17 Best App Ideas For Startups & SMEs To Build Their Brand In 2022


17 Best App Ideas For Startups & SMEs To Build Their Brand

An app is an integral part of businesses, be it for startups, SMEs, or giant enterprises. It can ensure organizational success and take business revenue to greater heights.

In fact, in 2022, the global mobile app revenue is expected to cross 469 billion. Undeniably, apps are businesses’ future and a vital part of business strategies.

But, while it is imperative for entrepreneurs to invest in apps that can lead them towards tremendous success, meet business objectives, and move ahead in the competition, it is also critical to find an app idea with the potential to achieve those goals.

So, before you hire mobile app developer in India and jump to the implementation stage, secure an app idea that works for your business, audience, and market.

This guide brings to you the 17 best app ideas for startups & SMEs for 2022.

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Top App Ideas For Startups & SMEs
  • Health Scanning
  • Food Delivery
  • Dating Or Matrimony
  • E-commerce Store With Augmented Reality
  • Anti-Smart Device Addiction App
  • Hotel & Restaurant Booking App
  • Packers & Movers App
  • EdTech App
  • Mobile Wallet App
  • Speech To Text App
  • Charity App
  • Fitness App
  • Location Tracking App – AI/ML
  • Money Transfer
  • Salon Management App
  • Taxi Booking App
  • Tour & Travel App With AR/VR
  • Conclusion

1. Health Management

The health management app market in the world has seen robust growth. Everyone nowadays prefers keeping track of their health and managing it through an app.

It is convenient for users as it allows them to select health consultants, book and track appointments with medical professionals, upload their medical reports, etc.

Also, the in-built push notification feature can keep users informed of all future appointments and any other updates. Therefore, a health management app is one of the top app ideas for startups in 2022.

2.  Food Delivery

Building a robust food delivery app with a voice search command feature is one of the most innovative app ideas for F&B businesses at present.

Launching such an app can be a unique way to capture market attention and generate higher revenues. But unlike a regular food delivery app, building an app with in-built voice search processing won’t be easy.

Thus, the best recommendation is to hire a mobile app development company. That will help you launch a food delivery app that delivers a pleasurable user experience without causing you any hassle.

3. Dating App with AI

Finding a soulmate among trillions of people is pretty challenging; coming as a savior, a dating app is one of the top app ideas for businesses to launch in 2022.

Such an app helps users find a compatible match. And, considering how the online dating market is projected worth three billion in 2022 with high user penetration, dating apps are an idea full of potential at present.

4. eCommerce Store With Augmented Reality

Digital shopping is not a modern concept. But its dynamic success has influenced numerous emerging businesses to take their traditional brick-and-mortar store to an eCommerce platform.

Plus, while having an eCommerce platform is a must for businesses, an eCommerce app is even better because mobile commerce currently dominates over 50% of the total global retail sales. .

As the competition in this niche is limitless – entrepreneurs can stand apart by launching an eCommerce App with augmented reality (AR) technology and presenting a virtual try-on experience to the customers.

Voice search, chatbots, and sales automation are other advanced features that can help your eCommerce app perform better.

5. Anti-Smart Device Addiction App

It is found in a study that about 54% of teens and 36% of adults spend overtime on their digital devices- including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Unquestionably, this obsession negatively impacts our health. But, holding back seems a bit challenging.

So, launching software that helps fight this obsession is an excellent app idea.

Anti-Addiction App ideas-

  • Tracking Gadget Duration Of Service
  • Limit Engagement
  • Usage Restrictions
  • Screen Blocking After Maximum Usage
  • Usage Time Monitoring

6.  Hotel & Restaurant Booking App

Managing sales and dining was quite a task for restaurant owners until the on-demand restaurant booking apps launched.

The restaurant booking app is one of the best app development ideas even in 2022. It serves numerous benefits- allowing owners to advance restaurant bookings and ensure a safe dine-in experience for the customers.

Moreover, an app with the latest features provides actual data analytics that gives you insight into periodical sales and profit.

7. Packers & Movers App

Moving house or work is quite a task, whether in a neighboring place or a different country. If migration is unplanned, it will lead to a journey full of hassles.

Packers & Movers is the modern-day app that makes transmission simpler, easier, and convenient. It looks after the entire relocating requirements, whether loading or shifting to the new location. ‘Mover and Packer’ is one of the popular app ideas for startups and SMEs to launch.

8. EduTech App

The covid-19 pandemic has redefined how we perceive education and learning. People have embraced the ed-tech culture- a plus for educational institutions.

They can benefit from this trend and launch educational apps for eLearning. EdTech App could be a good start for startups and SMEs looking for the best app ideas in the education domain.

9. Mobile Wallet App

People have adapted digital wallets -online payment apps for secure transactions -because they are convenient and safe in equal measures.

