10 Best Baby Diapers in India for new born baby to potty trained Baby

best baby diapers in india

Best Baby Diapers in India

Diaper is also known as nappy. It is a type of underwear that allows the wearer to urinate or defecate without using a toilet, by absorbing or containing waste products to prevent soiling of outer clothing or the external environment.

It is necessary to change diaper when it is wet or solid. In case of delay in changing diaper regularly, it may cause skin problems.

Normally, they are made of clothes or disposable synthetic material. Cloth diapers are composed of fabric layers like cotton, hemp, bamboo, microfiber, or even plastic fibers such as PLA or PU. It can be washed or reused multiple times.

Disposable ones contain absorbent chemicals; they should be thrown away after use.
Normally, diapers are primarily worn by infants & small children who experience bed wetting. Under certain circumstances, adults can use adult diapers.

Best Baby Diaper Brands in India

There are many brands selling baby diapers in the market. Some of them are…Huggies, MamyPoko, Pampers, Himalaya, Luvlap, Little Angel, Supples, R for Rabbit, Little’s, Bumtum, Papimo, superbottoms, Generic, absorbia, Freshkins, HAMAZZ, TEDDYY, KIDSKA, Pingger, TERI BERI, Baby World, baby wish, MOM’S PRIDE etc.

1: Huggies Comfort Wonder Baby Diaper Pants with Aloe Vera

This is Huggies complete comfort wonder pants. It comes with aloe Vera. These are medium sized baby diaper pants. It comes in a pack of 76 counts.

It comes in white color. This medium sized product is suitable for infants. This is a unisex product suitable for baby girls & boys.

The product comes with aloe Vera; it is perfect for baby’s delicate skin. These breathable product is made of air-friendly material, it helps the skin to breathe, keeping it dry and soft.

It absorbs wetness up to 10 hours, so your baby stays dry overnight with no irritation for an undisturbed sleep.

As it comes with the flexible 360o soft fit waistband means baby has the freedom to move in a snug and comfortable fit. Its double leak-guard adds extra padding on the sides of the diaper, ideal for reducing leakage from thighs and legs.

2: MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Baby Diaper

This is MamyPoko pants extra absorb baby diaper. It comes in large size. It is a pack of 56 counts. It comes in clear color. This large sized pack comes in 56 counts.

It is recommended to prevent leakage. It is suitable for unisex babies. Product weight is 30g. It comes with 50% extra widespread crisscross sheet that absorbs urine quickly and repeatedly.

It prevents leakage without heaviness. It lasts for up to 12 hours. The product prevents thigh gaps and redness. This is an easy to wear and remove pant style diapers.

3: Pampers All round Protection baby diapers with Aloe Vera

This is Pampers all round protection Baby Diaper pants for new born. These are extra small size baby diapers. It comes in a pack of 86 counts. It is enriched with aloe Vera. It comes in white color.

This gel based Baby Diaper is free from latex. It moisturizes & nourishes baby’s skin to avoid skin problems.

This is new & improved Pampers All-round Protection Pants – quality diaper pants for complete protection of your baby from World’s #1 diaper brand.

It is based on Euro monitor International, Tissue and Hygiene, 2021ed, Pampers in #1 Nappy/Diapers/Pants sales brand globally in terms of both retail value sales (RSP) and volume, all retail channels, 2020.

This Baby Diaper comes with anti-rash blanket. This is India’s first diaper which contains lotion with aloe Vera to prevent rashes & skin problems. Its blanket refers to the soft top sheet with lotion.

It helps in preventing rash due to wetness after 1 day of usage, based on clinical studies in USA 2000-2019.

It comes with up to 100% Wetness Lock – Unique Magic Gel technology that locks all pee & poo inside ensuring peaceful sleep for your baby whole night.

This Baby Diaper comes with extra soft material and stretchy belt to keep your baby comfortably sleeping all night. It allows up to 12hrs absorption.

It is specially designed for soaking all night urine with up to 2X Faster absorption speed keeping baby’s bum dry all the time.

It comes with double leak guards. It has specially designed inner & outer barriers near thighs to prevent any leakage.

This is No. 1 Choice of Doctors. As Pampers knows its science, and is hence #1 recommended brand by Doctors.

These are quality diapers designed for every newborn’s skin with pH sensitive material, latex-free soft elastics, and zero parabens.

4: Himalaya Total Care Baby Diapers

This is Himalaya total care baby pants diapers. This large sized item is suitable for 9 to 14 kg weight. It comes in a pack of 54 counts. It comes in white color. This product is suitable for infants. It is recommended for unisex babies.

Item Dimensions are (L X W X H) 27.5 x 13.5 x 41 Centimeters & item weight is 1730 Grams.
These easy wear on the go Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants comes in an easy to wear pant style design. That makes diapering convenient for parents.  It is well suited for active babies also.

5: LuvLap Baby Diaper Pants with Aloe Vera Lotion

This is LuvLap baby diaper pants. It comes in medium size with aloe Vera lotion for rash protection. It is a pack of 72 counts. It comes with up to 12hr protection for babies of 7 to 12kgs.

It comes in white color. The product is suitable for new born also. It is made from cotton material. Dimension of this pant style diaper is (L X W X H) 17 x 16 x 1 Centimeters & item weight is 28 Grams.

This Baby Diaper comes with great absorption with long lasting dryness. It locks in wetness with its gel lock technology and its superior top sheet ensure long lasting dryness.

Its even distribution ensures no heaviness. Its ADL technology and long channels helps distribute the liquid evenly which ensures no heaviness for the baby.

