10 Best Bathroom Stool in India: Anti-Skid Multipurpose Plastic Stool

Bathroom Stool

Best Bathroom Stool in India: Anti-Skid Multipurpose Plastic Stool

Normally, bathroom stools are made from plastic material. It has to be made anti-skid to prevent you from slipping.

They have to be strong, durable & lightweight, so that you can move it easily. Strong & sturdy bathroom stools are suitable for home & bath use. They are easy to clean & does not absorb water so extremely hygienic.

Best Bathroom Stool

Let’s have a look at some anti-skid Multipurpose Bathroom Plastic Stool.

1: AWOKZA anti-skid Multipurpose Bathroom Stool

This is AWOKZA toilet stool. This is Squatting Stool/Plastic Foldable Anti- skid Potty Stool/Bathroom Step Stool for Adults Elders Potty Training Foot Rests.

It is made from polypropylene/plastic. This medium sized item is available in multicolor. This is an amazing product for both adults & kids. It can give them the step up they need if they can’t quite reach yet!

This is a very handy step stool for toddlers who can start being more independent on their toilet visits. As it is light weight, it makes it possible for the children to freely move around the step.

With this product, they would be able to reach the sink, toilet and even the kitchen without anyone’s help.

The anti-slip material on the top and the base of this stool makes the step stool steady when standing on it. This one-piece-step is made from sturdy plastic with no moving or easily breakable parts.

The risk of falling from this kid’s step is minimal due to its high resistance. This is the perfect tool for toilet training the little ones.

AWOKZA Bathroom Stool

This bathroom stool will give them the confidence to start using the toilet without much help. It will provide a stable surface for the kids to stand with an anti-slip base.

The product can handle the weight of an average adult as it is made of rough plastic material. With this item, you will now be able to reach the highest self of the kitchen or the top storage unit in the bedroom. This product will give you some extra height to easily reach the upper surfaces of your house.

2: LOFA Love For Arcade Bathroom Plastic Stool

This is LOFA Love for Arcade Premium Aesthetic Design Strong Support Stool for Bathroom/Bedroom.

It is durable & multipurpose for home & kitchen. This plastic stool comes in steam blue color. Product Dimensions are 28D x 28W x 25H Centimeters, seat height is 10”.

Seat material medium sized stool is made from polypropylene. Weight of this square shaped stool is 900 grams.

It has premium aesthetic design. The product is strong & durable. It can be used at home, kitchen, bathroom etc. It is available in many colors. The product is proudly made in India.

3: ZOSHOMI Plastic Anti-Skid Multipurpose Bathroom Stool

This is ZOSHOMI plastic anti-skid multipurpose peter rabbit bathroom stool. The product is proudly made in India.

It is made by ORRIL brand. This plastic product comes in white color. It comes with maximum height of 27 cm. This item is portable, durable & multipurpose.

Dimensions of this white plastic stool is (L) 38 cm x (B) 33 cm x (H) 27 cm & Weight is 0.87. It is portable & light weight. It is made from high grade plastic material, that makes it strong and durable.

4: SERENO SEDE Shower Bathroom Stool for Adults, Senior Citizens

This is SERENO SEDE shower bathroom stool for adults & senior citizens. It is made from UV stabilized polymer. It comes in Sicilian grey stone color.

Height of this product is 41 cm.Product dimensions are 35D x 35W x 41H Centimeters. Frame material is made from plastic.

Seat material is also made from plastic. Product weight is 4kg. Seat width of this item is 35 cm.
This is a SEDE shower stool for adults & senior citizen.

It is easy to seat on it at the time of shower as its height is 41 cm. It is the toughest, strongest stool in the market and an ideal complement to modern bathrooms.

It is light in weight, yet sturdy and can easily take weights up to 120 kg. Most important it will not rust, chip, or peel.

The product is perfect for senior citizens to comfortably sit and shower. Its large diameter of 35 cm provides good support for them.

The product is made from 100% recyclable plastic in vibrant real-life stone textures. Its superior rubber grip makes the stool anti-slip while taking shower.

5: Beaver Hindz Premium Plastic Stool For Bathroom

This is Beaver Hindz premium plastic stool. This is a strong support stool for bathroom/kids potty training/multipurpose use.

It comes in coin grey color. Product Dimensions are 31D x 31W x 21H Centimeters. Frame & seat material of this coin grey product is made from plastic.

This large size product comes in round shape. It is ultra-light yet ultra-strong. It comes with elegant looking color. This multipurpose stool is made from high quality plastic. Height of the product is 8.5” & width is 12”.

6: Nayasa Strong No 515 Plastic Bathroom Stool:

This is Nayasa strong no-515 plastic stool. Product Dimensions are 30D x 30W x 19H Centimeters. It comes in grey color. Frame & seat of this item is made from high quality plastic.

It comes in square shape. Product weight is 250 grams. It comes in attractive colors. It is made from ISO certified organization. This product is product made in India.

7: GRAZIA Multipurpose Anti Skid Bathroom Stool – Patla

This is GRAZIA bathroom plastic stool. This is multipurpose, anti-skid, patla stool. It comes in assorted colors. Main package contains one-bathroom stool.

It is made from high grade plastic material. That makes it strong & durable. It is available in assorted colors.

Product dimensions are (L) 32 cm x (B)27 cm x (H) 38 cm & weight is 0.65 Kgs. This is a high running product, so only available product color will be shipped.

8: HomeeWare® Plastic Stool for Bathroom & Kitchen

This is HomeeWare® plastic stool for bathroom & kitchen. It comes in sky blue color. It is made from good quality plastic. The product comes in striped pattern.

It is a sumo sized stool. This item is strong & durable. It is perfect for any location & any floor surface. It comes with non-slippery base due to rubber stripes at the base.

The product is easy to clean & it can be wiped down with a cloth. The item is designed for comfortable sitting.

It is suitable for home & bath use. It is available with non-slip textured on the top surface. Product dimensions are 32 X 43 X 35 cm.

9: Cookitchen Multipurpose Plastic Bathroom Stool

This is Cookitchen plastic bathroom stool for adults. This is simple style patla stool for sitting. This is a strong support multipurpose stool for home & kitchen.

It comes in assorted color. Main box includes anti-skid rubber shoe base product. It is made from good quality plastic.

The product comes with well-structured top that provides a comfortable seating experience. This item made with strong 4 legs which has anti-skid rubber shoe base which makes it non slippery on tiles floor or plain surface.

It is portable and light in weight so you can carry it anywhere. It is easy to clean and can be wiped down with a cloth.

This multipurpose plastic stool is idle for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Hospitals, and Picnic Spot etc. It is durable and strong that provide comfortable seating for aged persons as well as young or children too. This Patla/stool for bathroom is made from high quality plastic material for long lasting.

10: Cello Classic Perfect Posture Bathroom Plastic Stool

This is Cello classic perfect posture plastic stool. This small stool comes in brown color. Product Dimensions are 27D x 29W x 46.5H Centimeters & weight is 671 grams.

Its frame & seat both are made from plastic. Seat width of this square item is 27 cm. Maximum weight recommendation for this product is 80 Kilograms.

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It comes with anti-skid quality. It comes with anti-skid rubber in the base top surface to avoid slipping. The item is ideal for kitchen & is also suitable for home, hotel and bathroom. This product is sturdy, compact & stylist.