Best Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Products from Biotique

Best Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Products from Biotique
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Natural Cosmetic Products – Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Products

Biotique is a very popular and well-known brand of beauty and health care products which is mostly preferred by Indians when they look for pure Ayurvedic health and beauty products.

This brand is carrying a Legacy which is built on sustainability and purity. By keeping its root in active Botanicals and organic bases Biotique has launched a range of natural makeup.

For the very first time in India the makeup which is generally skincare infused; makeup that will not only make you look beautiful but also helps in nourishing your skin.

Biotique natural makeup is containing all the organic ingredients which can make you feel beautiful and radiant.

This brand provides beauty products that are 100% organic and are made by blending the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and modern Swiss biotechnology.

No one wants to compromise on the quality or richness of the cosmetics or beauty products that they are using.

Bio Veda action research company was formerly known as Biotech Private Limited which was founded by a very admirable and influential entrepreneur Vinita Jain in the year 1992.

In the natural skincare products category, this company is known as a Pioneer and it is also having a track record of delivering high-quality products.

Biotique products are mostly based on the botanical extracts of trees, plants and Herbs and the protein content in their fruits, flowers, and leaves.

The products of this company are totally vegetarian eco-friendly and are also biodegradable. All the products of Biotique are tested dermatologically, free of preservatives and organically pure. Here is a list of 19 best products from biotic which you should try.

Top Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Products from Biotique to give a try

At Biotique Plant extracts and hybrid plants are blended together with biotechnology for producing Highly Effective products.

With the special cold extraction process which can help in preserving the active ingredients of the plant so that the intelligence and goodness of the plant can interact with the intelligence of the body for promoting beauty and health.

Biotique products are packed, designed and manufactured by qualified Dermatologists, Ayurveda doctors, and Swiss cosmetologists.

List of top Biotique Products

  1. Bio papaya revitalizing tan-removal scrub
  2. Bio Dandelion visibly ageless serum
  3. Bio cucumber pore tightening toner
  4. Bio Morning Nectar Visibly Flawless Skin Moisturizer
  5. Bio Neem purifying face wash
  6. Almond oil cleanser
  7. Bio coconut whitening and brightening cream
  8. Bio honey water pore tightening toner
  9. Bio papaya visibly ageless scrub wash for all skin types
  10. Bio Sandalwood Ultra soothing face lotion SPF 50 + sunscreen
  11. Bio almond oil soothing face and eye makeup cleanser for normal to dry skin (120 ml)
  12. Bio coconut whitening and brightening cream
  13. Bio Henna leaf shampoo and conditioner
  14. Bio Himalayan plum soap
  15. Bio cucumber toner
  16. Bio wheat germ youthful Nourishing Night cream
  17. Bio white advanced fairness face wash
  18. Bio fruit face wash
  19. Bio Bhringraj therapeutic oil

Given above are some of the best Biotique products which are free of any harsh chemicals or any toxic substances. You can try out the products given above to get a glowing and clear healthy skin which anyone craves for.

After using the products when you feel that they are free of any kind of nasty chemicals then it will become easier for you to feel more beautiful from inside and out.

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