off if you open fry basket in working condition. It comes with 100 delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

7: Wonderchef Air Fryer:

Wonderchef Regalia Compact Air Fryer 1.8 liters:

This is sleek & compact air fryer from Wonderchef. Its sleek and compact design saves space in kitchen.

It is a must appliance in everyone’s kitchen for healthy living. It is essential for that first apartment, compact kitchen, college dorm life, or weight-conscious holiday.

It comes with time and temperature control functions. Its automatic shutdown function lets you know when your food is ready.

It comes with 1.8L non-stick food basket for easy cleaning and maintaining. It comes with 1-year warranty.

Power consumption of this appliance is 1000-watts and operating voltage is 230 volts. The main pack includes main unit.

Wonderchef Prato 2.2-Litre Electric Air Fryer:

This is 2.2 L electric air fryer from Wonderchef. Its automatic shut down function lets you know when your food is ready.

30 minutes timer of this appliance makes it easy to select the perfect timing to cook your food.

Innovative rapid air heat circulation technology of this model fries a wide variety of food with less or no oil.

It comes with large 800 gram/ 2.2 litter capacity frying basket. Its pull out basket simplifies putting food in and taking it out of the fryer.

It comes with 2-years warranty on product. Power consumption of this machine is 1200 watts and operating voltage is 220 volts.

8: Philips Air Fryer:

Philips HD9216/43 Air Fryer

This is innovative Philips air fryer with rapid air technology. It allows you to grill, bake and roast delicious food. It uses up to 90% Less Fat, and 1.8 m Retractable Cord, (Grey):

It cooks food with about 90% less oil/fat. It comes with 30-minutes timer setting with auto-off and up to 200°C temperature control. 1.8 m retractable cord is there for easy movability.

9. iBELL AF25BS 2.5 Litre 1400W Crispy Air Fryer

This is iBELL crispy air fryer with smart rapid air technology and Timer Function & Fully Adjustable Teperature Control. It crisps fries with rapid air convection and fast consistent heat.

Power consumption of this appliance is 1400-watts and operating voltage is 220-240 volts. Capacity of this machine is 2.5 L.

Advanced timer function & temperature control function is available with stainless steel handle.

Before start cooking in this appliance, place the appliance on a stable, horizontal & level heat resistant surface.

Place basket in the frying tray & never fill frying tray with oil.
It comes with 1-year standard warranty + 1-year additional warranty on free registration.

10: Hi-Tech Programmable 2.6 Liters 1300W Rapid Air Fryer

This is Hi-Tech programmable rapid air fryer for fast and healthier food. In this rapid air technology hot air, circulate quickly created by a combination of close range heat radiation and fast upward moving hot air.

It uses 80% less oil in cooking. Now you can enjoy your favourite food without the extra calories. It is ideal for festival gift like Raksha Bandhan.  

This kitchen appliance allows you to grill, fry, bake, and roast with little to no oil. You can make crispy fried chicken, steak, French fries, pizza and much more in 1 countertop appliance.

It comes with non-sticky and easy-to-clean Fry Pot, equipped with guard to prevent accidental detachment & removable, easy to clean and BPA Free.

It comes with auto cut-off for safety & adjustable time setting. It comes with non-slip feet for protection.

It will automatically power off when the fry pot is taken out & the cooking will continue when it is in.

11: Koryo 2.6L Air Fryer 2.6 litres, KHF4420:

This is Koryo air fryer with digital display. It cooks food with up to 80% less oil, with digital display, touch controls and Multiple Cooking Attachments.

It is suitable for Healthy Frying, Grilling, Roasting and Baking your favourite food items with 8-preset menu.

It comes with high-speed air circulation to cook food with temperature control 80 to 200-degree C. 1350-watts power consumption is required.

Capacity of this appliance is 2.6 L. Up to 30-minutes timer is available. Auto cut-off, indicator light & basket release button with coverlid is available.

It comes with dishwasher safe parts. The main box includes main unit, silicon cupcake moulds, silicon brush, pizza pan, cake barrel and recipe book. 1-year warranty on product is available.

12: HILTON Air Fryer Black 3.5 LTR:

This is HILTON black air fryer with the capacity of 3.5 L. With this appliance u can fry, grill, and bake your food without or with less of oil.

