Best business ideas for rural areas

rural area Business Idea

Best business ideas for rural areas

There are distinct business ideas that you can set up in rural areas. The best ones are online businesses. These types of businesses have good user engagement & can make you earn good profit.

You can set up some businesses offline like GST Suvidha Kendra, Diagnostic clinic, etc. These businesses can be established with a minimal investment.

Since, more than 70% of the Indian population resides in villages & small towns. They are reliant on agriculture & other such businesses. For instance, most farmers do not have an idea regarding Return Tax Filing, GST Registration, etc. You can set up a center to help such Indian citizens & thrive your business.

You might be confused whether to opt for online business or offline business?Read ahead to find what you are good at.

Some of the best business ideas for rural areas are mentioned below.

Diagnostic clinic

Basic health facilities are provided by the Government with the support of dispensaries. Still there is a demand for specialized diagnostic centers that can offer treatment at less fee at the local level. Setting up a diagnostic clinic doesn’t need a high investment. You will require

  • Certification,
  • License
  • a commercial space, and
  • Equipment.

In the pharma & medical industry, diagnostic centre are the utmost profitable business in India.

Retail Store

Majority of rural people don’t have well-planned retail markets in their areas. There are less outlets as per their need. One can set up a retail store with an easy & few steps. The shops that you can set up are:

  • Kirana Store
  • Sweet Shop
  • Electrician Shop
  • Fruit/Juice Store
  • Mobile Store, etc.

These are feasible options & never get out of the demand. You will need a right place with well-stocked items for these businesses. These businesses can be established in less time at any place.

Dairy Centre

People in rural areas are more into keeping cattles. This makes an abundance of milk in their area. A person can set up a dairy centre at minimal cost.

He will collect milk from villages & sell it to dairy farms. The major cost to run this business goes to cattle feeding. Still, you can earn a high profit every day.

Note: This business requires you to tie up with dairy farms. This will support you to make good ROI.

Clothing Store

Many villages & small towns don’t have a proper clothing store. Either they are far away or they need to go to the city. Opening a clothing store/boutique in rural areas can be a lucrative business concept.

You can provide the latest clothing apparel and quality fabric to the customers. The best part of this business is you can start this business from home & with minimal investment.

Medical shop

People of rural areas usually run to their nearby cities to buy un-common medicines. You can aid them by setting up a medical shop with all the possible medicines. This business requires you to tie up with the city supplier so that you can keep optimum stock of medicines.

In an economic crisis there is no effect in this business. One can easily make profitable income every month. This business can be set up by buying a franchise or stand-alone medical store.

Educational Institution

The major problem in rural areas is insufficient well-qualified teachers. If you have acquired a high qualification, you can set up your educational institution in rural areas. This business can be begin with the following steps:

  • Create a blueprint
  • Prepare a budget
  • Get associated with society or trust
  • Discover suitable area
  • Get recognition from department of Education
  • Recruit staff &
  • Promote your business.

This business will not only provide employment for rural youth but support children to get education.

Live-Stock farming

The live-stock farming is a method to raise animals for use. It is a lucrative business idea growing at a rapid pace. One can set up this business in various areas like

  • Dairy farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Fish farming
  • Goat farming
  • Prawn farming
  • Duck farming, etc

There is a huge demand for poultry products in urban areas. The person can sell egg/meat in cities & earn a profitable ROI.


Setting up a GST SUVIDHA KENDRA in rural areas is a profitable business idea. Many rural people head towards cities to submit their GST. With the center, you can assist them to comply with the GST on time.

There are various leading GSKs that provide the opportunity to earn more income. You can offer the following services to the customer-

  • Bill Payment
  • Insurance Payment
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Cable TV Recharge
  • Loan Payment
  • Aadhaar Pay
  • Wallet top-up, etc.

With these services you can earn a profitable commission every month. The most important precondition for this business is Indian Citizenship. Any individual can start this business from home & have a good pay.

What are the distinct types of rural businesses?

An individual can set up following types of business in rural area:

Forest-based industry

You can smoothly initiate your business in a forest-based industry. In it, you can make a deal to supply wood products, bamboo products, make honey etc., & make profitable income.

Textile industry

You can carry out tie & dying, bleaching, weaving, etc., business in this industry.

Agro-based industry

An individual can set up his/her business in an agro-based industry. They can process or direct sell their agriculture products. For instance, they can sell dairy products, spices, jaggery, etc.

Engineering services

You can offer agriculture tools & equipment in engineering services. For instance, you can provide pumps, tractors, pipes, fitting services, etc.

Mineral Based industry

Mineral-based industry includes selling of stone crushing, cement, wall coating powders, etc. One can set up these businesses in rural areas & get a profitable ROI.


You can craft items made with glass, bamboo, jute, etc., & earn a good income. Besides this, you can provide traditional decorative toys, items, etc.

Why is there a requirement for rural businesses?

A rural business is needed for the following reasons-

  • Generate employment
  • Reduce income difference
  • Encourage the diffusion of economic activities
  • Promote art, creativity & culture
  • Reduce slum development
  • Decrease migration of rural people


There is a long list of endless business ideas for rural areas. The above business ideas are best to initiate them in rural areas. You can easily set up these businesses and encourage the economic growth of the nation. For these businesses, you will need to put constant time & effort. This will help you to have a cost-effective income every day.


Q1. Are there more business ideas for rural areas?

There is a vast list of business ideas for rural areas. The top ones are mentioned above. Other business are mentioned-below-

Q2. What are the crucial requirements for a successful business?

A successful business has the following requirements-

  • Consistency
  • Marketing
  • Communication &
  • Maintenance of quality

These factors are essential to start a business. The skills and experience can also make your business successful.

Q3. Which best ways can help my business to run profitably?

It takes a lot of effort to handle day-to-day operation & run a business. You can consider the below ways to run a business.

  • Handle your account & finance in a proper way.
  • Decrease your extra expenses.
  • Build ideas to expand your business.
  • Enhance client service.
  • Invest in development.

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