LuvLap Baby Diaper Pants

The product ensures maximum comfort for the baby with elastic waistband and materials as soft as cotton.

This is a baby’s skin friendly diaper. It is perfectly designed for your new-born keeping in mind the baby’s delicate skin.

6: Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants

This is Little Angle baby diaper pants. It comes in large size. It is suitable for babies of 8 to 14 kg. It comes in a pack of 64 counts. It comes in multi-color. It can be used as an infant diaper.

It has a stripped pattern. The product is suitable for unisex babies. Item Dimensions are (L X W X H) 38.6 x 34.5 x 10.2 Centimeters & Item Weight is 2050 Grams.

For better result it is necessary to choose the right diaper size based on baby weight, it is important. The diaper capacity may vary among babies depending on the volume of pee and posture.

This Baby Diaper is designed to keep your baby comfortable in the day as well as at night. Its 360-degree soft elastics fit your baby’s body perfectly while offering free movement. It is made from super absorbent material.

Its fluid distribution channels help in distributing fluid evenly throughout the diaper and keeps contact surface dry.

Its advanced double leak protection ensures no spillage and keeps baby skin dry and prevents rashes.
It is made from ultra-soft fabric.

They are made with soft elastic waist grip and ultra-soft fabric that ensures maximum comfort. Its soft material is breathable and provides long-lasting freshness.

This Baby Diaper is available with wetness indicator. Get rid of the constant worry of changing your baby’s diapers as it has a yellow stripe that turns blue when your baby needs a diaper change.

7: Supples Baby Pants Diapers

This is Supples baby pants diapers. This X-Large product is suitable for the babies of up to 12 to 17kg weight. It comes in a pack of 54 counts. It comes in white color. It can be used for infants also.

Gel material is used in this item. This product is suitable for unisex babies. Item Dimensions are (L X W X H) 29.5 x 29.5 x 6 Centimeters.

It is necessary to choose the proper diaper for baby based on baby’s weight. Capacity of the diapers may vary among babies depending on the volume of pee and posture.

It is easy to pull up & remove this item. It allows up to 12 hours of absorption. The product is made from no- woven, soft and breathable material that is gentle on your baby’s skin.

Its zig-zag channel top layer creates a larger absorbing area and helps in uniform liquid distribution. The bottom layer of this product consists of gel magnets, which are hydrophilic in nature and absorbs large amounts of liquid to keep your baby dry.

This Baby Diaper comes with triple locked enabled side cuffs, which help prevent leakage. It has an additional blue dispersion layer for a dry feel.

8: R for Rabbit Feather Diaper for Baby

This is R for Rabit feather diapers. It comes in XS size for new born babies. It is suitable for babies up to 5kg. It comes in a pack of 22kg. It is free from bisphenol A & paraben.

It is suitable for unisex babies. This is a breathable XS new born diaper. It is having 10 Million* Breathable pores which allows the air to easily pass through.

This makes the diapers highly breathable and acting as a rash guard for your baby by instantly locking moisture in.

This Baby Diaper is a taped style item. It is for your Newborns having a high waist and gives your baby 360-degree elasticity to enjoy their playtime and prevent heaviness as well as any discomfort they might face.

It suits even sensitive skin types. The product is dermatologically and pediatrician tested. They are chemical-free (0% Parabens/Latex/Fragrance/ Phthalates*/Chlorine*). That makes it suitable for even babies with sensitive skin types.

They are made with pure water-based ink, these are completely safe for your baby. It comes with a wide range of properties to make your baby’s diaper journey comfortable.

These are leak proof diapers. It can be used up to 12 hours*. Its instant superior absorbency, protects your baby from thigh leakage, to ensure your baby can have unlimited fun during the day and uninterrupted sleep through the night.

9: Little’s Baby Pants Diapers with Wetness Indicator

This is Little’s baby pants diaper with wetness indicator & 12-hour absorption. It comes in small size. It is suitable for babies of 4 to 8kg. It comes in a pack of 42 counts. It comes in white color.

This is an infant diaper for up to 4 to 8kg weight. It is made from cotton material. The product is alcohol free. It is disposable product.

This Baby Diaper will give you up to 12-hours absorption protection. That will help in uninterrupted sleep to your baby and you.

Its Adl technology spreads fluid evenly and prevents heaviness. Its wetness indicator will turn from yellow to blue indicating it is time to change diaper.

Its trickle side cuffs act as leakage guard. Its breathable material will make it skin friendly and will avoid rashes.

These cotton soft pants keep your baby comfortable at all times. Its front side indicator ensures correct fitment for your baby.

10: LILTOES® Washable Reusable Adjustable Baby Diaper

This is LILTOES® baby’s all in one washable reusable adjustable cloth diapers with inserts. Main pack contains 2 diapers & 4 inserts.

It comes in assorted colors. It can be used for infants. This cotton product is suitable for newborns. It is free from Bisphenol A.

This Baby Diaper comes in solid pattern. This is an all in one adjustable cloth diaper. It has smart snap buttons on pocket to make it one size for all.

It can be adjusted to size S, M, L & XL. As it is a reusable, washable product it is economical in compare to disposable one.

It can be washed up to 300 times. Outer layer of the diaper has membrane coating that makes it waterproof.

The brand also uses azo-free colors and it is BPA free to make it 100% for your baby. As it has nylon elastic and high quality snap button it is durable and snug fit product.

You can use insert in two ways with this diaper, 1st on the upper side in the diaper and 2nd inside the diaper through the pocket. It is suitable for 5 kg – 17 kg Babies and Toddlers. It Can up to 3 to 4 times of pee of baby.

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