Its rapid air technology gives u a smart way of oil less cooking and gives you a healthier and tastier food.

It is easy to handle and easy to clean with timer and temperature controlled. It comes with innovative design for tastiest and delicious food with fast and convenient cooking.

The recipe book comes with this appliance gives inspiring and low fat recipes. It will help to reduced oil in your life.

13: BALTRA Fresco Air Fryer 2.5 L 1400 Watt:

This is BALTRA Fresco Air Fryerwith smart rapid air technology. It comes with specially design cooking pan for better cooking result.

Frying material of this appliance is steel and it comes with 30 minutes timer with end alarm. Auto shut off feature is available.

Detachable cooking and frying pan is there for ease of cleaning and serving.

Variable temperature control and non-stick coated cooking utensils are available with this brand.

Decorative and stain proof control panel gives attractive look to this appliance. Capacity of this appliance is 2.5 L.

It comes with 1-year warranty on product. Required power of this model is 1400-watts. In addition, operating voltage is 220 volts.

The main package comes with main unit, power cord, wooden spatula, silicon oil brush, hand Mittan and demo CD.

14: AGARO 1300-Watt, 3.2 litre Air fryer:

This is AGARO air fryer with rapid 3D uniform heating. It cooks food with up to 80% less oil than Traditional Frying.

It is suitable for Smokeless Frying, Baking, and Grilling & Roasting. It comes with rapid 3D Uniform Heating Technology & adjustable temperature control up to 200° C.

Non-stick food basket with extra-large capacity of 3.2L is available in this model. Overheat Protection, timer control; ready alarm & cool touch handle is main feature of this brand.

Required power is 1300-watts and operating voltage is 220 volts. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is available with this brand.

15: Russell Hobbs R20810 2-Litre Air Fryer:

This is Russell Hobbs black/silver 2.0 L air fryer. It is versatile appliance for cooking chips, meat, fish, vegetable & baking facility.

It is a healthier alternative to deep-frying with fewer odours. It comes with 2-litre capacity basket, which slides out for easy access and acts as a food separator.

60-minute timer is available in this appliance. Auto switch off is possible.  Power consumption is 1230-watts.

It comes with variable temperature control & basket separator, which aids in cooking 2-items at once.

It looks elegant. The main box includes main unit, user manual and warranty card.

About Air Fryer:

An air fryer is a modern kitchen appliance. It cooks by circulating hot air around the food using the convection method.

We can say that it is a smaller version of convection oven. In this, a mechanical fan circulates hot air around the food at high speed.

It cooks food and produces a crispy layer. The Maillard reaction of this appliance requires temperatures of between 140 to 165 °C.

At the same time, caramelization temperatures depend on the sugar being caramelized and range from 110 to 180 °C.

It uses circulation of hot air to cook food. Its cooking chamber radiates heat from a heating element near food.

That is why it cooks more efficiently. It is observed that cooking times in the air fryer are reduced by 20% in comparison with traditional ovens.

It depends per brand and the quantity of the food cooked in the air fryer.
It induces the Maillard effect by completely submerging foods in hot oil in traditional frying methods, which attains considerably higher temperatures than boiling water.

This kitchen appliance works by coating the desired food in a thin layer of oil while circulating air heated up to 200 °C.

As a result, the appliance is able to brown foods like potato chips, chicken, fish, steak, cheeseburgers, french fries or pastries etc. by using 70% to 80% less oil than a traditional deep fryer.

Mostly air fryers have temperature and timer adjustments that allow more precise cooking.

Convection ovens and air fryers are similar in the way of cooking style, but air fryers are generally smaller in capacity than convection ovens and give off less heat.

The taste and consistency of food cooked using traditional and air-fried method are not identical.

Sometime air fryers are equipped with additional accessories for specific kinds of cooking, such as pizza pans, skewer racks, cake barrels, and grilling trays.
Turbochef Technologies filed for patent for Air Fryer in 2005. They targeted hotel chains and large food hubs.

Philips introduced Air Fryer in 2010 at the International unkausstellung (IFA), a consumer electronics fair in Berlin. It was developed by using the patented Rapid Air technology.

Best Air Fryer in India Buyer’s Guide

Following are some common questions about Air Fryer…

What is Air Fryer?