Digital wallets, compared to traditional banking, are more convenient and easily accessible. Moreover, online wallets ensure speedy transactions and immediate processing. Plus, they can be integrated with a variety of other apps and can easily increase user satisfaction across multiple touchpoints.

In such an app, users can add bank or card details to make payments and transfer money anywhere, anytime. So, digital wallet apps are worth considering if you are looking for the best app ideas in the finance and economy sector. 

10.  Speech To Text App

Automatic speech recognition and speech-to-text has found application in several present-day instances, like transcription, on-the-go texting, note-taking, etc.

This technology has also helped processing issues in children with special conditions, like ADHD. It records voices and converts them into text in real-time, helping a wide range of audiences in numerous ways So, if you are planning to launch an app in 2022 for business professionals as well as students, speech-to-text apps are worth considering.

11. Charity App

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on people around the globe. It has destroyed the lives of millions of people.

Many humanitarian causes are using technology to raise awareness and help the less fortunate. Simultaneously, many businesses are also trying to raise awareness among their audience.

For this, launching charity/fundraising apps can be beneficial. It creates awareness and directly connects people in need with those ready to raise funds. Considering the situation, this is indeed one of the best app ideas to launch in 2022.

12. Fitness App

Due to the time constraint of modern-day people, home workouts have gained immense popularity. Regardless of the exercise format- cardio, yoga, Zumba, pilates, etc., software applications help users stay fitness-focused.

Through an app, they get a platform where they can connect with top nutritionists, health tutors, and private fitness instructors to track their performance.

Also, the latest feature integration help users know their calorie intake and burned calories, resulting in better control over diet and exercise.

In the pandemic, such fitness apps help users make a conscious and healthy choice every time. Thus, businesses can consider launching fitness apps in 2022- one of the best app ideas for startups and SMEs.

13. Map App – AI/ML

Owing to the popularity of Google Maps and Apple Maps, people have come to rely on online maps for various purposes, like finding landmarks, determining routes, obtaining addresses, plotting journeys, etc.

Thus, creating an app that uses maps to serve a user’s needs can come in handy for businesses looking for a trendy app idea.

For instance, a location tracking app can use maps to track the location of a particular person (with context, of course).

A map-based entertainment solution can be created to point our sites of interest, such as shopping malls, restaurants, bars, cafés, amusement parks, etc.

Just remember that Google and Apple are already ruling the industry with their comprehensive map solutions. So, to stand out, you have to think of map implementations with a unique or distinct feature.

14.  Chatbots

Chatbots are one of to top app development trends that entrepreneurs should pick for investment in 2022.

It is a technology- a voice and text-based user interface- that allows organizations to automate several activities, like providing personalized recommendations, basic query resolution, data collection, lead qualification, etc. .

Not to mention, that chatbots have changed the way a business interacts with users. Available 24*7, chatbots are time and money-saving for businesses and a wonderful app idea with lots of revenue potential.

15.  Salon Management App

People are becoming more look conscious, due to which the beauty & grooming industry has significantly increased in recent years.

Using this as an advantage, entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative app ideas to help customers conveniently get the service.

For example, an app allows users to make their booking in advance, select the professional of their choice, and make in-app payments to eradicate all the challenges from their grooming sessions.

Undeniably, it is one of the top trending app ideas for startups & SMEs to launch- as it ensures seamless salon management.

But as the competition in this industry is high, you have to stand out with something unique. For this, you can hire dedicated software developers that integrate all the advanced features and make your app the best in the industry.

16. Taxi Booking App

Nowadays, people prefer taxis for traveling as they are convenient, accessible, and budget-friendly. Therefore, the on-demand taxi booking app like Uber is among the top app ideas to launch in 2022.

However, if you want to build a taxi booking app like Uber,  the best recommendation is to hire dedicated mobile app developers who can build an app with unique AI features, like live traffic checking, GPS navigator, zero ride cancellation fee, etc.

17.   Tour & Travel App With AR/VR

Nowadays, people prefer traveling with utmost convenience. But that’s not what they get. Usually, travelers complain about their trip related to accommodations, sightseeing locations, guides, food, markets, etc., and their challenges.

But this problem has a solution- a tour and travel app with AR/VR. Through this app, the hospitality industry can give a virtual tour to their visitors, making them know what they are paying for. Therefore, it is one of the most innovative app ideas for startups to launch and generate higher revenues.


In the end, we are hopeful that you have a compiled list of seventeen top app launching ideas that can make a difference by helping businesses- startups and SMEs -win in the industry in 2022.

However, the competition is quite stiff, so you must stand out by surpassing these standard app ideas and developing something unique to have a thriving business.

For this, one must hire a highly experienced and professional mobile application development company.

By leveraging their expertise, skills, and knowledge, you can develop an app- both mobile & web friendly that perfectly fits the industry requirements and allows you to earn higher profits even in the beginning days.

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