Best Business to Start with Little Money: Mango Pickle Making Business

Best Business to Start with Little Money - Mango Pickle Making Business

Best Business to Start with Little Money: How to start mango pickle making Business from home – Small Scale Business Ideas

Without a pickle, traditional meal is incomplete.

If you also want to start business from home with low investment then you can start Mango Pickle Making Business from home. This is one of the best business to start with little Money.

As you know, In India, the food plate is considered incomplete without pickles. If you want to start small business, you can start pickle business and make money from home.

The good thing is that you can start this business from your home only by investing very little and earning a lot.

Pickle is a food item that is used in every household in India. Pickles are very much preferred with parties, weddings, family functions, and usually eating at home.

Pickles are also used a lot in cities as well as in villages. Pickle is very much used in India, so this pickle business can be very profitable business idea.

Mango pickle making business is the best small profitable business ideas for women entrepreneur in India, that can be started from home with little or low investment.

Here is the best business to start with little money for women entrepreneurs in India to easily start from home and earn money.

Hope, in this article, you find small business ideas. Women entrepreneurs can start this high profit business with low investment and earn money from home.

The market potential

Per year, on an average, an Indian family consumes around 2 to 3 kilograms pickle. You can find it in almost every household in India.

People want ready made quality pickle that can provide them a homemade taste. Now, middle class, upper middle class and rich class are looking for ready made pickles .

​So, the market is very potential about this product. The better is your quality, taste, and service; the better will be your growth prospects.

How to start mango pickle making Business from home

If you are rich or poor, pickle making is in demand in every household. The best thing of pickle manufacturing business is that there is scope for loss to be negligible.

Pickle manufacturing business can be a very profitable business. They are being used extensively from home to restaurants, hotels, canteens, and food stalls. There is no need for much investment for this.

Who can start this business?

Anyone who has taste in food making especially for women entrepreneurs.

This is a low investment small business idea especially for women entrepreneurs who are homemakers and want to become financially independent.

License for Pickle Business

To start pickle manufacturing, we will need business registration, necessary license, and we cannot start this business without a registration or license.

Pickle manufacturing business is related to food, you have to get a license for this from the Food Security Department.

After examining your product, FSSAI will issue license. One can apply for its license online. The process of making this license takes about one to two months.

You can also take a license online, which is available in 10-15 days. In addition, we have to get it registered under the MSME Industry Department to start this business.

Where can you sell your pickle

To sell your pickle, you must first promote your business. Send your pickle samples to the market near you.

Those who like your pickle will definitely come to place order. Along with this, you can sell your pickles in many places like general store, hotels, college canteen, restaurants, etc.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan

You can initially start this business from your home and when it grow, reinvest the profit in purchasing a machine, rent or buy space, hiring labor which can accelerate the pickle making process.

If your pickle business running well, then you will need more capital, manpower, machinery, and more space.

You can take a Mudra loan for mango pickle business. In Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan different types of loans available according to different needs.

Mudra loan offers loans up to Rs 50 thousand under Shishu loan, Rs 50 thousand to Rs 5 lakh under Kishor loan and Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh in Tarun loan. You can take a loan according to your business plan. If you want to start business in less money, then Shishu loan will be better.

Most importantly, never compromise with quality, because people will want to buy quality pickles, not just pickles from you.

In India, most of the women are busy with daily housework, while secretly nurturing their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Such ambitious women struggle when it comes to choosing an apt unique business idea.

In India, most of the homemaker already has the hidden potential, the only need is to explore it and convert it into a business opportunity through a small scale business ideas.

If you found this best business to start with little money to be helpful or you have an idea to add to the list, write to us we would love to hear from you.

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