Best Anti-ageing Skincare Tips to help you Age Youthfully

Reduce Premature Skin Aging

Best Anti-ageing Skincare Tips to help you Age Youthfully

Skincare is a process that maintains the skin’s integrity, magnifies its appearance, and relieves skin conditions.

It provides nutrition and hydration to the skin. It comprises many practices. Practices such as cosmetics, botulinum, exfoliation, fillers, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, peels, retinol therapy, etc lie under this.

Skincare is meant to be performed regularly to get rid of skin issues such as acne, dermatitis, or dry skin issues.

Your skin type

It doesn’t matter whether you are older or younger, your skin type matters the most. Especially while performing an anti-ageing skincare routine you need to know everything about your skin but usually while watching advertisements we get attracted to them, we often forget that they might not be suitable for our skin’s age and type.

We need to understand that not all products are for all skin types. And they are not going to work the same for everyone. For instance, a face wash that suits person A perfectly might dry out person B’s skin.

Here is a list of broadly divided skin types :

Oily skin:

Oily skin is when oil glands produce a large amount of oil. Your skin lies in this type when you can feel oil on your face after a few hours of face wash.

A large amount of oil is accumulated on your nose T-zone when you wake up in the morning. Oily skin results in acne, and black and whiteheads.   

Dry skin:

It is when your skin feels itchy, flaky, and rough. Moisturizer is completely absorbed within a few hours and you again feel the need for it. Dryness causes whiteness and a dull-looking face.

Normal skin:

It is when you neither feel the need to face wash twice a day nor the need for moisturization within every few hours.

Combination skin:

It is when your skin has both dry as well as oily areas. One has more oil-producing glands at the T-zone and fewer oil-producing glands elsewhere.

If you want your skin to look forever young and glowy then you must follow skincare religiously. For better texture, shine and youthful skin you must follow morning as well as night skincare routines.

Morning skincare

Taking care of your skin is not as difficult as it’s hype. There are 4 easy steps, if you follow them regularly then no one can stop you from having perfect illuminating skin.

1. Cleansing

First things first, cleaning your face is the most crucial step. Choose a cleanser or face wash which doesn’t make your skin feel tight.

Don’t clean your face more than twice if you have oily skin or if you wear makeup. But in case, your skin type is normal or dry or if you avoid makeup don’t wash your face more than once a day.

2. Serum

Serums contain vitamins and other growth factors which replenish the skin.  The basic difference between serum and moisturizer is that moisturizer only keeps your skin hydrated while serums are made of anti-acne acne substances. Moisturizers are used by whole while serums are for particular problems.

3. Moisturizer

Every skin needs to moisturize, even oily skin. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated. They don’t make your skin oily or greasy.

People with oily skin should go for gel or ligmoisturizeristuriser whereas people who have dry skin should always opt for cream-based moisturizer.

4. Sunscreen

Never forget to apply sunscreen before heading outdoors. Apply your sunscreen 15 minutes before going out as it takes time for sunscreens to get activated.

People with darker skin tones need more sun protection because hyperpigmentation is harder to correct. They should necessarily apply sunscreen every day.

Night skincare routine

1. Cleansing

Cleanse your ski7n. Washing your face after all day long is very important. Sleeping without washing your face would lead to dust clots and greasiness which eventually leads to acne and other problems.

2. Toner

Toners help in multiple ways. They hydrate your skin. They help in minimizing and clearing your pores. You can find toner according to your skin type.

3. Night cream with retinol

Applying night cream is essential. People with mature skin should apply night cream with retinol. Night cream provides adequate hydration to skin and retinol helps in removal of dead skin cells and helps in redevelopment of new cells.

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