This is a handy appliance claims to mimic the results of deep-frying with hot air and small amount of oil.

How does the air fryer work?

Basically, air fryer is a counter top convection oven. Its compact size helps in faster cooking.

The top of the unit comes with fan and heating mechanism. Hot rushes down around the food in basket and make it crisp like deep-fried.

Is air-fried food healthy?

By all means, air fried food is healthier than deep-fried food. It cuts calories by 70% to 80%. It contains less fat.

It cut downs some other harmful effects of oil frying. A study shows that the amount of acrylamide in fried potatoes is lower 90% in air fryer.

Is air fryer worth it?

The results are much better than oven frying and another thing is that the kitchen will stay cool.

It does an admirable job in cooking meat & vegetables. It really shines at mock deep-frying. So, if you do not want to eat oil-fried food, than it is worth to buy it.

What can I cook in air fryer?

Some of the food you can cook in air fryer are crispy baked potatoes, crispy & juicy pork chops, bacon, mini calzones, potato chips and sweet potato chips, cookies, fried chicken, mozzarella sticks etc.

What is the point of air fryer?

Air fryers are not just for traditionally crispy fried food but you can use them for roasting & baking also without using oven. It can be used for cooking fish fillets easily in few time.

What I cannot cook in air fryer?

You should avoid putting over-seasoned food items, wet batter and cheese in fryer. It may create mess. It is recommended to prepare frozen food, cookies etc. in fryer.

What are the disadvantages of air fryer?

It is slower than traditional cooking method, so it may take more than double time then traditional one. Capacity of frying basket is very small.

As we cannot monitor food during cooking, it may burn. In addition, the appliance is expensive; on the other hand, for our traditional cooking we have vessels handy.

Can I make toast in air fryer?

Yes, you can toast in air fryer. It is very simple to make toast in air fryer. You can get best result as oven.

Simply place the bread slice on top shelf of air fryer and cook for 3 minutes at 200-degree C.

Can I fry without air fryer?

In convection oven, you can… try it by using convection roast or bake. Just as oven, use a dark pan to get the best result.

Can I fry eggs in air fryer?

If you have a pan, which you can use in air fryer basket, then you can. In addition, in case if you have air fryer oven then you can fry it on tray.

Just crack the eggs into a pan and set the temperature to 170-degrees C for 3-minutes.

Can I cook sausages in air fryer?

Yes, you can cook it, no oil or cooking fat is needed. Just cook it as it is on their own. In basket type, put sausages in basket for 180-degree C for 7 minutes. Toss and again cook for 5 to 7 minutes.

Can I put aluminium foil in air fryer?

It is ok if you put aluminium foil in the basket but it is never recommended to put it on the base.

Can air fryer work without oil?

An air fryer offers crispy and delicious food. Unlike other frying techniques the cook food without unhealthy oil and unwanted grease puddles on plate.

Do air fryers have radiation?

No, they do not use infrared radiation or microwave radiation during cooking process.

Infect, they are more akin to your traditional convection oven, circulating hot air to cook.

Do air fryers have side effects?

In comparison to deep-frying, air fryer will reduce fat amount, calories and harmful compounds in your food.

Air fried foods are similar to fried food in taste. However, eating them on a regular basis may be associated with adverse health conditions.

Does air fryer make food crispy?

Air fryers rely on the circulation of hot air. They do not need oil to make crispy food. You only need to brush food for perfect colour and crispness.

A quick spritz of air fryer will give your air-fried food that nice golden colour and crispy texture.

Can I make popcorn in air fryer?

Yes, you can… Set air fryer to 199-degree C and add kernels to the fryer basket & spray some oil.

You may line the side tray with aluminium foil to prevent spoiling. Insert basket and cook for 15 minutes approx.

How can I toast sandwich in air fryer?

Per-heat air fryer for 3-minutes at 200 ° C. Place prepared sandwich into air fryer with toothpick. Cook for 6 to 7 minutes.

Can I reheat pizza in air fryer?

Preheat air fryer to 160-degree C. Remove pizza slice from refrigerator and place them in the basket of air fryer. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes and check.

Can I use silicon in air fryer?

