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Start-up or franchise? Build a brand or be part of any Franchise product? These questions weigh down potential businessmen. Many young businessmen’s first thought is to create a start-up. Temptation is high. So are the risks.

 Although that might work for some, if one is looking for high profits in a short period, one needs to adopt the policy of any Franchise product.

Multiple reports suggest  90% of the start-up companies fail to achieve their desired goal of creating a high-profit margin and wider range of expansion, nearly all the franchise set up has been seen a 100% success rate.

One can avail more than 50000 small business ideas in India in any franchise opportunities be it beauty franchise or any at-home franchises… It is a business without any investment. 

Pizza has taken over the world by storm. Although its roots are in ancient Europe, today there is no continent in the world that can resist a cheezy a delicious slice of pizza.

It’s simple to make, great in taste and a favorite across generations.  Calling it a global food item would not be an overstatement. 

Every continent and nation has also come up with its own versions and varieties to suit the taste buds of local residents. Mix and match opportunity that a combination of flatbread and toppings provide is the reason the world over its has been accepted with an open heart. 

Pizza although has been an Italian dish for millennia, but today there isn’t a single individual who doesn’t relish his senses on the tantalizing smell of this platter.

99% of Americans have a pizza daily as their staple diet. The pizza franchise is been considered an attractive business idea with low investment due to its high-profit incentives and wider expansion in the market.

Pizza franchise is systematized and easy to scale

You don’t need to guess anything. Already everything has been laid out for you on the plate. Pizza franchising is highly systematized and planned out as a business idea.

Starting from the ingredients, cooking style, delivery methods, and consistency in flavors everything is made efficient after years of perfection.

So opening up franchising won’t cost you the finance for research or trial. One may start with a small outlet with a focus on the delivery services.

This model can be soon and easily expand to fine dining experience as well. Branching out or have multiple franchises in various areas can also be done in a couple of years.

More profits 

Opening up a pizza franchise would enhance your profit margin by a score. Once established, a franchise can rest assured of the demand. Irrespective or the season or time of the year, the demand would never go down.

In fact, it will only go up. There is no doubt that no food expert can predict a fall in the popularity of pizza.

It is nearly impossible that any other food item can replace its popularity. While other products of the franchise have a fluctuating model of demand and supply, but pizza falls under that category where the demand dwells always at a peak. 

Cheap labor cost

Most of the pizza franchisors are into QSR domain under which a set model for recipe and preparation is followed.

With a quick training, anyone can be easily trained in pizza making. Special chefs are not the requirement to lead a successful franchise. 

Training does call for basic qualification or requirement, making it easier for staff management and maintenance. 

For training personal and management of the outlet, one does not need highly trained experts as beauty or technology-based franchise perhaps requires.

Simple dedication, logistics, and commitment to duty are the preferred criteria for working in a pizza franchise. Chef, assistant and labor from the other industry can be easily trained for pizza outlet.

Reasonable  royalties

The pizza franchise provides an opportunity to start an outlet with reasonable loyalty. This allows breathing space to the franchise in the initial days and opens up avenues for development with passing years. The reasonable royalty fees present the franchise to expand, grow and pay its staff well.

Cloud kitchen opportunities

In the food and beverage industry, the concept of a cloud kitchen is very much in demand.

Online booking, ordering, and delivery on time are some of the special features which no other franchise opportunities offer. 

Pizza franchises are one of the top choices when it comes to the cloud kitchen concept. Today the newer pizza franchises have started operating through cloud kitchen given a good competition to the established international brands.

Some low-cost pizza franchise opportunities are:

  • Hunger out pizza 

At only 3 lacs investment, one can start a cloud kitchen pizza franchise with this best business franchise to start which is situated at Nasik.

With a 40% profit margin and minimal need for labor, this franchise is gaining in demand day by day.

  • Xero degree pizza 

Operating since 2018, this franchise is located in Delhi and is providing the best business idea at a low investment franchise opportunity at a fee of 15 lacs.

Its signature dish “pizza in a jar” stuffed with molten cheese and topped with sausages has been a mouth-salivating dream of many foodies. 

  • One Bite Pizza 

With an investment of around 10 -15 lacs, this one of the best franchises to buy has already opened more than 20 outlets all over  India providing delectable and divine pizza at an unbelievable low price.

Being a quick-service restaurant, it has provided the customers the liberty of ordering pizza anytime anywhere.

  • Domino’s Pizza

The king of Pizza as it is called entered the Indian market in full pomp and glory in the year 1996 and since then it has been ruling the hearts of pizza lovers for decades.

At present more than 1300 outlets are running smoothly all over the country, this best pizza franchise has helped in increasing the market growing rapidly and providing tough competition to its peers.

  • Laziz Pizza 

Laziz in Urdu means “ tasty”, and this available franchise provides the tastiest dish with handpicked ingredients, stuffed with mozzarella cheese and fresh dough to its customers.

At a low franchise fee of 7-14 lacs and no royalty, this pizza franchise has already opened more than 200 units in the country.

  • Pizza hut

Founded in the year 1958, this has been the largest restaurant company in the world that has opened more than 400 units all over India serving its customers with yummy delicacies daily.

You can become a franchise with an investment of 30-50lacs, the pizza hut franchise provides one of the best franchise opportunities in the food and beverages market with a high-profit percent in return.

Today, the Indian pizza lover is spoilt with choices. Despite the availability of many brands in this category, the market still has quite a huge appetite and space for more brands to enter.

The last few years have been groundbreaking for the pizza market. It has highly profited from the increasing income of the middle class and the availability of disposable income. It has disrupted the pizza market in favor of franchises. 

In India, the pizza business has soared up comparatively in the last few decades because all the ingredients for making the best quality pizza are easily available in the Indian market, and the dish is quite familiar with the natives.

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