Best Compensation Management Software Solutions 2022

Compensation Management Software

Best Compensation Management Software Solutions 2022

The best compensation management software enables organizations to properly plan their compensation packages.

Human resource officials can manage employee compensation by processing salaries and tax deductions with the best systems.

They can also calculate gratuity, bonuses, and performance metrics. HR managers find such compensation management tools essential to the good performance of a business or organization.

This is because proper planning and awarding of compensation attracts and retains top performers. According to statistics, 52% of candidates find competitive compensation more attractive when looking for a  job offer.

That is why many companies are looking for a compensation solution that will suit their employees’ needs. Here are compensation management software solutions.

1. Docusoft Compose

Docusoft Compose offers a flexible comparison management solution for compensation managers. It is a comprehensive software that manages employee rewards and incentives.

The system simplifies the management of compensation elements like merit, long and short-term incentives, and equity.

It also enhances analytics. Docusoft provides a simple to measure solution. It analyzes data and produces reports using Docusoft compose compensation tools.

2. CompView

Compview is an award-winning system for compensating high-performing employees. It provides compensation management solutions for calculating bonuses, equity, and rewards and allocating them.

This performance management software is helpful for HR managers, especially those dealing with complex compensation structures.

HR is able to share decision-making about performance with other managers easily. The decision-makers can quickly access the information they need in one place.

The system accurately manages the compensation cycle and recognizes top reformers while keeping HR in control. Compview offers free demos, and you can request customized pricing.

3. Payfactors

Payfactor is a compensation planning tool that helps HR managers benchmark salaries with the market salaries.

The system provides survey tools for collecting and analyzing data. This enables decision-makers to know how employees feel about their compensation strategy, and they can make adjustments.

The system can plot an organization’s salary ranges and provide a 360 overview of your compensation strategy.

This compensation management tool can also customize job descriptions and reward statements. It has a user community for HR to share their knowledge. Payfactor offers free demos, and you can request a customized price.

4. Zenefits

Zenefits is a compensation software for SMBs. It is a cloud-based platform that helps companies manage change, empower employees, and remain compliant when managing compensation. The system provides a comprehensive and intuitive platform for compensation management.

HR can access payroll and compensation performance apps, including advisory services. It is a plan management tool that reduces paperwork and simplifies HR  work.

5. Deel

Deel is a compensation plan management system best suited for businesses that want to hire people abroad. It is a global payroll solution that enables you to hire and pay teams from anywhere in the world legally.

The hiring process is instant. Deel serves companies in different countries and offers legal contracts through self-service technology.

6. Balanced Comp

Balanced Comp is a compensation system for finance. It helps to determine compensation merit through tracking employee details.

Balanced Comp delivers a compensation management solution that provides web-based salary administration.

It also includes performance management and consulting for the financial industry. The tool enables managers to structure compensation to provide workforce diversity and equity.

7. Spiff

In every business, there’s a need for a compensation solution that enables sales teams to receive fair payment on time.

Spiff is one of the tools that gets the job done. The system’s dashboard is designed to update each time a salesperson closes a sale or attains milestones.

Spiff offers transparency and builds trust among sales teams. Sales people can see their compensation in the system and how it was calculated.

This is important because bonuses and commissions can change from time to time, and the sales team might need to understand how their pay is calculated.

8. Workday

Workday is a flexible cloud-based compensation management solution. It provides compensation analysis, planning, and execution.

The system innovates and allows users to embrace changes that come with advancements in technology. It also strives to accommodate the changing employee expectations.

9. Varicent ICM

Varicent ICM helps HR managers to award incentives to employees. It ensures incentive accuracy and helps to track payouts.

The system also helps to eliminate errors from underpaying or overpaying employees. It ensures the best employees receive the incentives they deserve and, in turn, attracts and retains a high-performing and talented workforce. This way, Varicent ICM aims to solve the problem of employee turnover rate.

10. BizMerlin HR

Biz Berlin HR is a compensation plan management solution that provides seamless integration capabilities. Large companies that need a cloud-based platform can use this software.

It provides transparency in salary structure, forecasting, and budgeting. This leads to employee work satisfaction.

11. Compease

Compease is an automated compensation management software solution that helps to administer employee salaries.

It is an easy-to-use software that also provides current market data. The system updates its manual to keep customers informed.

Compease enables HR teams to provide accurate salaries that are competitive according to your labor market.

It also helps in managing the compensation budget and increases merit. The payment of equitable and competitive salaries keeps businesses ahead of competitors.

12. Chart Hop

Chart Hop is a system that allows integration across different platforms. It helps collect data from different sources and provides a dynamic visual for the HR team.

HR and other managers can use such visuals and insights to make decisions. Chart Hop helps businesses perform compensation analysis and encourages accountability within teams. The whole organization can use Chart Hop for their various needs.

Key Takeaway

Companies improve employee performance and motivate them using different compensation systems. The systems help employers to provide unique benefits and incentives to each employee. This is the best way to attract top talent and keep them for an extended period.

Employees have different unique needs, which means organizations implement different compensation strategies.

That is why it is essential to identify your unique needs and select compensation management software that suits your company’s needs.

Identify the key features and purpose of the system you want and perform thorough research that will help you choose the right system.

Identifying compensation trends and adjusting your strategy will make you an attractive employer in the market.

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