Yes, you can use any ovenproof material in air fryer. They may be glass, ceramic, metal, silicon, paper cups etc. Remember that metal baking tins may be very hot during baking.

Can I put plate in air fryer?

Yes, you can put any oven or microwave safe plate in air fryer. They should fit in air fryer properly. Because

Are Air fryers better than oven?

Actually, from my point of view yes it is better for deep-fried food. This kitchen appliance use rapid air technology to generate heat instead of an element.

Even its small size helps them circulate the heat more evenly. It will crisp food quickly without hot spots.

Does air fryer use a lot of electricity?

No, they do not consume lots of electricity. They are energy efficient in compare to oven. Even they reduce about 25% cooking time.

For smaller amount of food, it is much convenient and cheaper to use air fryer. The average cooking time of air fryer may be around 12 to 15 minutes.

Pros and Cons of air fryer:

Pros of air fryer:

1: Healthier meal:

It is not necessary to use much oil or any fat in this appliance to cook crispy and brown food. Just brush some oil or butter on food item and proceed for cooking cycle that is it.

The hot air will drain excess oil from food. This devise is ideal for making fresh/frozen fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, nuggets etc. You do not need to soak food in fat.

2: Quicker and more efficient cooking:

As the basket/cooking compartment of air fryer is small, it will take less time in cooking. It takes minutes in reheating.

It will cook food faster than stove or oven.  Frozen foods are quickly cooked because; the effect of the heat is intensified by circulating air in this appliance.

They are more energy efficient than normal oven. It will make house atmosphere cool.

As we see above, the cooking cycle is also shorter; you can see that using a fryer makes most cooking faster and more efficient than traditional appliances!

3: Space saving:

Normally, they are available in small and compact size. They are perfect for small kitchens, kitchenettes, dorm rooms or RVs.

In some situations, they may replace oven also. If you are using it frequently, you will likely be happy to give it a home on your kitchen counter!

4: Easy to use:

They are designed to be easy to use. Just set the cooking temperature and time, put your food in the basket and relax.

You will get better results if you shake your food once or twice during the cooking cycle, especially for things like fries, chips, wings and nuggets.

This will give you perfect browning and perfect crispiness. Kids also can manage to cook in it.

5: Versatility:

You can use them for air frying, stir-frying, reheating, baking, roasting, grilling etc.

Not only the fries and nuggets, you can make hot dogs and sausages, steak, grilled sandwiches, stir-fried meats and veggies, roasted or steamed veggies, even cakes and desserts.

If it is large enough, you can even bake a whole chicken or small turkey, or do a beef or pork roast. They really are more than just a fryer!

Cons of Air Fryers:

1: Quality Issues:

They are mostly made from plastic and inexpensive metal parts. Not sure, they may or may not bear up after months or years of use.

If the heating elements, controls and fans tend to go out eventually, and once they do your unit is useless.

The metal cooking baskets and pans do not tend to last very long and often need replacement.

Sometimes they are not sturdy, long-lasting kitchen appliances overall. However, you can avoid this entire problem by choosing well-known brand with good quality, warranty and deal.

2: Size:

As we see, fryer size is small in compare to oven. Most fryers are suitable for making food for up to 4-person.

In very few brands we can make food for more than 4-person. They require cooking in batches.

So, from my point of view, for large families convection oven would be better choice.

3: Information:

Of course, they are easy to use. Still there is a learning curve. Each unit has its own peculiarities that you will have to understand.

They come with cooking guides and recipes, but those are more recommendations than firm instructions.

You have to take a few trials before you get the results that you want. Luckily, the internet is there with users who have shared their experiences, so finding tips may be quiet easy.

4: Space:

I know it is small in size and may be call it space saver. It may take extra space on kitchen counter or storage cabinet.

If it is used frequently then its ok, but in case you are using it occasionally than it may occupy extra space. It depends upon use.

In addition, one more thing they are quiet heavy, so may be hard to move every time.

5: Limitations:

Even with all versatilities, they have some limitations also. You may get limited sized basket in the market and that is why some food item may not fit in the basket.

Pie pan may be available with 6-inch size, In case food stuck to pan it may be difficult to clean it.

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In case of cooking racks or kabob skewers, again size limitation is there. You must cook in small batches. Moreover, for more people it may be not appropriate.

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